Big Brother scares the hell out of the celebrity housemates

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The celebrity housemates were called into the confession room where a scary computer trick brought the housemates to the edge of their seat.

At first, each of them were instructed to follow a computer maze, but as they are getting the hang of the game, a picture of a scary monster jumped right in front of them. Most of the housemates freaked out , even the tough-looking guys Baron, Donnie, Will, and Victor. But to Big Brother’s surprise, Mcoy, Ethel, Riza, and Jon remained calm unlike the rest. All the screaming, jumping, and cursing completed Kuya’s Halloween prank.

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3 comments on “Big Brother scares the hell out of the celebrity housemates
  1. Powkee says:

    it’s true.

    Pokwang will enter PBB house this afternoon @ Ãœber.

    watch and see for yourselves…

  2. retoke says:

    thats old… seen that many times on youtube…

  3. Bigotilyo says:

    Ang cute ng reaksyon ni Papa Victor..heheheeh

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