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1 vs. 100 is a game show created by Endemol that is aired in several countries. The game pits one person against 100 others for a chance to win a large cash prize.

One player is selected to play the game as The One against 100 other people, collectively known as The Mob. Depending on the format of the game, the player can be selected randomly from the Mob, or selected independently. To win the game outright, the One must eliminate all 100 members of the Mob by answering questions correctly.

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24 comments on “1 vs 100 – ABS-CBN
  1. betchay the genius chef says:

    alam nyo mga kapamilya o kapuso man di lng abs ang pag-asa para umasenso magsikap kayo magbanat kayo ng mga katawan nyo at wag kayo masyado magparami dhil nauubusan na ng bigas ang pilipinas bka dumating un time camote n lng kainin nyo. consider nyo na lng ang swertehan…sabi nga ni pacman if ders a winner theres a lose d b hehhehehhehe

  2. trevor says:

    abs is the leading channel ! giving quality shows and entertaiment that made filipino to become a genuine person!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!They know hw to listen and to watch.

  3. will u e-mail ur reply?

  4. pls e-mail how i may join this contest

  5. pls e-mail how i may join this contest (procedure was not posted) – thanks

  6. florence says:

    …1 vs. 100 is greyt…luv it

  7. #vrea says:

    …1 vs. 100 iz vry intrestng i want to watch it evry saturday…hope it has a game online…god bless

  8. Bobby says:

    “1 vs. 100,” in its US iteration (which is the basis of the Philippine version), is probably the toughest of versions. While it has the “take the money and run or go on and risk it all” concept not in the original Dutch, Hong Kong, British, or many other European versions (excluding France and Italy), the show is notorious for its taunting.

    It is also known for its high risk, huge collapses, and everything a high-risk game show is meant to be. In a February 2007 US version episode, a contestant ran off over 70 Mob members, winning $263,000, only to fall on a well-worded question that involved both geography and civics, requiring a contestant to think in two parts to get the correct answer. The Mob members remaining collected the entire stash.

    Also, the US version was known early for having well-known quiz aces as Mob members. Of those, only Jeopardy! legend Ken Jennings became an Unbeatable, being the first of 49 Unbeatables on the show. Jeopardy! ace Brad Rutter, Who Wants to be a Millionaire winners Nancy Christy and John Carpenter, among other great aces, failed to become an Unbeatable. One of the better Unbeatables was 1994 National Spelling Bee Champion Edward G. (Ned) Andrews.

  9. joelle says:

    ask ko lng po kung panu sumali sa one of the MOB?

  10. gerjek says:

    I hate ABS CBN!!

  11. 1vs100 says:

    do you know that marieL rodriguez is the biggest winner of 1 vs. 100? she got almost 440,000(approximately)…with 8 unbeatable mobs….

  12. konsensya says:

    Ang galing nyo talaga pumili ng bagong show, kasi madali matanggap ng mga tao at marami pa kayong ma22longan.
    i love abs supperrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr…

  13. Jesse James says:

    Comment lang…Siguro kailangan lang magkaroon po ng strict policy na pinagbabawal ang mga MOB na magtanong sa other MOB…It is still a form of cheating for me…And it is bad kc napapanood kayo ng buong Pinas…Specially mga bata….Pero maganda yung gameshow..ASTIG…Godbless…More powers…………….

  14. kokey-look-alike says:

    ok naman po yung franchising.. parang mcdo at kfc.. hehe.. yung masama yung ginaya na nga.. ididinay pa….

    super twins-sailormoon
    asian treasures-lara croft@indiana jones
    and soon.. shaido-shaider

    franchising is ok for me wag lang mga rip offs na hindi naman nabigyan ng justice. sinisira nila ang legacy ng mga classic movie and anime icons na ito.. nakakhiya sa japan and other countries na creator ng mga ito…

  15. rico says:

    Astro, paano nangyari na walang originality ang kabila e franchised lang naman itong game show na ‘to, they paid for the creativity of the ones who thought of this game. sana naman kasi mag-isip na lang sila ng talagang original na pang-pinoy, malay nila ‘yung ibang bansa pa ang mag-francise sa ABS-CBN!

  16. mikka says:

    i got in!!!!

  17. metian_19 says:

    and sabi duon sa website na pinagkuhanan ko… dapat ang host nito ay si Ms. Kris Aquino….

  18. metian_19 says:

    based on my research…
    the grand prize of the newest game show of ABS-CBN
    will be 2,000,000 pesos

  19. Deo says:

    Edu Manzano will be the host of this new game show and it will be aired only on Saturdays. The show will begin on August 25, 2007.

  20. astro says:

    good job for ABS, the show is doing good in other nations, they made a great deal, sana ung host magalig din, lampasuhin ang mayayabang na kanguso, WALANG ORIGINALITY!!!

    hehehe… maldita, face the facts, abs simply is the best, compared to hypocrites, second rate, hungry for ratings Kanguso! go angel, at sa aking mahal na si Valerie! mga certified kapamilya na!

  21. chad says:

    mga tsong nagtext sa kin ang ABS… sa monday 10AM pinapupunta ako… may screening pa pala… post ko sa inyo sa monday night kung anung nangyari at kung papano ug process…. ang hirap nun cguro…

  22. maldita says:

    i hate abs!!!!!!

  23. james says:

    i think ABS CBN choose of another BEST program to air.. GOD BLess ABS and continue to air QUALITY programs

  24. Jennelyn says:

    go abs lampasuhin niyo yang mayayabang na kanguso na yan.

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