Beth Tamayo is not Elizabeth Batain

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Actress Beth Tamayo broke her silence on the rumor that she and Elizabeth Batain, one of the Filipinos who was executed recently in China are one and the same.

“Hindi ko lang ma-gets na bakit saken agad na-iconnect yung Beth na binitay.” part of Beth Tamayo’s e-mail sent to GMA-7’s showbiz talk show, Startalk said. “I’m very much alive and kicking.” she added. She also sent her condolonces to the family of Batain. Beth is currently in the United States and was last seen on GMA-7’s fantaserye Luna Mystika.

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22 comments on “Beth Tamayo is not Elizabeth Batain
  1. ZAM says:

    Feeling ko di talaga totoong iisa si beth tamayo and elizabeth batain., Pls read this:
    Nakasali pa sa” A Mother’s Story” movie si beth tamayo as helen, that was 2011. and Luna Mystica as Lanie Samaniego – November 17, 2008 – March 6, 2009 – Siguro naman maaga mang na shoot ang movie na “A mother story” it wa not as early as May 25, 2008.

    Accdg to the news: GMA News March 30, 2011 11:48am, Three
    Filipinos who were convicted of drug trafficking in China have been executed, Vice President Jejomar Binay announced Wednesday. “Malungkot na araw… Patay na po ‘yung tatlong kababayan natin,” Binay said in an interview over GMA News TV.

    Elizabeth Batain, 38, was convicted for smuggling 6,800 grams of heroin on May 24, 2008, in Shenzhen…. All three were sentenced in 2009 and their death sentences were upheld by the Beijing Supreme People’s Court in February 2010.

    IIsa lang ibig sabihin – From on May 25, 2008 – until earlier of 11:48am ng March 30, 2011, Nakakulong na si Elizabeth Batain.

  2. bambi says:

    I don’t know who she is, and if you people there in the Phil or anywhere else in this planet have some decency, and care for one another, please give the person some dignity. Give the family some respect and privacy. If the person made a bad decision in life it was hers, not yours. Whoever she maybe I pray for your soul, may you rest in peace now.

  3. lawrence says:

    Elizabeth batain and Beth tamayo is the same person, her hometown is malabon, her province is Quezon my cousin used to be her classmate and a close friend, the last request of her was to hide her true identity to save the integrity of her family but rumor has it hindi lilipas ang panahon lumalabas ang totoo. Sa mga may doubt pumunta ka ng malabon ipagtanong mo kung taga saan at if you’re lucky enough find one of her cousin and you’ll know from them.

  4. kups says:

    beth is dead, rest in peace

  5. anna says:


  6. kisha says:

    We don’t have prove that elizabeth batain and beth tamayo is desame!but the question where is beth tamayo now?she’s and actress in the philippines,so no need to keep it this issue,all philippines people’s of our country they will be interested about this issue because she’s famous in our place,so they don’t avoid it! and there have people say that they dont have right to get this news?will sorry to say i’m very much interested her bec,i can’T believe this news,.i wish she alive and she’s not elezabeth batain coz i really love her as a good actress.

  7. Nanette says:

    If she isn’t Elizabeth Batain or they are not one of the same person, then why doesn’t she comes out (alive) in order for the issue to be resolve.

  8. teklabush..tssk says:

    kung si beth tamayo at elizabeth batain ay comments..wala kayong nyo kung trip nyo yan..mind your own business and kamot your own galis..nanggugulo lng kayo ng buhay ng may buhay..i pray nyo na lng na ung patay ay mabuhay at ung buhay ay kahit anong gawin nyo..mamamatay din..walang tao ang nagiging bato dito sa lupa..give peace na lng sa mga nawalan ng mga mahal sa buhay..nagholy week lng naging usesero kayo sa buhay ng ibang tao..tssk ..tssk..

  9. pam says:

    i feel for both families or the family of beth or elizabeth. if they want to keep it that way, lets just leave it that way..

  10. Avie says:

    To break these issue, Ms. Beth Tamayo needs to show up and make a one on one interview. And if this issue is real then she cannot show up for an interview. There are Philippine Medias in the States where she can have an interview, But she has not done it because she can’t.

  11. anna pita says:

    in one of your statement beth,sabi mo you never been to china…its impossible kc nagkasabay tayo sa isang mall,pareho tayo bumili ng perfume.kinausap p nga kita tapos ngpa picture p tayong dalawa.sbrng bait mo at down to earth,kya sobrng masakit isipin na ikaw nga si elizabeth batain

  12. uzichikamozo says:

    beth, idol pa naman kita, pls magpakita kana dami ng need na makita ka kaya nag pagawa nako ng masscard sau dahil patay kana at nabitay kana ng mga (muta) singkit ang mata, condolence nalang sa mga kaanak

  13. mangberto says:

    it also methinks why this issue surfaces.

  14. ayhanne says:

    for me i think there is no reason for beth tamayo to hide she must go 4 an interview for us to believe, that she is not the one who had been killed.

  15. enarys_08 says:

    if you, mrs. beth tamayo, is not elizabeth batain..pls.come back to the phils. and call a press or prove that your the one which is executed in CHINA..for the silence of the others also..

  16. gerry pineda says:

    This is really a simple case of trying to deceived the public by the apparent lack of truthfulness of all the parties involved,if beth batain and beth tamayo are not the same person, beth tamayo who is purportedly alive by her statement that she is, should just do a video and post it on U tube,this will put an end to all the rumors and perhaps give the other Beth to rest in peace, otherwise this rumor will not die in itself .The family of Beth Batain should request Beth Tamayo to appear in public and settle this issue ones and for all.

  17. cheezemoso says:

    i guess beth tamayo is still alive but she and Elizabeth Batain is only one person. the fact that they hide the pictures and identity of beth is because she was saved from the execution.. if the government and any people can show some evidence or identity of Elizabeth Batain, thats the time i will believe them…

  18. black_orange07 says:

    yeah, if you are still alive Ms. Beth Tmayo you should come out on TV and be intervied cause there are a lot of humors about you, and all are quite affected about it.. so please come out.

  19. shanillah28 says:

    Hi to all, I’m just concern to all of you and I can say that ELIZABETH BATAIN and BETH TAMAYO is only one person… My mom’s and Beth Tamayo’s hometown is the same, that place is in Quezon Province (due to security reasons, I cannot confirm or deny where that particular place)… According to my cousin, people are allowed to see her in the burial but cameras and any other form of videos are not allowed, because they might have escalating discussions about them. Moreover, issues will be left silence.

  20. rOMEO says:

    To Ms. Beth Tamayo, if you are not Elizabeth Batain…. you should come out and face the camera NOW to prove that you are not Elizabeth Batain. please come out now…… I am very worried that you are Elizabeth Batain. Come out now and prove that you are STILL ALIVE!

  21. GOODGUY says:

    beth tamayo if you are not elizabeth batain pls can you make it interview on tv beacaused i worried coz you are my dream and fanatic when you are an actress before tnx.

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