07/07/07 – Lucky date for lovers?

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July 7, 2007, also referred to as 7/7/07, 070707, or triple sevens is slated to be the biggest wedding date in history.

It’s a combination many couples believe will bring them as much luck as a roll of those numbers brings to gamblers. No one knows why seven came to be considered such a lucky number. Theories include that there are seven days of the week, that there were initially seven known planets, and that the Sabbath was considered the seventh day and a day of rest after six days of hard work.

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13 comments on “07/07/07 – Lucky date for lovers?
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  2. AYEN says:


  3. Akira says:

    @rayden james,

    you will find it naman ei.. just browse lang pre… hahahahha im sure makikita mo din un..

  4. Rayden James says:

    mga pare saan ba puede makanuod ng magandang romansa yung nakakagigil talaga

  5. Rayden James says:

    hi friends pasali naman dyan…………….

  6. Akira says:


    What seems to be the problem? Why is he not talking to you?

  7. joanne says:

    i have a bf in chat..my claasmate… and then in classroom, why he will not talk to me???? huhuhu

  8. hi frnds ,, friendship is a such a thing a which break until & unless.. som1 who try too hard to Break it…………….. Boben Samuel.P

  9. hi dts is boben ,, pls mail me reg ,, my happy life

  10. RuRu says:

    Lol. I still remember that my friends and I strolled around KCC and bought a rosary for seven pesos.

  11. mai-mai says:

    happy day to all…/!!!!!!!!!11

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