Baron Geisler versus Macoy Fundales

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It seems that a fight almost erupted inside the big brother house when Baron told Macoy that he’s offended by some of his actions.

Baron and Donnie are the Heads of Household this week, will Baron automatically nominate Macoy next Sunday because of this incident. We’ll see.

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3 comments on “Baron Geisler versus Macoy Fundales
  1. Henyo says:

    Yah! korek ka dyan Yuuki!

    Bawal paranoid sa Bahay ni Kuya! Hoy!

  2. Yuuki says:

    Hmph~! Paranoid~! do’t you dare automaticaly nominate Mcoy for just being paranoid~~!

  3. Henyo says:

    Buti na lang nandyan si kuya mo! Paranoid!

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