24 Senators of the Philippines 2007

Here’s the list of the 24 Senators of the 14th Congress.

Manny Villar – Senate President
Jinggoy Ejercito Estrada – Senate President Pro-Tempore
Kiko Pangilinan – Majority Leader
Aquilino Pimentel, Jr. – Minority Leader
Edgardo Angara
Benigno Aquino III
Joker Arroyo
Rodolfo Biazon
Alan Peter Cayetano
Pia Cayetano
Miriam Defensor Santiago
Juan Ponce Enrile
Francis Escudero
Richard Gordon
Gregorio Honasan
Panfilo Lacson
Manuel Lapid
Loren Legarda
Jamby Madrigal
Ramon Revilla, Jr.
Mar Roxas
Antonio Trillanes IV
Juan Miguel Zubiri
Alfredo Lim – now the Mayor of Manila



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    twency e2 ung term ng mgah sen open mo lng 2ng link na 2 pra makita mo http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_Senators_of_the_Philippines
    anjhan lhat ng naging sen na philippines and ung sen ng present congress…..

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    Can you list the complete list of Current World Leaders?
    I’m going to take the civil service exam on sunday so at least I have an idea.


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    why the philippines have many poor

  • http://yahoomail jessa mae dela cruz

    why the philippines a lot of crimen

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    cno ung pang 24 n senator

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    i just want to ask if alfredo lim is still included as senator………..

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    Thanks for this info..Im just wondering since Alfredo Lim is currently the mayor of Metro Manila, Now there is a vacant sit for the 24th senator.. So, who will take that?

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    dear senator lacson, i have a friend from Brittany Corporation owned by Senator Villar,,,tinanggal sa trabaho at naka pending ang LABOR CASE sa NLRC how come mr MANNY VILLAR nag advertise ng Tumutulong sa mga OFW hndi pls help my friend na makuha ang CLAIM at BAYARAN ni MR MANNY VILLAR Dahil hndi sila umaattend ng hearing LABOR ARbiter LAderas BOOKMAN NLRC Brittany Corporation subsidiary of Prime Advantage Owned by Senator MANUEL VILLAR

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    Hmm is Alfredo Lim is Just a senate for now if there is no alfredo lim There is just at 23 senate right? But we Can Consider Alfredo Lim To Be a Senate Hmm??
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    Here is a list of the 24senators of the Philippines (2009), arranged based on their Statements of Assets, Liabilities and Net Worth (SALN)

    1. Villar, Manuel 1.046 Billion pesos
    2. Madrigal, Jamby 145.617 Million pesos
    3. Ponce Enriile, Juan 120.367 Million pesos
    4. Revilla, Bong 118Million pesos (2007)
    5. Roxas, Mar 110.7Million pesos (2007)
    6. Estrada, Jinggoy 83.511 Million pesos
    7. Cayetano, Pia P75.593 Million pesos (2008)
    8. Santiago, Miriam 75.755 Million pesos
    9. Legarda, Loren 45.59 Million pesos
    10. Angara, Edgardo 44.1 Million pesos (2007)
    11. Zubiri, Juan Miguel 30.733 Million pesos
    12. Biazon, Rodolfo 29.456 Million pesos
    13. Lacson, Panfilo 27.806 Million pesos
    14. Gordon, Richard 27Million pesos (2007)
    15. Cayetano, Alan Peter 16.266 Million pesos
    16. Honasan, Gregorio 15.904 Million pesos
    17. Lapid, Lito 14.6 Million pesos
    18. Aquino, Benigno Iii 14 Million pesos (2007)
    19. Pimentel, Aquilino Jr. 12.313 Million pesos
    20. Pangilinan, Francis 11.684 Million pesos
    21. Arroyo, Joker 11.05 Million pesos
    22. Escudero, Chiz 7.683 Million pesos
    23. Trillanes, Antonio IV 2.966

    Alfredo Lim 10.5 Million pesos(Mayor of Manila former senator)

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