Big Brother underwater charade

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It was yet another battle of the sexes for our celebrity housemates when they played underwater charade. Each actor must go under the water while acting out the title of the song. A camera was rigged under the pool in front of the actor, and guessers were in the living room watching their teammate from the plasma TV.

The actor must hold his or her breath under the water for for as long as he could because once the actor surfaces up the pool, his or her team loses their turn to guess. The rival team, however, has the chance to steal a point.

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2 comments on “Big Brother underwater charade
  1. mate says:

    condolence sa mother ni yayo..tlga bang aalis na xa sa bahay ni kuya? sad nmn! nkakatuwa kgabi ung pinagaggawa nila hahahaha! lol

  2. Gloria says:

    pwede ba, damitan nyo nman c idol pokwang sa wowowowee ng maganda like 26 k gurls na labas ang sexy and flawless legs..di yung parang doll, anime, cartoons etcc….. mas mukhang katawa tawa pag naka 26 k gurls ang style nya dahil oa yung ibang style para maging comedy ang dating, di nman….

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