ABS-CBN: Willie Revillame did not violate KBP Broadcast Code of Ethics

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ABS-CBN defended Wowowee TV host Willie Revillame, through a letter written by Head of Channel 2 Mega Manila Cory Vidanes in reply to the complaint filed by Movie and Television Review and Classification Board (MTRCB) Consoliza Laguardia with the Kapisanan ng mga Brodkaster ng Pilipinas (KBP).

“It appears, therefore, that Mr. Revillame’s issue was with the inappropriateness of Wowowee and the funeral cortege being shown together, and not with the funeral cortege itself. While it may be argued that Mr. Revillame could have expressed his thoughts in a better way and that it would have been better to raise them privately, instead of the public manner in which he did, such was not disrespectful of the dead and does not constitute an offense under the KBP Broadcast Code of the Philippines.” reads part of Cory Vidanes’ reply to Laguardia’s complaint.

Laguardia said that Willie violated Sec. 3 of Presidential Decree 1986 [being objectionable and contrary to good customs and tradition] and the Broadcast Code of Ethics of KBP when he demanded the removal of the inset video of former President Cory Aquino’s cortege.

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108 comments on “ABS-CBN: Willie Revillame did not violate KBP Broadcast Code of Ethics
  1.  Melatonin says:

    i am one of the biggest fans of both GI Joe animated version and movie. GI Joe is the best:”‘

  2. gi joe says:

    The show goes on with or without willy. I really enjoyed the show in recent weeks. The hosts and guests were great. Actually mas maganda nga ang show without him except when they keep mentioning his name. The issue is Willy had become bastos and parang dictator sa show. If only his co workers could talk freely and express their real opinion. Its only a matter of time when willy would make another scene, ilang beses ba before you people could realize the evil within. I’m going to sit quietly now and hope I’m wrong.

  3. lance says:

    apir!!! tayong lahat

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