Christian Alvear leaves Pinoy Dream Academy

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25-year-old Christian Alvear of Taguig is the third scholar to be expelled via the viewer’s text votes.

Christian Alvear

Christian got 43.99% of the total votes while fellow probee Iñaki Salvador got 56.01%. Meanwhile, Bugoy, Van, and Sen are the star scholars for this week with a grade of 9.82 for their performance in the trio presentation.

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16 comments on “Christian Alvear leaves Pinoy Dream Academy
  1. usmarinechickcali28 says:

    Christian cant please everybody so as the rest of the scholars. Inaki is now as boastful as he could be coz he ‘survived” the expulsion nite. We cant judge him and the rest of the scholars.But it is kinda obvious that he has this sorta “attitude”. maybe it’s not easy to tell who among the scholars are showing their true personality coz they all wanna go home winners. I remember in one of their dance classes with Ms G, Apple sed she dont dance or not a dancer herself, but if u guys were kinda observant in one of the earlier episodes of PDA2, laarni was dancing in the room..and Apple suddenly stood opposite Laarni and started to dance as well…kinda implying that she can do better than Laarni..during rehearsals or like last Saturday look at her, she was like dancing with so much energy tryin to outstar Laarni..that’s why judges sed they dont “gel” with one another as a trio..or this episode when Ms G was talkin about sexiness in one of their dance class sessions..and Apple made a side comment regarding Bituin Escalante being Ms G asked her to stand up and asked Apple if she thinks she herself is sexy..why Ms G did that?..go figure..I dont have anything against Apple..nor im in favor of laarni..or tryin to defend Christian…now that Bea’s out…would Apple and Miguel be closer to each other?..will the scholar’s continue to “gang up” on Laarni still?..who will try to show their true being inside the PDA2 house….with the addition of Poy to the Group, who will be outshined by her talent/s..or who would outshine her?….peace and love from Cali!!!!! good luck to all PDA2 scholars

  2. mickey says:

    i personally think that xtian deserves to go out rather than inaki but it’s not fair that you’ll slate him like that…whatever he look or sound like he’s still a person with talent and its not his fault why he looks like that…grabe dont be too harsh on him…

  3. Hokage says:

    At last wala na siya sa Academy sya lang ang isa sa mga worst scholar including BEA and Inaki

  4. batusai says:

    I think mas lalong nag improve ang mga scholars ngayon. Meron n silang dating sa mga tao. Nalilito tuloy ako kung si christian b ay nasa Little dreamers e kc mas malalaki p ang boses nila kesa sa kanya……opinyon lang po.

  5. shyla says:

    @posbrave korek kamukha nga ni xtian si kuhol wahahahahahahahaha

  6. yuen says:

    mas mabait nman c christian kxe kei inaki dba??

    YABNG kea ni inaki..

  7. posbrave says:

    ka mukha nya si kuhol!!!!

  8. gab says:

    i knew it.. haha..

  9. shyla says:

    you deserve it xtian… ewan ko ba bakit tumagal ka pa sa loob ng academy eh ang boses mo parang ipis.. iritable na sau si inaki habang nag practise kayo ng kanta para sa gala night.. dont feel bad xtian baka may balak sau ang dos baka buhayin nila ulit yung career ni mahal at ikaw ang i partner sa kanya… hehehehhehehehe ( peace )

  10. jane says:

    dq alam un ahh laban ba ni banal? what channel? kc ang ganda ng performance ng mga scholars wla aqng masabe..10!!! ang laki na tlga ng inimprove ng scholars…

    Go PDA!!!

  11. Serenata says:

    congrats inaki, ewan q
    prang agree dn aq sau zwei,
    but ok lng din kc tanggap
    dn nman nya, goodluck sa
    outside career^^,

    galing ng busenvan boyband,

  12. roxan says:

    oo nga team kapamilya… hindi na ako nakapanuod… banal kc eh!

  13. Obesity Jessica Sago says:

    Kaboses niya si Mahal, kamukha niya si Aiza Segera!

  14. teamkapamilya says:

    ano ba ang nangyari sa PDA pagkatapos kumanta si Christian (after nung sinabi na siya ang aalis sa academy)… bigla kasi nilipat ung TV sa boxing- laban na Banal

  15. mr.bean says:

    tama lng naman.
    mas magaling tlga c inaki!..

  16. Zweihander says:

    Ugh he looked so arrogant. Good riddance.

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