Brazilian Wax Salon in the Philippines

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“Brazilian waxing” craze is slowly picking in the Philippines with the opening of 2 branches of the wax and eyebrow grooming company, Strip and Browhaus in Manila.

One of their branches is at the Greenbelt 5 in Makati City. A Brazilian wax costs about 550 to 1,800 pesos for women and 700 to 2,500 pesos for men. The exact cost will depend on how much hair a client wants to remove. Their wax is a pliable, specially-formulated variety that is guaranteed to take away the slightest hairs and the entire waxing process takes about 15 minutes.

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11 comments on “Brazilian Wax Salon in the Philippines
  1. Niño Calimag says:

    you should all try pink parlour ph, they only use the number one hot wax from Australia!

  2. ecla says:

    Pati po bah ang “CHURVAH” iwawax HUH!!!! :P

  3. maria says:

    @ dimplyn

    Well it’s the service, hygiene, and materials you are paying for, especially at Strip. you can get all kinds of bacteria from spatulas used on other people that are dipped in the same wax used on you! Imagine that.

  4. anna says:

    The waxing is really good, tried it and it did not disappoint, dont think Ill let anyone else touch me down there…

  5. dimplyn says:

    ang mahal naman nyan….

  6. waaa says:

    hahaha may bulbol yan sa kilikili hahahaha

  7. LOL says:

    “guzgusin Says:
    nyah talagang nde patok yang waxing sa pinas kc konti lang naman mga balbon sa atin…”

    bakit wala ka bang bulbol? lol

  8. guzgusin says:

    nyah talagang nde patok yang waxing sa pinas kc konti lang naman mga balbon sa atin…

  9. Sino Ako?? says:


  10. Kulapong says:


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