Congressman Eulogio Magsaysay apologizes to flight attendant Sarah Ocampo

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Alliance of Volunteer Educators partylist Rep. Eulogio “Amang” Magsaysay on Tuesday apologized to Philippine Airlines (PAL) flight attendant Sarah Ocampo for calling her a “menopausal b*tch.”

But Magsaysay insisted that he had to utter those words because of Ocampo’s treatment of him and his family. “First, she was the one who raised her voice at me. But it was only later I realized that she had a high pitched voice. I thought she was just shouting at me,” Magsaysay said. “Kung may nasaktan, humihingi ako ng patawad,” he added. Sarah Ocampo alleged that the congressman called her a “menopausal b*tch, b*tch, b*tch” after she failed to accommodate his request of being seated next to his son in a flight bound for Los Angeles last December 17, 2010.

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8 comments on “Congressman Eulogio Magsaysay apologizes to flight attendant Sarah Ocampo
  1. allergic sa tahong says:

    well, nangyari na ang nangyari at least nag-apologize na sya.

    pero sana next time, ayusin ang customer service like mae it proactive and emphatic one, para hindi magkaroon ng masamang impression sa mga paying customer.

    like kung bad mood ang isang employee, i-assign muna sya sa ibang work at huwag munang iharap sa mga customer.

    kung mataas ang boses nya, ipaalam agad sa customer para hindi sya mamisinterpret.

    well, mutual courtesy at respectf should and must always come from both sides.

    uphold the customer is always right policy so long as the customer is not stepping on any one else’s foot…if he does not like the employee request from another employee to attend to him.

  2. honeycomb says:

    What was said was an expression out of disgust. While I do not condone the actions and remarks of Rep. Magsaysay, a customer service attendant at all times should have good people skills. Apparently, raising her voice to a passenger/customer is not one of those.

    Rep. Magsaysay all through out the incident never introduced himself as a representative. He made the request on the basis of a mere passenger.

    Menopausal b**ch has no place in one’s vocabulary. It is offensive and sexist to the female gender. He, however, humbled himself and apologized for saying it.


    marami na akong naririnig na hindi maganda sa mga flight attendant even the ground attendant ng PAL, based on the interview regarding that staff ng PAL mukhang iinit talaga ang ulo mo pag hindi ka nasagot ng hindi maganda ng mga staff na yan, baka mabto ko pa sa kanila yang BOEING 777-300 o 747-400

  4. brice says:

    Apparently, this congressman represents volunteer educators. However, his behavior does not speak well of the group that he represents. Let’s hear what the volunteer teachers have to say about the behavior of their representative. From my point of view, he just lost the privilege of representing any group specially educators.

  5. shirly briones says:

    sa mga flight attendant… behalve kasi kau. kung walang pasahero wala kayo. trabaho lang. nasa alapaap kayo wala sa langit. you treat your guest equaly ang politely. kahit sino pang pinaka high blood na tao kung proper attitude sa work di m dare ang high bloob nya.

  6. noneonoe2011 says:

    its juts his opinion he is the only one who knows if he said that b word! ok at leat he apologize ok

  7. US of A says:

    some PAL flight attendants deserve to be called more than that…meron kasi iba sa kanila, akala mo kung sino kung umasta. i had a bad experience with them too. buti nga..hahaha

  8. balasador says:

    sabi nga nila… maraming namamatay sa maling akala

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