Annabelle Rama Nude Pics?

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Sexy pictures of a younger Annabelle Rama have resurfaced and are on the world wide web.

The pics were from Annabelle’s pictorial with a men’s magazine in the 70’s. She went wet and topless on the said pics. The reason for the proliferation of those pics is yet to be known.

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8 comments on “Annabelle Rama Nude Pics?
  1. mark gonzales says:


    she’s very sexy….

    pwde pa kaya sya magpost ng gnun ngayon…

    sexy niya sobra…..

    very yummy

    she’s a milf…

  2. butata says:

    tag-gutom at mahirap sya noon kaya kailangen eh…….hehehehehehehe

  3. diamond1271 says:

    wala nmn ako nkita ano ba yan

  4. edwin dela cruz says:

    asan un pictures?????????????????????????????????????

  5. morning guy says:

    in fairness to anabel rama, she’s for me the best comediane in town. she’s the type na pag magtaray, matatawa ka sa mga sigways nya.

  6. mykee says:


  7. christina says:

    great. ang taray ng mga pitures.

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