Bea Saw and Saicy Aguila: nominated for eviction

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Sassy Girl Beatriz and Samba Dancing Diva Saicy are the nominees in the recently concluded 8th Nomination Night.


Bea got 6 points while Saicy got 4 points.

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19 comments on “Bea Saw and Saicy Aguila: nominated for eviction
  1. cheng04 says:

    ay sad kami nung time na yon kc c sexy saicy ang na out pero ok lng kc meron nman din talent c sexy siren saicy… support saicy sa maxim october issue

  2. Bea says:

    hi everyone, thanks for all the comments. i was just surfing the net then i saw this page. touching. super. thanks for being with me through my journey inside kuya’s house. it ended well naman diba. thanks for the support and prayers. reading all your posts gave me the energy to continue what i had started. cheers to all!!! – bea saw

  3. dalyn says:

    ..bea deserv of winning pbb2 coz of her attiuade….!!!!
    shes soo verry nice person……….!

  4. jaja says:

    too late na ba ako guys to add a comment.

  5. jaja says:

    mahal ka namin saicy ..gudluck nalang sau ha!!

  6. angel says:

    mahirap pagpilian ang dalawang to..if ever wendy is nominated along with saicy & bea for sure sya ang tanggal.

  7. pepz says:

    go go bea…kaya mo yan!!!!!sana ikaw ang maging big winner…. go bea we love you!!!

  8. mark says:

    huh? bea, beatriz? bodie? wendy, bruce? cno un…..?!!?
    sana lang tama na noh,try nyo kac manuod ng jumong….ganda grabe

  9. Emmy says:

    ano ang ibig sabihin nito? ang matitira sa bahay ay yung mga walang kwenta?
    ano ba yan? grabe na ‘to!

  10. me.yah says:

    bat ganun nung ngtnong c bea sa mga housm8s sbi ng iba wla nman gyya ni bodie pero binoto
    nya c beatriz dba??nd robert???ha??nakakali2 sla..ano un plastikan..baet ni bea ginaganuun
    nla..basta ako go beatriz go…: b

  11. pinklady says:

    Bruce and Wendy–wala nang ginawa kundi umeksena. And sa bawat galaw nila, may nasasaktan na inosente sa labas. Bruce is such a pig carrying on with Wendy and giving all those declarations of love when he still has an unfinished relationship outside. Anong klaseng pagkalalake meron siya? And Wendy? She can’t seem to wait to have Bruce for herself. Alam na niyang may girlfriend pa si Bruce outside eh may patanong-tanong pa siya kung love siya ni Bruce. Tama ang tanong ni Kuya na ano kaya mararamdaman niya kung siya yung gf ni Bruce sa labas? And as for Kuya, why the conscience all of a sudden? You left these people to disregard the feelings of their significant others outside and when they are in too deep, you suddenly talk to them about morality? Pero after that naman, sige ka pa rin in encouraging them to be together? Hindi na dapat si Bruce ang inassign to prepare the birthday party of Wendy. Lalo lang pinapalalim yung sa kanilang two. Bottomline: pinipindeho ni Bruce ang girlfriend niya sa labas on national tv at that…and Big Brother is not just watching. He is even helping them hurt an innocent girl…ALL ON NATIONAL TV AND ALL FOR RATINGS AND MONEY. What a shame.

  12. trix says:

    i’m so much tired of bruce and wendy! Hindi ko hinihintay ang 11:00pm just to watch them. nakakasawa! hndi pla nakakasawa, coz from the start palang i never liked them, sobrang mali kc ung ginagawa nila.
    hnd deserv ni saicy manomin8, lalo na si BEA. si bea nalang ung totoong totoo sa BB House. I hope sa next nomination manomin8 na sila wendy, bruce, specialy bodie – cos he’s too fake!

  13. BrakeHeart says:

    I am very glad to read all your ideas guys cause it was just exactly the same thing that I have here. Though I’m not watching the show lately, obviously because of those certain issues brought out by the show.
    I don’t like this season; As a matter of fact, it widens the fact that showbiz is really like that and it really irritates me a lot! everything has been cokked up. And so as those who had links in this nasty show business are the ones favored no matter what happens…it was an unfortunate reality which normal citizens like us had to accept.

  14. joven says:

    yup napansin ko rin un ako kapuso ako pero pag PBB nananunod nako bat gustung gustonilang ma-out c BEA eh alanmanc bea gnawa saknilanoh… hay naku parang habang 2natagal ngiging Plastknaang mga HOUSEmates ha!!!! hmmp!!!!

  15. jane says:

    ang hrap mgdcxon kng cnong ili2gtas..kxe gs2 q cla prehas na mkpsok sa big 4! gud luck nah lng sa knila..sna mtnggal nah c bodie, bruce at wendy!!

  16. renier says:

    marami ng negative outlook ang mga tao sa pbb2 sana sa pbb3 ay di na kasing ganito ang outlook nila

  17. renier says:

    naiinis na ako sa brendy love team na yan ang oa na nila sa kanila na umiikot ang story ng pbb

  18. newkillah says:

    this is an OUTRAGED!!! i can’t believe saicy and bea are nominated for this week. sana si bodie nlang or si wendy. sorry to all the bruce and wendy fans pro i think the same way as ross (the commenter above me). PBB is not the way it used to be. prang si wendy nlang ang prating favor ni BB. it’s so unfair to the others. i mean si bea nominated? what did she do wrong? through my perspective, she didn’t do anything wrong. i’m sure i’m not the only one feeling this way.

    no matter what happen next week in 8th eviction night, i still believe that the big four should have been Bea, Nel, Saicy and Bruce.

  19. ross says:

    Napansin ko na parati binavote out ni Bodie si Bea sa lahat ng nominations, I can’t simply understand him why he’s treating her that way…..she didnt do anything wrong to him….is it because of Maricris since she is his friend & ng revenge si Bodie for her? kung panoorin mo naman sa tv, mghug pa nga si bea sa kanya kung may occasion…meaning she has nothing against him & she’s sincere.hindi alam ni beatriz na he’s a traitor & a disguise pala…heto si Bodie pala sa tingin ko ay parang babae, ang plastik nya,kunwari matino, mabait sa harapan pero sa likod pala ay hindi, kunwari lang pala! hay naku…hindi to gawa ng isang lalaki, mostly babae lang ang gumawa nito….men are usually straight-forward…hindi tulad ng babae na magulo….sana manominate si Bodie palabas sa bahay ni Kuya…he doesnt belong there coz he’s just playing safe for his role esp that his father is PIP….I believe the next to be evicted is BEA….alam ko na ang takbo ng PBB palabas….this is no longer a reality tv show, some are scripted na kasi…ever since pumasok si wendy, mas lalong na siya naging plastic, imagine all of a sudden, naging mabait & tame na siya….hehehe…who are you kidding….naging mabait na sya kay Bea…this is a BIG QUESTION MARK! ewan ko lang kung alam ni Bea na palabas lang itong magandang pakitungo nya sa kanya…..well, i just pity those housemates who were not given the 2nd chance…why of all the housemates, sila lang ang nabigyan ng 2nd chance? it’s really so unfair for the other housemates….sana justice will be given to those who really deserve to stay…ABS-CBN got big ratings than GMA due to PBB, of which this show really teaches viewers lessons regarding people’s way of life, guiding them to the right path…but why all of a sudden, everything’s changed…the viewers of course are expecting nice lessons to be taught to them….tulad ng mga existing relationships with their love partners, supposedly they must settle this before entering into another relationship…it seems in the show, they’re being encouraged to do the wrong thing…we always say, Kuya will always teach them the right things to do…& let them become better persons outside his house….i still want PBB to be the number one show but not in this way pls…..anyway, thanks for the show….hope after all this negative issues, your PBB show will still be the Number one!

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