Anne Curtis – People Asia magazine August September 2011

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TV host actress Anne Curtis is the cover girl of the August-September 2011 issue of People Asia magazine.

The Princess of All Media is soon to be a recording artist with the release of her studio album titled “ANNE-Bisyosa” this August. “I’ve been waiting for 14 years for an album, buong career ko. It’s really a dream for me to have an album. Isa siya sa mga nasa bucket list ko… I’m a frustrated singer kasi,” she reportedly said.

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5 comments on “Anne Curtis – People Asia magazine August September 2011
  1. kanguso..... says:

    nice one anne curtis!! you deserved it…

  2. The AFKieR says:

    @stat,.. like ko comment mu, haha nakakawindang ang pagkatotoo

  3. statistic 101 says:

    nasaan na kaya yung mga top rater kuno na mga artista sa pito-pito?

  4. lea says:

    i hope here in saudi have that magazine…i want to have a copy of that…please how could it be possible?

  5. lea says:

    she deserve what she has today…. I watch her career all these years…i would say she’s humble and pretty in her own way….love u ann

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