Anna Theresa Licaros – Miss Universe 2007 Candidate

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The Miss Universe 2007 beauty pageant that will be held on May 28 at Mexico City will showcase 77 delegates from different countries.


One of them is Anna Theresa Licaros, our official representative for the said pageant. Anna Theresa is a consistent honor student from elementary to college. She graduated summa cum laude with a BA degree in Broadcast Communication at UP – Diliman. She currently is enrolled in the UP College of Law and is now in her 2nd year as a law student.

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19 comments on “Anna Theresa Licaros – Miss Universe 2007 Candidate
  1. MWO says:

    ana theresa licaros…..! una pa lng, hindi na ako umaasa n mananalo sya s miss universe. hindi sya miss universe material. mas mbibigla ako kung maging finalist sya s miss universe.

  2. sean says:

    anna theresa licaros appears really beautiful in the pageant,,,i was so confident that she can bit the representatives of japan,korea and thailand,if we talk of asians,,,,she jaz have proven that philippines is not only an epitome of asian beauty but of universal,,,,

  3. yanina says:

    jaler people of the philippines,,lets unite for supporting maria jose maldonado gomez and anna theresa licaros,,they really goes with the pageant stunning and eventually,intelligent,,,so as to doukissa nomikou and lugina cabezas,,,,

  4. vhaugn says:

    Words are not enough to describe your beauty.

  5. Liza R. Soriano says:

    Definitely, Anna Theresa is very photogenic. She was the most young-looking among the Ms. Universe contestants. I will always be one of her fans. She is my Miss Universe. Could you just give me a photo of hers.

  6. Franz says:

    Nowadays, brains isn’t the only thing that would decide the winner.

  7. jeleen says:

    I’m not really satisfied on the result of the just concluded ms. universe pageant.Miss Philippines deserves bringing home the bacon not only that ms photogenic award. it was cooked……

  8. joan says:

    Yeah…everything’s written is absolutely right…i more than think that she deserves more
    than being Ms. Photogenic just knowning her achievements and accomplishments. Thus, given
    the chance to speak up in front of those crowd will definitely make up to the crown.

  9. leonides says:

    if ms. Philippines can make it to the top 20. I’m sure she can bring home the crown, because of her weapon the beauty and brain. So goodluck ms. Philippines.I know you can make it.

  10. Dawn says:

    I’m sure Miss Philippines would make it to the top! She has beauty and brains…Let’s have faith in her!!!Mabuhay!

  11. jekyll says:

    miss philippines….can makt it in the top 5………..go miss philippines
    ipakita mo kung ano talaga ang tunay na ng mga filipina
    alam kung malaki ang chance maging miss universe 2007
    so go for it and do your best in the pageant…….
    sana makuha mo ang korona dahil ilang years na tayo hinditayo hindi
    nakapasok sa miss universe go miss philippines..i pe praye kita i hope
    you get a crown this years……..thank you i’m jekyll from marbel…
    kasi mahilig ako sa beauty pageant at alam kung lahat na nanalo ay kabisado ko
    go miss..philippines.

  12. lew says:

    go anna!!!!give pride to our country again

  13. leomar cabison says:

    Make us all proud Anna!
    Bring home the bacon!
    Good Luck!

  14. gil P. says:

    mabuhay ka ms.anna! malaki ang chance mo na mananalo ka for ms universe 2007. good luck anna itaas mo ang tunay na kagandahan ng mga filipino. mabuhay ka…GOD SPEED!!!

  15. kat says:

    go ms. philippines were here to support you.Arriba Philippines!

  16. Cass says:

    Ms. Philippines is Beautiful one to all the candidates and so inteligents!!!!All Filipina are Beautiful and Inteligents!! Go Miss Anne

  17. paoli says:

    Venezuela is the most beautiful candidate in the competition
    and she deserves the crown as miss universe 2007.

  18. Pinay Lady says:

    I am certain Tere will make it to the prestigious beauty pageant. You can’t go wrong with brains and beauty…

  19. wil says:

    Wow! beauty and brains in one. Hope she’ll make it…

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