6-year-old girl’s intestines sucked out in pool drain accident

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Abigail Taylor was severely injured on Tuesday when she sat over an open drain hole in a wading pool at the Minneapolis Golf Club.


Abigail’s bottom created suction on the drain and its strength pulled part of her small intestines out. Her mom says the little girl somehow was able to pull herself off the drain and out of the pool before collapsing into the deep end of the regular pool. She was rushed to Children’s Hospital in Minneapolis.

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7 comments on “6-year-old girl’s intestines sucked out in pool drain accident
  1. jACO says:

    Been reading Chuck Palaniuk books, huh? “Haunted”???

  2. dani says:

    to the comment left my jakester,

    how can this seem impossible? It really happened. She lost her small intestines. She will be fed through IV for the rest of her life.

    And Don’t you think that if the intestines is being pulled out of your rear the suction would eventually have broken.


  3. Jakester says:

    I don’t see how this is really physically possible.
    For the small intestines to come out of someone, first the whole large intestines would probably come out and also the intestines would have to be turned inside out. On top of this, being through a bathing suit?? Also, if there was this an extreme amount of suction, how in the world would the child escaped from it?

    Are there any doctors in the house, that could add some reality to this story??

  4. Krystin says:

    i was at work when i heard of the accident and i was totally stunned! it almost seemed unreal. i stopped everything that i was doing to watch the story on the news. i am from ohio.

    i cant even imagine what that little girl went through. shes still a baby! i am 15, and i hope nothing like that happens to me.

    i hope she gets better soon.

  5. hello kitty tokyo says:


  6. Pasi says:

    That’s just terrible.

  7. crazyUNO says:


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