Daniel Matsunaga on YouTube Kissing Video

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Brazilian Japanese model-actor Daniel Matsunaga aired his side on the controversial kissing video on YouTube that’s making the rounds.

In a press conference for a hair-removing product last January 27, he revealed that the video was fake and that it was a marketing gimmick for his new endorsement. “I hope, understand of everybody [sic], that this is just endorsement for Veet. This is just a teaser. Everything was just fake.” he said. Daniel’s girlfriend, actress Heart Evangelista also knows about the video even before it came out. “..before I had this, I asked for her permission, of course.” he added.

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5 comments on “Daniel Matsunaga on YouTube Kissing Video
  1. LEA_MALDITA says:


  2. pabukas nmn ng webs na ito!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. acer says:

    Hahah.. Tama! Para umingay lang!

  4. kanguso... says:

    whatever…………………….. who is daniel matsunaga??? is he popular?? i think not……
    don’t waste time……

  5. KAPUSO AKO 4EVER!!!!! says:

    diba ganyan din c pokwang noon na nagwala raw sa isang set ng commercial kuno pero hanggang sa ngayon wala namang ganoong commercial na lumalabas, so hanggat walang commercial TOTOOO YUN!! HELLO HEART!!! PAGING PAGING HEART

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