Big Brother talks to ex-celebrity housemates Mcoy and Ethel on UBER

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Mcoy Fundales and Ethel were the Bianca’s special guests on UBER and Big Brother surprised the two with a special message.

In spite of what happened, Big Brother is still proud of Ethel and Mcoy for showing and sharing their true selves to the public.

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18 comments on “Big Brother talks to ex-celebrity housemates Mcoy and Ethel on UBER
  1. jim says:

    To reply po:

    Mali ba opinion ko “pre”? well, its up to you kung iba pagkaintindi mo wala n kung mgagawa dun ^^. People like you reflects the personality of mcoy.. blaming somebody to mask up your own mistakes, keep on saying negative things to others without even thinking kung tama ka..

    BB as a GC? Yes tama ka dun BB should act like a GC in some point but not at all times coz like Ina said BBs concept is like a Godly voice to order things around. If you cannot respect and follow rules you dont deserve to go their. Pero BB is not playing HITLER like you have said if ur referring to his conversation with mcoy. Like i said.. its just right for him to cut off the conversation to LESSEN the tension building up on mcoy. HE wants to let it pass before having a talk with him again. COz if not mcoy and BB will only flame at each other, especially at that time na wala ng naririnig si mcoy kundi sarili nya.

    BB should not have ask an apology.. Dapat sana he stands on his decision. Kaso ABS is only thinking kung ano gusto ng mga viewers e. LOL

  2. ina says:

    even big brother cannot suppress individualism. mccoy is an artist.he cannot survive in bb’s house.ethel’s personality nd din puedeng diktahan (she lives her life d way she likes it.)
    well my big four most probably: yayo (mother in distress hehehe, she is a mother of teenagers, kaya nia yan), riza, will and donnie. now that gabby is in, she has also the chance to make it to the big four.

  3. ina says:

    i just think dat a normal person cannot withstand an environment na my voice that plays God to order things around. Well, its just like living in north korea or much worse pa sa communist country ang bahay ni kuya. just research on the book 1984.if its an issue of plagiarism,well the concept of BIG BROTHER is taken from that book.
    well i think ol things and reactions dat happened n bb’s house are what things should be. whoever survives n dat house must be very strong or must be very plastic not to show his true feelings.

  4. Powkee says:

    it’s true.

    Pokwang will enter PBB house this afternoon @ Ãœber.

    watch and see for yourselves…

  5. totoo says:

    hoy…mga pare,,,pareha lang naman sina mcoy at BB na matalino pero bilib na bilib talaga ako kay big brohter sa kanyang katalinohan…..gud luck BB….keep it up…esp. ABS-CBN..kapamilya…

  6. ReplyPo says:

    To jim Says:

    Mali opinion mo pare…BB shud act like a guidance councilor..not sumone na nag mamataas pa ng pride..kaya na “kuya” kasi dapat marunong ka makinig hindi yung para kang “HITLER” na anytime patatahimikin pwde..

    sa opinin ko rin.. tama lng na nag apologize siya kay mcoy kasi karapatdapat.. and besides pinag aralan na nila lahat yan and they all realize their faults thats why they decide to apologize..cased closed…sa susunod kuya.. bago ka mag salita makinig ka muna sa inhouse pychologist not on ur own..

  7. jim says:

    i didnt like the attitude showed by mcoy to BBs point of view.. at the start plang BB just wanted to clarify about the “copyright issues” involving their INDI film, and MCOY instantly reacted negatively without knowing what was really the reason on why BB addressed that to Ethel. When mcoy was discussing the issue to his housemates, he knows that BB can hear him clearly and yet he just keep on saying things like complaining and other stuffs that sounds insulting to the side of BB, “nagpaparinig?!” oh yes yun ang nangyari.. IF he really wanted to clarify things why didnt he made the first move and talk to BB bout some issues, ofcourse BB felt offended.

    Mcoy also said kung gaano kahirap yung gingawa nila na kesa ginagawa na raw yun ng 3rd year film student sa UP. why say that? telling reasons? when BB suggested to make it more pinoy.. minasama na namn ni MCoy yung LOcation na the house is not pinoy daw. If mcoy really is intelligent as you think why didint he made an idea to make the location look pinoy in front of the camera? lets say props?

    Nung pinutol ni BB yung conversation nila ni mcoy its just right and normal for me. Why? to lessen the tension coz they have already stressed each others point na.. BB said malinaw na ba? mcoy said yes.. and yet mcoy keeps on saying things pa paulit ulit lang.. Mcoy keeps on saying with all due respect to BB.. yun ba ang tinatawag na respeto? ganun ba ang alam nyang respeto? and yet sya pa ang humihingi ng respeto as an artist. Pero in the first place.. why didnt he gave the respect to BB as the house owner and as a person.

    Masyadong mataas ang tingin ni mcoy sa sarili nya para ipagwalang bahala ang opinion at respeto sa iba..

    BB apologize to him in the public pa .. sus namn.. Mcoy mahiya ka namn.

    Opinion ko lang.

  8. Ate Emi says:


  9. Ate Emi says:


    ang real issue sa pag-alis ni Mcoy sa PBB ay dahil na-offend siya kay BB dahil habang nag-eexplain pa si Mcoy, kinat na siya ni BB at sinabi, “salamat” tapos pinaalis sya sa confession room.

    lalong nag flare up si Mcoy dahil hindi nya natapos i-explain yung side nya. sana nakinig muna nang husto si BB para mas lalong naunawaan niya ang stand ni Mcoy.

    ngayon ko na-realize kung gaano kakitid ang pang-unawa ni BB para i-treat si Mcoy nang ganun. lumabas na di sya sensitive sa feelings ng iba.

    kung sa palagay ni BB ay walang respeto si Mcoy, ang totoo ay si BB ang nambastos kay Mcoy habang nag-e-explain.

    sori, pero mas matalino talaga si Mcoy kay BB kaya di sila nagkaintindihan.

  10. doc says:

    i think it is but right for BB to apologize, yes it is true that mcoys emotion was surging and living inside the house press you more, however the respect that mcoy is wanting was negated, if you watched pbb, the conversation wasnt really over yet, there are some hanging thoughts to be answered and BB is the next to talk, he just say thank you , thank you this conversation is over, for me its a big disrespect,what macoy said during uber that little “tampo” will be ironed out sa “takdang panahon” is good

    though implying another “plagiariam” as takdang panahon is the “word BB use, mcoy uses this not only to copy but to tell BB that time will heal.

    but mcoy was totally disrespected, especiallly in viewers point of view.

    i am not taking side but i am for equality, though BB had said its sorry, to say sorry would only mean there was something wrong commited, and it is for viewers to see that BB is sincere, you know getting the sympathy stuff=)

  11. Lorna says:

    Kuya U are great!!!! Sa boses mo palang d ko inisip na magawa mo ung mga sinabi ni nmacoy, sa kanila ang paoblema, character nila d mabuti.Kaya OK k Kuya. Dont ever change. Si Mcoy and Ethel wala pa sa kalingkingan ang narating nila kaya di sila dapt magmamayabang.

  12. huhu says:

    waaaaaaaaaahhh! bat may virus to?! grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

  13. Serenata says:

    Kuya’s great.
    Nagawa pa niyang mag-apologize eventhough mas mukha siyang
    biktima. Well, Biggest Kudos 2 Kuya for apologizing.
    Sana c Macoy nag-sorry din siya kahit papaano kc may kasalanan
    din naman siya. But still, PBB is getting more exciting and as a result,
    pinag-uusapan talaga at may kanya-kanyang opinion ang lahat so
    keep it up PBB!

  14. mr. men says:

    plastic ni kuya, ever!

  15. cute ng dog ni ethel……

  16. Danger says:

    be true! live ung nagyari! yan scripted na.

  17. me says:

    You know it is.

  18. Jin says:

    do i have to say plastikan ba ito? hehe joke

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