August 23 and 30 Holiday – Philippines

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President Benigno “Noynoy” Aquino III declared that August 23, which was earlier set as non-working holiday by former President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo (holiday economics), is now a regular working day.

President Aquino restored the commemoration of his father’s death anniversary to its original date, August 21. So August 21 will be a non-working holiday. As for August 30, which is National Heroes’ Day, MalacaƱang will issue another announcement on whether they will also declare it as a regular working day so don’t plan your vacations just yet Malacanang has ordered that it will be a regular holiday. So in summary:

August 21 – non-working holiday (walang pasok)
August 23 – regular working day (may pasok)
August 30 – standby for further announcement update: regular holiday (walang pasok)

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11 comments on “August 23 and 30 Holiday – Philippines
  1. dulce says:

    natural most of us ay walang pasok sa Aug. 21 kasi sunday un! sana Aug. 23 na lang walang pasok para long weekend! hay!

  2. Kristine says:

    Sana ni-move na lang niya ung national heroes day on August 29 para long weekend. For more, most employee will not go to work on Monday since the following day is an holiday.

  3. myh......... says:

    tama nga………..@robert..jejeej

  4. Robert P. says:

    whatever you say! hmf! kailangan tlaga i-compare??? o cge n tama kn… hehe! ^_^

  5. Dionisia says:

    panay bakasyon iniisip nyo!
    pilipinas lang ang may maraming holidays kumpara sa ibang bansa.
    paano magiging productive ang economy kung panay holiday ang gusto nyo.

  6. Robert P. says:

    Hay naku! nkakairita! Nasira ang mga plano ko.

  7. baka matulad ka kay erap sherap, pag ayaw nya palit kaya ayun dali syang napalitan..

  8. moi says:

    katkat tamad

  9. katkat says:

    impeach noynoy becoz of this!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. XcjX says:

    werk werk werk

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