Cory Quirino is eliminated from Celebrity Duets

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Cory Quirino got the boot and became the second celebrity after Melanie Marquez to be eliminated from Celebrity Duets Year 2.

Cory Quirino

She was joined by Phil Younghusband and JC Buendia in the bottom three. Cory’s last duet was with Arnell Ignacio.

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7 comments on “Cory Quirino is eliminated from Celebrity Duets
  1. hotbaby says:

    Celebrity duets daw,eh,di naman mga celebrities ang mga contestants.Tapos ang singer halos ang kumakanta ng buong song di ang contestant.

  2. bentongpalamunin says:

    ano ngayon? ano ba contest yan?

  3. cory aquino says:


  4. cory quirino says:

    thanks getalife! and to all those people with crab mentality, you are the ones who should get a life!

  5. sabatera_01 says:

    @ getalife

    ewwwwwww!!!! PIG!!! you really need to get a life, kung ano-ano iniisip mo!!!

  6. getalife says:

    shes a hot milf… i had a crush on her…

  7. kababalaghan says:

    eto lang ang singing contest na parating mga wala sa tono, kung sinasabi nyong gutso nyung makita kung paano madevelop ang isang tao na maging singer, please ipakita nyo na lang sa madla nung ang boses nilay na develop nah, i’m not being bitter, but when i’ve seems that its just a plain videokehan..kung sinu2 lang ang kumakanta.sayang, kapuso pa naman ako

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