Baron Geisler reconciles with Big Brother

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Baron gave his first interview on UBER today just several days after being forced evicted from the Big Brother house.

Baron Geisler on UBER

To start the new year right, Baron is embarking on a renewal program with the help of the show’s very own resident psychiatrist Doc Randy. The actor says that he’s willing to start anew for the sake of his career. He still regrets the way he messed up his chance before but he remains optimistic that this is just another beginning for him. More than his realizations, being able to hear Big Brother’s voice again today certainly make things right for him. Big Brother explained that he had forgiven him even before he made his exit.

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6 comments on “Baron Geisler reconciles with Big Brother
  1. mommy edith says:

    please don`t waste your talent we will continue to support you and will pray for you

  2. tank says:

    pagpatuloy mo lang yan baron malapit lapit ka na rin

  3. Henya says:

    cge go, ask for apology and explain para magkaroon ulit ng career! PLASTIC! pasaway ka nga dun saloob na may camera, sa labas pa kaya? bwahahahaha!

  4. mate says:

    tama yan baron pagpa2loy mo lng yan! be a good boy!

  5. jimili says:

    good luck!

  6. Serenata♪ says:

    Go Baron^^,

    Yan ang Pinoy=)

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