Captain Barbell: A Smallville Rip-off?

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A comment from chickadora’s blog, a certain azul said

I don’t watch Pinoy teleseryes but I happened to catch the first 3 episodes of Captain Barbell. And it’s forgivable that the basic premise is similar to that of Superman I guess because Captain Barbell is our own version of Superman. HOWEVER, being someone who has seen the original Superman movie and followed the first season of Smallville, what I saw was not merely a homage to Superman, but a rip-off. Come on. Open your eyes. Adopted parents driving a red pick-up truck through the desert when a meteor capsule carrying a baby from another time. THey didn’t even TRY to look original by at least changing the kind of car Teng’s adopted parents were riding in. And discovering his super strength when he lifts the Lolo’s tractor. Whoa! De Ja Vu? And these are just physical rip-offs. I can write a whole essay on the unoriginal story. Saying to just turn a blind eye on its flaws is being in denial and a hindrance to improving the series. We must look within its flaws and change it. it may be rating high now, but when people realize that they’re watching a second-rate version of Smallville, Captain Barbell may not be as strong anymore in a month or so. I wonder if Warner Brothers can sue GMA for infringement?

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46 comments on “Captain Barbell: A Smallville Rip-off?
  1. astig05 says:


  2. Aidan Bailey says:

    i love the way the story of Smallville is presented on TV..’

  3. joey de lion says:

    parang d naman mxadong afekted ang siete kung tawaging rip-off ang CB..
    dahil mostly ng noypi d familiar s smallville or that of superman..kea akala nila so CLICK na tong project n to…sus ko po????!

  4. joey de lion says:

    ganyan tlga gma..
    kung anuanu nlng gngwa para lng mapansin..
    naghahabol ata sila s THE WORST STATION IN THE NATION..
    uy,bagay…pwede..hehe..peace off!!!lol…

  5. GiO says:

    wla nmn cgurong kasalanan si CB kundi ung GMA or und director

  6. boomtarat says:

    hahaha! i agree with yah!

  7. buratski says:

    puta walang kwenta ung captain barbell, hahahaha smallville ang puta… tang-ina nyo mga writters!! at panget naman nung richard guttierez na un eh… may mulawin na may sugo pa!! plus captain barbell puta… tang-ina nyo lahat

  8. markomaniac says:

    IMHO, there are two kinds of bad people:
    1. the dude who does the bad thing.
    2. the dude who sees the bad thing done, but turns a blind eye toward it.
    Obviously, whenever CB was aired, these two people would emerge in the Philippines.
    Its ok that GMA airs fantaseryes. By, all means, they should. It shows that we Filipinos
    can keep up with other countries and their shows with all them computer GFX.
    Now, tell me, what would you feel if you wrote a very original story? One that you know
    will be forever in the hearts of the people? You publish it,
    but, as soon as you do, some dude comes out with a story of his own, with all the plot,
    setting, themes, characters and moods taken from your original story.
    The dude then claims that he did nothing wrong; his
    characters were of different names.
    Damn.. sino ba hindi maiinis diyan sa situation na yan?
    You cant change a thing’s identity just by changing it’s name.
    Nakaimbento ka nga ng bagong computer, tawagin mo man Binary Generator or kung ano pang
    Just to say, I really liked Darna when GMA aired it. But CB? A definite no-no. IMHO, GMA
    saved LOTS OF MONEY from hiring brilliant writers in the Philippines by copying Smallville
    and changing the names of the characters. CB only goes to show that the Philippines is
    becoming a country devoid of originality.

    PS: While flipping through the channels, I saw a commercial of CB. It was when Teng and his
    girl were speaking to each other, and the girl turned away from him,
    and took out this “crystal” substance. Teng, behind her, began to get weak and was already
    gaping for breath. Shit mehn. Originality please! Alam namin na KRYPTONITE yan from the
    original SMALLVILLE.

  9. Earl says:

    to metro-angel

    hindi porke remote is existing and we dont like a program eh we can’t express our LEGITIMATE disappointment about it. i don’t buy that ‘use the remote’ crap since that act will not compel these tv producers to come-up with quality tv shows.

  10. Kafamily2006 says:

    So ngayon ninyo makikita kung sino ang dapat maging NUMBER 1 TV station – yong may originality at di kopya lang. Kaya ako ABS CBN pa rin kasi may originality di tulad ng GMA panay kopya ang mga palabas. GMA 7 sucks….

  11. LechaR says:

    dun kau sa puLis mag pa Liwanag….hehehehe

  12. chE says:

    ay ewan kay batman…gan2 Lng yan eh kung gusto nyo manood eh d manood kau kung ayaw nyo nman d wag…heheheh

  13. Teng from California says:

    Guess what, folks? If you guys watching the Smallville TV series and you recognize the staring
    face of Tom Welling from the camera… it was exactly the same face from Richard Gutierrez from
    the Captain Barbell (it’s funny though)! Why? because they try to do the same thing….
    However, Tom Welling has the appeal, but I don’t know about Richard G.

  14. metro-angel says:

    don’t watch if you can’t stand it.
    that is why there is a remote for or a dial on your television.
    or maybe there are no other shows worth watching on the same time slot???

    kanya kanya lang yan gusto.

  15. zhil says:

    manahimik na lang tayo… he, he, he… magsumbong na tayo sa kinauukulan… tulad ng warner brothers na may hawak ng Smallville :-)

  16. pzycho says:

    One hell of a shhh…t ang captain barbell. I really hate that damn teleserye. wanna be Smallville! damn wat the hell r they thinkin!

  17. Avvenire says:

    Hayy… I’m an anime fan, most of the anime comes from manga(komics) usually the manga is better than the anime or in some instances anime better than the manga…pero hindi malayo ang difference….. but CAPTAIN BARBELL !!!! goodness graciuos!!!! ang layo sa original komics sobrang lapit sa foreign hero na SUPERMAN (Smallville version).Pati mga mutant enemy ni CB… mutant enemy din ni clark kent. If GMA will not do something to this obvious riff off. Iisipin ko na wla silang paki alam sa quality ng mga pinapalabas nila as long na kumikita sila!!! such a shame :( …. or baka naman iniisip nila na hindi marunong umintindi ng english ang majority na filipino kaya binigyan ng tagalog version ang Smallville :P

  18. JIGS says:

    LOLz! korny nman nyan oi!! Laos na yan.

  19. Bastard Saint says:

    GMA’s Captain Barbell is without a doubt a rip off. It
    only goes to show that its “talented” writers could
    never think for themselves. They also
    showed to the whole world how unoriginal a country
    we can be. What a shame.I hope Superman will kick that
    poser’s ass soon (and I know he will).

  20. EVO says:

    this is not about the battle of the networks.. its about captain barbell… kapuso din ako, unfortunately disappointed ako for the first time.. kasi fan ako ng smallville…sobrang gaya kasi…

    nga pla, sa season 1 episode 7 of smallville, same ang story sa bagong possible na kalaban si CB… as in same concept at magiging sexy din ung girl sa CB, na ginaya sa smallville…

    for those smallville fans i know you i agree with me… for those not aware, I’m more than willing to lend my Smallville video collection just for you to find out.. tnx!

  21. EVO says:

    i found out another thing…. the real name of clark kent (superman) is KALEL… tapos ngayon sa CB, real name nya ia AREL???? sounds the same ba? sobra na talaga…

  22. EVO says:

    for the first time na disappoint ako sa GMA! because im an avid fan of SMALLIVILLE. I’ve watched the whole season 1-5 ng Smallville… i have my own collection of its video… im proud to say na halos kabisado ko na lahat about Smallville, kasi nga po fan ako… and watching CB? whoa!!! very smallville!!! its really a ripoff. konting kopya na lang COPYCAT na talga… ok lang sana kung kumopya ng konti, kaya lang the thing is–“konti lang ang hindi ginaya”…. this is the comparison…. Smallville-CB…. clark kent-teng… lana lang-lea… lex luthor-levi villan… lionel-viel… kit-chloe… pete ross-bobby… they have 80-90% family background.. including the personality of the character themselves… meteor shower-bulalakaw… kalaban ni CB-meteor freaks yan… lahat ng kalaban ni clark kent dahil sa meteor shower na kasama nyang bumagsak sa earth–lahat ng kalaban ni CB dahil din sa bulalakaw na kasabay din nya bumagsak sa earth…. nga pla, ung mga kalaban ni CB hawig din sa kalaban ni Clark Kent…. ano pa ba? hmmmm…. the red pick-up truck… ung barn ni CB i think pinoy version ng “fortress of solitude” ni clark sa Kent Farm… ang pag tanggal ng doors ng mga sasakyan ni clark kakaiba! i guess signature nya yun… and nakita ko din sa kotse ni levi when CB saved him…. Villan mansion and Luthor mansion… pati ung mismong office ni lex sa mansion… pete ross ang unang nakaalam sa powers ni clark.. same as bobby sa CB… pati din pla musical scores halos smallville na…. haaay!! sad to say pero CB is really a smallville ripoff…. i know mataas ang rating ng CB… but i guess they don’t seem to care coz not all people knows smallville kaya lang what would the other network say?? specially studio 23 is airing Smallville which is under one umbrella of the other network… so sad!

  23. marvin says:

    well GMA 7 is definately a most watched tv station nowadays kaya bibibato ng intriga, agree………
    Manonood pa rin ako, kahit anong sabihin nyo, love ko yata ang kapuso station.

  24. rj dy says:

    hindi lang smallville ang ginaya ng captain barbell. pati the incredibles…
    hindi nio pa napansin ung first episode. gusto kong sirain yung tv…kala ko
    may maganda ng palabas ang pilipinas…yung robot na sumalakay sa kanila…
    hawig dun sa robot ng the incredibles at kung paano ito nasira ni paolo bediones
    ganun rin kung paano dun sa the incredibles…at yung nakakulong si paolo…
    diba may babae dun na hinostage ni paolo para makalaya siya…diba ganun rin
    ung nasa the incredibles..parehong pareho ung mga linya…na tinanong nga babae
    dun sa commander nila na kung bakit niya pinayagan si paolo na gawin un sa kanya

    hindi naman siguro tanga yung publiko…pero ok lang..ginaya man nila ang mga
    idea ng ibang shows…bano pa rin effects nito…sana kasi gumawa na lang sila
    ng mga fantaserye kapag magaling na sila sa computer grafix..hndi sa nagyayabang
    ako na marunong ako sa grafix pero pano na ang sasabihin ng ibang tao…na wala
    man lang mapakitang kaledad ang philippine shows…

  25. Darren says:


    n 1: a piece of writing that has been copied from someone else and is presented as being your own work 2: the act of plagiarizing; TAKING SOMEONE’S WORDS OR IDEAS as if they were your own. (

    GMA obviously took the idea that was behind Smallville so I consider this plagiarism. I also agree that this is so embarassing to other countries.

    Sabihin mo nang hindi nila kinopya lahat. Pero malaking porsyento nung show kopya lang. siguro mga 90%. Even the characters, may counter-part sa smallville. Yuck.. GMA.. kakahiya kayo..

  26. gon says:

    Parang ganito din yung nangyari kay Mariah Carey nung kinopya ni Ara Mina yung tono nang kanta nya.

  27. Mark says:

    well comment ko lang hindi niyo pwedeng kasuhan ng plaigarism ang GMA dahil hindi
    naman nila kinopya lahat ok? pwede ka lang kasuhan ng plaigarism pag wala kang binoago ni isa sa mga characters or sa story itself kaya bago ka mag comment ng ganon mag aral ka muna kasi nakakahiya ka better kung mag aaral ka muna bago ka mag comment ng masama about sa ibang bagay kasi lumalabas ang pagiging stupid at ang ignorance mo. get my point.. concern citizen l
    lang po ako and i do watch shows from both station but mas gusto ko yung pagiging competitive ng gma kasi world class my dating at hindi cheap.

  28. Mark says:

    well comment ko lang hindi niyo pwedeng kasuhan ng plaigarism ang GMA dahil hindi
    naman nila kinopya lahat ok? pwede ka lang kasuhan ng plaigarism pag wala kang binoago ni isa sa mga characters or sa story itself kaya bago ka mag comment ng ganon mag aral ka muna kasi nakakahiya ka better kung mag aaral ka muna bago ka mag comment ng masama about sa ibang bagay kasi lumalabas ang pagiging stupid at ignorance mo. get my point.. concern citizen l
    lang po ako and i do watch shows from both station but mas gusto ko yung pagiging competitive ng gma kasi world class my dating at hindi cheap.

  29. Superman says:

    Well, for the people before me, I wouldn’t blame the network.
    I would definitely blame it on the writers… I totally agree with you
    guys they are pretty unoriginal.

  30. JackTrades says:

    Well I don’t think these guys are “nammintas.” But they couldn’t turn a blind eye on a painfully obvious ripoff either. I mean, I loved GMA7’s Darna. They didn’t changed a lot on her story, and some Darna expert online actually praised them for faithfully following the original Darna story. How come they didn’t do that with Capt. B? Doesn;t GMA 7 have directors, department heads, board members, that NOBODY noticed before filming that the storyline is strangely similar to Smallville?

    And it’s pretty bad timing too, now tith a major Superman motion picture coming up.

    We’re just affected because they usually export these to at least other Asian tv companies, and the whole world (or at least other asians) will laugh their ends off at Filipinos for ripping off the most popoular superhero of all time. This is embarassing.

  31. Furna says:

    ewan ko sa inyo!mga pangit!

  32. samba-server says:

    Matanong ko lang mga bros and sis, pwede bang i-copyright ang idea o writings, logos, and the like lang?

    By the way, sa mga malulupit na comment, why dont you try writing something and sell it? maybe you can come up with a better story than what you are commenting about. Cmon, myabe its time to show your side of talents on this subject rather than stay in front of your PC and throw destructive remarks, after all we’re all Filipinos.

  33. louiboy says:

    ang ganda ng captain barbell

  34. ADRIAN says:

    i mean, hwag panoorin kung ayaw- u r free to watch whatever you want on tv- bkit may pumipigil ba?

  35. ADRIAN says:

    manood n lng kaya kayo. huwag ng mamintas– kaya nyo wag nyo

  36. jOcelyn says:

    yAaaaahhhh!!!walang originality..grAbehh!! nkkabadtrip pg nkkita ko ung captain barbell..ibng klase ang story ng smallville (tlgang pinghirpan at ping-icpan),tpos ggyhin lng nila.. gOshhh!! nkkaasr tlga!!

  37. Earl says:


  38. shadow says:

    Dapat malaman ito ng Warner Brothers!

  39. lukee says:

    Man!! it sucks!!!, where is the original story of captain barbell? di naman sya alien… why the hell do writers do that? Niloloko nila ang masa…hindi kami mga bobo… MAhiya naman kayo!! nag invest na rin lang kayo bakit di nyo palita ang mga writers nyo…

  40. rivermayabamboo says:

    yep wanted to get on the GMA forum to stick it to their man but their forum sucks that it takes a long time to load even a single page… back to the topic though sure is right that the show is a rip… tsk…

  41. psycko says:

    well wait till you see more of its episodes NOT only is it a smallville rip-off
    its definitely will be a spiderman rip off too!!! father and son archnemesis whoa
    they should charge the writers of the show with plagiarism!!! thats too much 2
    rip-offs in 1.

    hope this sulking non-sense show gets sued for sumthin!!!

  42. rivermayabamboo says:

    hahaha… pinapakita talaga ng GMA& na wala silang originality… Its just another poor attempt of a rip off… I think WB should sue the uncreative asses of the people that made Captain Barbell… Do they think that the people will not find out this deliberate copy… They are mocking the Filipino masses… Only thing I could say is that GMA is a step advance in copying other peoples ideas or should I say steal others ideas… Suxxx to be GMA7…

  43. ai3_lee says:

    well…. i agree with ur comments.. coz, capt. barbell was born in a squatter
    area. where he help an old man who gave him a barbell. the old man told him
    that he will be a strong man when he lift the barbell and saying the key work
    CAPTAIN BARBELL!!!! right???

    ala tayo mggwa kng ganun.. pinoy tayo eh.. hehe, ever since ganun n ngyayari so
    bkit ba apektado kayo? mga bias!:p

  44. Marco says:

    hi.. well i must admit i am a solid abs-cbn but i have freedom too. well you have a poiny.. maybe it is about time that the public knows more about the things they are watching right? the public must also be wise and watchful.. GMA7 doesn’t have any originality.. i try not to be biast but the trith shall pevail.. right? so.. thanks.. you are a smart person ha..

  45. Jaice says:

    I just caught the trailer of of Captain Barbell and said this is definitely
    looks like the Smallville pilot episode. Never got to catch an actual episode but
    I’ve always thought this one could be an original one the way they were
    advertising it.

  46. Jigs says:

    I totally agree with you! The show wreaked of copied ideas and unoriginal scenes. im not being bitter or hateful, i juat think that they are milking the fact that most of their viewing public may have not seen smallville yet or know of superman.

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