Aubrey Miles gives birth to a baby boy

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Sexy actress Aubrey Miles gave birth to her first baby with Troy Montero at 2:30AM Friday (October 3) at St. Luke’s Medical Center through normal delivery.

Sexy actress Aubrey Miles

The couple named their baby Hunter Cody Miller who weighed 7.5 pounds. Aubrey and Troy have been together for five years now. They are planning to get married next year.

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4 comments on “Aubrey Miles gives birth to a baby boy
  1. Chii says:

    Aside from angela velez, Aubrey is one of my idol.

  2. noena says:

    si boxter ambisyoso!!!!!!!!

  3. Boxter says:

    Good for her. I’ve already had enough of her long ago….

  4. tweedle dee says:


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