Assunta de Rossi, Francine Prieto, Katrina Halili: FHM October 2006 Cover Girls

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The 75th issue special of FHM or what they would like to call FHM Diamond Issue presents not one but three women on three different covers. There’s Katrina Halili with the tagline “One and Only”, Francine Prieto is “Hotness”, and Assunta de Rossi is “Legendary”. If you’re an FHM collector then you have to shell out 375 pesos for this edition.

It’s FHM’s Diamond issue with three covers to collect! If you pick one cover, you’ll get eight pages worth of that particular cover girl PLUS four pages worth of the two other cover girls. But those four pages are different from the eight pages of the magazine where that girl is the cover girl. So, if you collect all three covers, you’ll be getting a total of 36 different pages worth of cover girl photos.

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4 comments on “Assunta de Rossi, Francine Prieto, Katrina Halili: FHM October 2006 Cover Girls
  1. nica says:

    sana man lang tumungin ka muna sa salamin kung ganu ka kaganda ah………sa lahat ng nagn reac kaw pa alam kat,,,taingin ka muna sa pinagalingan mu bago ka magalit at magpatw ng kaso ahhhhhhhhhhhh……………

  2. nica says:

    yak ka katrina halili mahiya kna man sa sarili mu ala kna nag magawa sa buhay mu,…………………pati si dr, belo sinisira mu ah

  3. lizl says:

    liar theres no pic

  4. Ryan says:

    you need pics dude this is no fun

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