Anne Curtis: UNO Magazine Cover Girl

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Anne Curtis is on the cover of UNO in its February-March issue.

Anne who just turned 22 last February 17 agreed to pose again this time for UNO because of its high fashion concept. Anne is in her sexiest wearing a black one-piece cutout swimsuit in one of her pose.

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18 comments on “Anne Curtis: UNO Magazine Cover Girl
  1. Anne Curtis says:

    I’m excited of Anne’s “The Wedding” with Zanjoe and Derek Ramsey. ang ganda ng teaser, so lalo na ang actual show. More power Anne!

  2. Tina Alvarez says:

    super ganda ka!hope to see you doing another tele always pretty anne!

  3. kriza says:

    you’re so preety…. magk’mukha nga daw tayo eh… (“,)

  4. anne says:

    ..hi!!!! anne your so bless noong lumipat kana sa ABS
    Sana patuloy pa rin yung carrer mo!!!!!!!!

  5. aaaaaaaa says:

    ang sexy talaga ni anne!

  6. sharah says:

    hi;;;;;;;;;;;anne ang gnda mo tlaga at ang prety pa;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;sna glingan mo pa ana pg-rte

  7. roselyn says:

    yeah you have classs compared to others really pretty

  8. angel says:

    di ko pa nakikita yung pix onhand sa tv add lang pero
    im sure you look great…..ang ganda mo for me and the
    last time na nanood kami ng ASAP at ikaw pa ang lumapit
    sa amin to just say hi…super kind and beauty….not like
    Heart Evangelista….feeling superstar…eh asan na siya ngayon?

    Go girl!:) stay humble…

  9. Vasco says:

    … I got it!!!!!!!!!!!!! Yahoo!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. Michael Vanderbill says:


  11. Vasco says:

    speak for yourself ‘jocky’line. If you think she’s ugly, you must look like a horse

  12. JACKYLINE says:

    ang panget mo ann…..talandi ka pa,panget arte mo
    nililipat ko tv pag nakikita kita hehe

  13. Vasco says:

    Its march! Time to check the stands ;)

  14. Michael Vanderbill says:

    Is it out yet? Has anyone seen it?

  15. loverly soriano says:

    anne curtis really looks hot in this cover!!!!its good that UNO got her !!!!

  16. Michael Vanderbill says:


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