Apl De Ap of Black Eyed Peas on Deal or No Deal

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Allan Pineda Lindo more popularly known as apl.de.ap and member of the The Black Eyed Peas was on the Christmas Eve 2007 episode of Kris Aquino’s Kapamilya Deal or No Deal.

apl.de.ap and kris aquino

apl.de.ap, who at the time was spending Christmas here in the Philippines, became the first internationally known celebrity to play in the show. He even performed the song Bebot for the 26K. In fact, whenever he opened a small amount, several Black Eyed Peas songs were played in the background. Overall, he won P10,000 (briefcase number 3 held by Charmel de Asis) in a No Deal situation.

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8 comments on “Apl De Ap of Black Eyed Peas on Deal or No Deal
  1. adriph says:

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  2. Gloria says:

    naging idol ko c Kris ng maging kapamilya……sisindakin ko sya sa love ko.

  3. Gloria says:


    SARDINES RATINGS IS NOTHING………………that’s the truth!!!

  4. Serenata♪ says:

    Kris is Just like that.
    Just like us, we can’t please

    Peace Guyz!=)
    God Bless=)

  5. Go Baron says:

    I hate kris. shes a biaaaatch.

  6. Serenata♪ says:

    Sayang. D me nkapanood^^,
    Pero ok lng un. Nice ngaun
    kc c Charmel ang naglaro
    pero 250pesos [?] lng ata
    ang nkuha niya^^,
    Go Gaby^^,
    Hehehe. .=)

  7. mate says:

    npanood q 2 kahapon! aztig ka apl! rock!

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