Cager Rommel Adducul diagnosed with nasopharyngeal cancer

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Philippine Basketball Association (PBA) cager Rommel Adducul has been diagnosed with nasopharyngeal cancer and is reportedly undergoing chemotherapy treatment at the Cardinal Santos Hospital.

PBA center Rommel Adducul

The Purefoods center is reportedly responding well after the first of a series of treatments. Watch TV Patrol’s report on Rommel Adducul’s condition on

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17 comments on “Cager Rommel Adducul diagnosed with nasopharyngeal cancer
  1. desiree says:

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  2. diseree says:

    nangangailangan po ako ng tulong para sa mama ko kasi may nasopharyngeal cancer xa. . .and we in need para ma pa cunsult xa sa doctor . . .

  3. horlama says:

    thank you very much

  4. Jeffrey says:

    Rommel , Get well soon …….. God Bless!

  5. BIO says:

    Napanuod ko ung segment niya, at naawa ako sobra… napaka delikado ng radiation at chemo… kng anjan lng sya sa malapit…. gusto ko sya tulungan… ginagawa ko n ibat ibang paraan sa net… marami ng cancer patient ang gumaling including Daniel Manda na nafeature sa bantay bata na dating cancer patient…

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    There is only one substance that can unlock this compound then release the cyanide and benzaldehyde, that substance is an enzyme called “beta-glucosidase”. This enzyme can only be found at the cancer cell. So the molecule will unlock only at the cancer cell, not in any part of our body… once it is unlock, these poisonous molecule will poison the cancer cell.

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  6. Royal says:

    May kanser? Akalain mo nga nman yn o! Baka nagbabayad n s mga kslanan. I agree wit Jessica Sago. Good 4 him mron p syang oras mgbago and pghandaan yung soul niya. Christian p naman dw sya.

  7. nomad says:


    ur so mean jessica sago!

    lam mo.. nakakakanser dn ung obesity!!

  8. dewdew says:


  9. Obesity Jessica Sago says:

    Paghandaan na lang nya ang kanyang kaluluwa at libing. He still has a time to prepare anoh.

  10. sana yung cancer sa society natin mawala na rin lalo na mga politicians

  11. sweetie says:

    I miss romel so much.

  12. Joe says:

    ouch..waaaaa gl

  13. karl says:

    ganun si Rommel meron cancer? saan nya nakuha un sakit na un..

  14. yuen says:

    waaaaaaaa ung idol ko….nag karoon T_T kwawa nman xa..

    hope he’s fine..

  15. dewdew says:

    uso ba ang kanser ngayaon?sa bagay sa gobyerno at sa lipunana oo!

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