Apple iPhone 4S Price Philippines 2011

If you can’t wait for the official release of the iPhone 4S here in the Philippines, you can buy an unlocked (open line) unit in Greenhills.

Here are the prices for your reference:

Apple iPhone 4S 16GB – 45,000 pesos
Apple iPhone 4S 32GB – 51,000 pesos
Apple iPhone 4S 64GB – 57,000 pesos

The units are authentic, factory sealed, and comes with a 1 year store warranty.



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  • Android

    grabe unti na lng mac book pro na.. hayz

  • rta

    impractical. im better of with samsung galaxy line.

  • Paul

    Galaxy Tab 7.7 nalang ako… ang mahal na masyado, pangalan nalang talaga ang binibili natin sa Apple…

  • Cedric

    The cause of high price of iPhone 4s are taxes and standard of apple market in the Philippines. I owned iPhone 4s it is a gift of my brother all the way from US. If you are Apple fanatic like me you don’t have any options but to purchase the product. Siri is one of the most amazing part of iPhone 4s, the camera also can brought you to a vivid world with 8 megapixel and comes with 1080p HD video, the processor of iPhone 4s is also the same of iPad2 not only that it also comes with iOS5 w/ iCloud…… but one thing I hesitate with this info is the price…. 16 gb in US is just only US$199 or equivalent to Php 8,503.00… What could we expect from our taxes here in the Philippines?

  • jun

    i think the 199 usd price is not the actual price of the unit, the rest of the unit charges is carried in the default basic monthly charges on your brother’s at&t account.. in short the price of the iphone 4s in US is not that really 199 USD only.. or not that cheap..roughly around 500USD for 16G with bondage with at&t and of course the unit cannot be used in philippines for sms and call, it is as good as an ipod touch with better camera and screen…

  • Marichris A Belleza

    What store in greenhills? can i put globe or smart sim automatically? no need to do something?