Bugoy Bogayon – Pinoy Dream Academy Scholar

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18-year-old Jay Bogayon aka Bugoy of Camarines Sur was born on January 1.

bugoy bogayon

His favorite singers are Guy Sebastian, Brian McKnight, and Boyz II Men.

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34 comments on “Bugoy Bogayon – Pinoy Dream Academy Scholar
  1. banj says:

    Bugoy really deserve to win in the pinoy dream academy talent search!!!From nothing he is now somehing!!!At least he had proven something to himself..

    He has a wonderful and a unique voice..and he carries himself well on stage!!!
    He is just being himself and he is a true person..
    Go Bugoy!!!
    A pride of Bicolandia!!A true Bicolano!!!Oragon!!!

  2. Zweihander says:

    Maraming maraming packaging tape.

  3. mizzy says:

    my opinion with regards to BUGOY,
    each and everyone of them had their own special talent, kanya kanyang hatak ng crowd, at kung anumang uri ng buhay sila meron, mamayan man o mahirap, pangit at maganda man. nasa puso at ugali ng isang tao ang ikakatagumpay nito.

    if we only look back, the very good example of this is Charice Pempengco, hindi siya tumigil na mangarap, at sa galing niya hindi sa Pilipinas siya nadiskubre, nanalo siya sa mga contest, but who is most admire and well sought singer internationally this time,

    kaya ang tagumpay ng isang tao di lamang sa ganda na anyo panlabas, it is deep within, sana si bugoy di lumaki ang ulo mo at maging humble lang sana siya. dahil maraming gusto siyang manalo, lalong-lalo na dito sa UK.

  4. shang says:

    huuuy— eh ano kung taga-bundok achuchuva? super galing kaya ni bugoy. mga bingi at walang taste lang ang hindi bilib sa kanya.

    go bugoy— sana ikaw or si liezel ang maging big winner.

  5. eyebags says:

    I just read the comments above that turns out tho be a very interesting conversation. Bugoy was my schoolmate, he’s also a friend of my brother in DWTL. It was just so sad that persons from the province were regarded as taga bundok. Its ok, I’m proud to be part of Naga City, Camarines Sur. Who cares. wehehe.

    Speaking of looks/aesthetics – I first saw bugoy in our university canteen fixing something inside the hall. We chat for awhile, though we didn’t really know each other. There I heard him sing as i depart the area. Never I thought that this guy would reach that far enough. Maybe because of the package that you’re talking about, on the top of this comment portion. You can never have everything in life. And bugoy was a leaving testimony. His voice is undeniably superb.

    Nowadays there are hundreds of pretty and handsome faces in the Philippine Entertainment industry. Maybe because it is our culture here in the Philippines, to put adonis and venus on the top. But Pinoys are changing, they somewhat acquire the western ideas. It is not the face, its the positive repercussion of flaws. I know, you know what i mean.

    Do I sound like taga bukid?? wehehe.

    Goodluck to Bugoy! You’re Blessed.

  6. Roland N. Cayanong says:

    Ei waddup!!! Jay galingan mo. I appriciate you:)

  7. rengaurin says:

    about jerome salas. obesity jessica sago…….I SECOND THE MOTION. but im not after bugoy huh!

  8. wapit says:

    bugoy, your voice is great! sana lng magkaroon ka ng bilib at kumpyansa sa sarili mo. think and feel na ikaw ang pinakamagaling sa lahat

  9. roxan says:

    go BUGOY!!! angels brought you to PDA!!

  10. 7 1 8 2 2 7 says:

    sabi nga ni bugoy di ba, “kaya ba nila ang ginagawa ko?”

    that’s the spirit! besides, kung ako napunta sa kalagayan nya, masaya na akong masabihan ni ryan cayabyab na “magaling ka”

    yun ang pinakamasarap sa lahat, don’t mind the judgemental people, JUST DO YOUR BEST!

  11. xoxo_mean says:

    funny xa haha!i like gays…go!!!

  12. moon says:

    hahaha.. awayan… version ni rosita sa season 1

  13. urduja says:

    my bet…

    i ahve a budget fpr my votes…

  14. mark says:

    ang galing ng bOSES NI BUGOY…

    sana hindi nalang kinuha c christian..
    hewill not surely be a HIT JUST in case manalop hehehehe

  15. atenista says:

    Grabe, magaling to kumanta. Chris Brown caliber.

  16. Zweihander says:

    Tama si Direk Joey. Kelangan nya ng major packaging… Tape? Lol. Pero so far siya ang may pinakamagandang boses sa lahat for me.

  17. kapuSUCKERS says:

    @ Obesity Jessica Sago

    bwahahahah retracting your early post

    yeng won PDA not bec. of personality contest…. she won bec. of her talent….

    its not about the looks, sto00pid! it’s about talent! jerome at least got his chance to won, endorse and records an album…. only a few got that kind of a chance….

    you are certified kapuSUCKERS! bec. you are a liar and bias!

    pag balibaligtarin man yang pangit mung mukha….. DINAYA NG GMA-7 ANG RATINGS SA MEGA MANILA AT NABUKO SILA SA VISAYAS! BWAHAHAHAHAHAHA


  18. Serenata says:

    .early favorites c bugoy,
    sna lng d na mging trend
    ang basehan ng pgging
    winner dhil sa “mahirap”,
    but i think, ok nman c bugoy,
    wag lng maxadong pasaway
    at d lng lalaki ang ulo, cckat
    xa, aus na aus pa nman boses
    nya, =)

  19. Obesity Jessica Sago says:


    I know that Jerome Sala’s a product of Star in a Million, I also know that he has a self titled album. it’s also true that he’s ugly and that his self titled album did not sell. Kaya dinrop siya ng label niya! Kaya ngayon, isa na lang syang Jeepney Driver sa Bohol!

    PDA is a personality contest, people would vote for somebody that has a personality.

    I’m a certified Kapamilyaks pero hindi ako katulad mo na nadadala sa emosyon ang pagka againts sa mga kapusucks! Pagbalik baligtarin mo man ang mundo, talo na ang ABS CBN sa Mega Manila.

  20. kapuSUCKERS says:

    @ Obesity Jessica Sago

    B0B0 mo kapusuckers…. si jerome sala nanalo sa: SEARCH FOR A STAR IN A MILLION!
    B0B0 mo ulit merun syang album with star records: self titled album!

    get your facts right whining sardines fed gma kapusuckers….. bwahahahahahahahaha

    gma-7 fans will always be a R3TARD!

    like your nameake…. a liar and biased biotch!

  21. kapuSUCKERS says:

    @ Obesity Jessica Sago

    B0B0 mo kapusuckers…. si jerome sala nanalo sa: SEARCH FOR A STAR IN A MILLION!
    B0B0 mo ulit merun syang album with star records: self titled album!

    get your facts right whining sardines fed gma kapusuckers….. bwahahahahahahahaha

    gma-7 fans will always be a R3TARD!

  22. jackass says:

    Let’s just hope that Bugoy will do well inside the Academy. Yes, he has not possessed such good looks na kung minsan ay naging basehan na sa mga talent competition. To those past winners who did not make it in the real battle, I am sure that God has different plans for them. Malalaman natin yan sa takdang panahon.

  23. boyhilig says:

    may punto si Obesity Jessica Sago.
    wala na nga si Jerome Sala.
    pang Gulong ng Palad lang ang boses nya.
    PERO, ang pagkakaiba nila, di masyado sa english songs si Jerome di tulad nitong si bugoy.
    AT ISA PA, dito makikita na sumusugal ang ABS-CBN sa potential talents nila kahit mukhang taga bundok whatever itong si bugoy.
    antay na lang tayo.
    hope bugoy do well inside the academy.

  24. Obesity Jessica Sago says:

    He doesnt have the personality to stay in the game. Aminin, PDA is still and will ever be a personality contest. Na try na iyang pangit na nanalo before with Jerome Sala, saan na ngayon si Jerome Sala? Di ba, driver ng jeep sa Bohol? Star Records will never invest in that looks kasi that looks will not sell an album. Duhhhhhhhhhh!

  25. Cedric says:

    he deserves to stay in Academy he’s very interesting person i think ABS-CBN has something to do for Bugoy

  26. pinay_soulchild says:

    obesity jessica sago, you don’t have to judge bugoy for his looks or his provincial background. this guy is what the masses want! at first, akala ko he can only sing songs appropriate in the province but what?!!! he can sing like Guy Sebastian and Elliot Yamin!

  27. jackass says:

    Ano ngayon Obesity Jessica Sago kung mukha siyang taga-bundok. Ikaw, do you have the talents and guts like Bugoy? Wala!!!!!!!!!!

  28. mystic_knight says:

    eh anu naman kung mukha syang tagabundok? ikaw naman nakatira sa bundok… hahahaha!!!

  29. Obesity Jessica Sago says:

    hmmm mukha syang taga bundok!

  30. archerdcross says:

    Bugoy the best ka talaga……. powerful voice

  31. archerdcross says:

    Go Bugoy….uragon ka noy… kaya mo yan…

  32. Marianne Rivera says:

    the best talaga ang pda! move over pinoy idol!

  33. WOOOH says:

    go bugoy…jeje.

  34. tweedle dee says:

    hope he does well. . .

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