Antoinette Taus to star in an upcoming TV show on Fox Channel

Actress Antoinette Taus is back in the Philippines to attend the wedding of her friend Cheska Garcia.

Antoinette Taus

She also relayed that she is now an editor of M7 magazine, a magazine that features successful Filipino-Americans abroad. In line with her aspiration to enter Hollywood, she also excitedly shared that she is one of the lead characters in an upcoming TV program on Fox Channel but she refused to elaborate further about it. “It’s not the right time yet. I still have to get permission from the TV management about my inclusion in the show, pati nga title ng program, ayaw pa nilang ipasabi pero kasama na po ako sa cast. I will play a very important role but I am not allowed to talk about it too much.” said Antoinette.

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47 comments on “Antoinette Taus to star in an upcoming TV show on Fox Channel
  1. donna says:

    @filipino crab kng makapagsalita ka parang di ka pinoy ah.ciguro ikaw ang chimay jan.inggit ka lang sa kanya….

  2. analyn ebora says:

    gnda u prin mzta po love life

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