David Cook and David Archuleta concert in Manila, Philippines

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American Idol season 7 (2008) David Cook and runner-up David Archuleta will stage a concert on May 16, 2009 at the SM Mall of Asia Open Ground, Pasay City, Philippines.

David Cook and David Archuleta

The concert titled “David and David Live in Manila” was confirmed via YouTube where the two Davids invited their Filipino fans to watch the show.

Ticket availability information will be announced soon.

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221 comments on “David Cook and David Archuleta concert in Manila, Philippines
  1. kathleen says:

    i hope you will come in philipines to take a pic.

  2. Joy says:

    im not interested e..
    tsaka mali ung pussycat dolls..
    ngaun cla mag concert e may pasok n.
    umuulan pa anytime..

  3. kevin says:

    ang galing talaga ni david aCHULETA una niyang kinanta yung touch my hand.hindi ko sya nakita ng malapitan sayang.ngayon PUSSYCAT DOLLS naman may pupunta ba sa inyo?

  4. Joy says:

    “come back to me”

  5. Joy says:

    i really love david archuleta but it doesn’t mean i hate or don’t like cook,..
    i love com beck to me by cook..
    the lyrics was so meaningful and he sang it great and wonderful..
    but it’s just i think Archie’s points was 5 points higher that cook,
    but they’re both great,,..

  6. KiM says:

    wElL bOth Of u gUyS hAvE pOiNt..
    AnD fOr mE iM JuSt sHaRiNg My tHoUgHtS aNd wAt i tHiNk Of dEr pErFoRmAnCe..
    evEn dOw iM a wOrDnErD i likE D. ArChULetA’S pErfOrmAnCe mOrE dAt NyT..
    aNd yEah. Ed’s RyT dAviD ArChuLetA chAnGeS a lOt siNcE AI..hiS mOrE hApPiEr pErFoRmiNg nOw.. :)

  7. Joy says:

    he just became honest and true to his self..
    he knows what he loves and does..
    and he’ll follow what his heart says..

  8. Joy says:


  9. Joy says:


  10. Joy says:

    bsta i really love david archuleta…
    me im just in the 1st stage of getting some important details about ARCHIE AND COOK..
    they’re both good and sometime it depends on my mood if i like rock or ballad..
    and i really enjoyed listening to his songs because of his amazing voice..
    i liked archie because of his amazing voice and charming face..and i also know that this person’s kind,joyful,humble and gentle man..maybe there’s a lot more words for me to describe archie but i want to describe him more than that words..because words are not enough to describe my idol…
    and i made a right choice to whom i will supprot and that’s archie..
    but cook’s also great singer…maybe he still need to give his time to ractice his voice..
    and what i want to archie is every perform were very joyful and he’s really full of energy just for the fans…
    and as i know archie plays piano only..but he plays guitar???
    david archuleta changed he is already comfortable about his moves and he trust his self that every perform will be successful…
    just remember i read a news about when archie sing to the public he got an standing ovation, often and rare receives this, only people/person who’s really great and has an amazing voice..
    where can i get a latest news about archie??
    what site..

  11. Ed says:

    Pat says “I just noticed.. that what he was on american idol is still what he is now. but again, he’s good! “. Apparently Pat, you don’t know much about David Archuleta. Yes, you know something about him, but not that much. Saying that Archie is still the same as what he was on American Idol is completely wrong. Didn’t you notice on the concert that he was moving from sides to sides of the stage, he was jumping, he connected to the crowd, he was full of energy, he played more piano than when he was in AI, he somehow lost his inhibitions, he has improved a ton on his stage presence, he is now a total performer, not unlike when he was on American Idol where he was a little bit reserved. So what you’re saying that he still is the same is totally wrong. This is what I hate about people writing something but not doing their full observation and research. While I may say, Cook is still the same Cook when he was on American Idol, the same who played guitar and nary moved from end to end of the stage. Didn’t you notice that Cook is still the same rocker who screams, wails, shouts, shrieks when he sings. While Archie did not only sing pop, he also sang ballads and disco, like Zero Gravity. Archie has gone into a big transformation, which is truly amazing. But Pat you are entitled to your own opinion, but do me a favour please, do some research first before you shoot your opinion.

    Joy, we believe in the saying “To each his own” and Pat I think is really a pro-Cook. Sometimes, no matter what you see and explain, some people just don’t open their eyes and see the facts. If Pat’s choice is rock, so be it. But rock is not our cup of tea. We want something that is uplifting, joyful, inspirational, something delightful to our emotions and souls, so we prefer Archie. And we are not surely mistaken in choosing him as our Idol, now a total performer, he is not only very talented musically, yes he can play both piano and guitar, his voice is just amazing, so naturally smooth, full of texture, easy and so pleasant on the ears, Archie’s voice in so pure, his words so crystal clear, so understandable. At his age of 18, he will go very far, he will be going up and up and up. Even the famous composer David Foster, who composed the songs for Whitney Houston, Celine Dion, Michael Buble has nothing but praises for Archie’s voice and David Foster knows a good natural voice when he hears one.

    Add to Archies’ talent are his impeccable character, his humility, his humbleness, his kindness and you have a true IDOL in the real sense of the word. Not to mention that he is just so good looking, cute and adorable that he becomes like a magnet. He is so charming. He is charismatic. Archie is exceptional, he is a true gem, a rare star, he is a SUPERSTAR going to become a World Megastar. And he is jus 18 years old, started on American Idol at 16, he is just PHENOMENAL. And by the way, if you want the latest news about Archie, go to these fansites. There are hundreds of Archie’s fansites now which are voluntarily created by his fans, in US, yes in the Philippines, in Malaysia, in Singapore, in Indonesia, in Brazil, in Italy, in Germany, in UK, in Latin America, all over the world These fansites were created just for the love of Archie’s fans to him. They spend their time and money for their love of Archie, because they see something very special on David James Archuleta that any other artists do not have. So for his fans, David James is still the BESTEST, you can’t do any better than that, that’s already the most superlative.

  12. Joy says:

    i know your just expresing your thoughts..
    kanya kanya lng yan..
    i just get a little bit mad nung cnbi m na nothings surprising abt his performance..
    maybe someones thinking that i really get mad to her..
    it’s just kind of that i don’t like the line..
    but it’s alright..
    and what kim said
    they had a great and wonderful performance and i just get my energy full when archuleta perform..
    both are great…
    and kim i just laugh when i read your last word..
    it’s just kind of funny..
    e bkt kay ed ndi ka nag comment?
    joke lng puh..
    geh geh..

  13. KiM says:

    wElL FOR ME:

    dEy wEr bOth gR8 dAt NyT
    bUt i likE ArChiE’s pErFoRmAnCe mOrE dAt NyT..


  14. pat says:

    OMG!!!! hahahha! what you all guys saying?? I’m just expressing my thoughts. wait…. what is it again????? “bestest”? hahahahahaha!!!! anyway, forgiven. What i’m just saying is that….”FOR ME” archie is good. that’s all. The meaning of the “there’s no surprising” for all those who didn’t got it right. Is that, Archie havn’t done anything “new” BUT HE WAS GREAT! I just noticed.. that what he was on american idol is still what he is now. but again, he’s good! That’s all.

    Joy said… “or maybe your saying nothing’s surprising because you don’t know what songs were archie singing..”

    LOL.. Read it again. i think you delivered it “ironic”. If i didn’t know what archie’s singing… well I MUST SURPRISE PA DBA? hahaha!

    anyway…. I didn’t said anything bad. I just expressed my thoughts. CONCERT IS ALREADY DONE. And me either, is hoping for more! whee! i really had fun!

    COOK IS STILL THE BEST! (again, for all the people… it’s my words.) haha

    god bless everyone!

  15. Joy says:

    archie’s so cute..

  16. Joy says:

    “just the difference to cook and archuleta is they know both how to play an instrument.”
    but cook and archuleta both know how to play an instrument
    cook’s for guitar and archie’s for piano..

  17. Joy says:

    well all i can say is i support both davids..
    and what are you saying that archie’s performance wasn’t surprising???
    all of the people shouted when archie performs and every performs were very surprising..
    or maybe your saying nothing’s surprising because you don’t know what songs were archie singing..
    everyone see that archie was very joyful and full of energy in the stage…
    well to cook should be also like that but all i see is he was just in one position when he came out…
    just the difference to cook and archuleta is they know both how to play an instrument.
    archie’s piano and cook’s guitar…
    so please if some body is saying that cook’s better one all i can say is arhuleta is also better and for me ARCHULETA WAS SO AMAZING AND HE REALLY DESERVES WHERE HE IS NOW..
    BUT COOK..
    and ed gets what i want to say..
    all artist would love to hug archie because of his amazing voice and i already say this in my comment that archie’s voice was really form the nature and he was really gifted by GOD that’s why millions of fans love archuleta and im one of them..
    but millions of fans love cook also and im also ome of them..

  18. Joy says:

    just wanna ask kng saan mkaka kuha ng fresh news about david archuleta and david cook???
    tnx if somebody answered…
    david archuleta and david cook are so amazing..

  19. Joy says:

    me i really want to finish the concert but my mom said to go home already because she was already tired…
    or mabye also the others just want to watch for archie..
    but for me both daivd are great..
    they are both my idol…

  20. KiM says:

    Ed uR RyT dA onLy thiHg y dAviD ArChiE iS nOt dAt cOmEdy likE dAt thiNg iS bCoS hE iS yoUnGeR dEn cOok..

    wElL fOr mE D. coOk iS sO hAnDsaMe aNd yEah hE rOkEd dA cOnCeRt..
    bUt i likE dAviD ArChiE’S pErfOrMaNcE MoRe dAt NyT..
    evEn dOw i likE dAviD cOok.. bUt i likE dAviD aRchuLetA tOo!
    dEy ArE bOth gR8 dAt NyT..
    bUt mAybE dA othErS dOn’t likE rOck sO MaybE dAt’s thE rEasOn y dEy gO hOmE wEn it’S aLrDy dAviD cOok’s TyM..
    wElL i lOvE dAviD cOok..hE iS sOo HaNdsOmE anD Of cOuRsE dA saMe witH D. aRcHuLetA..
    dEr vOiCe aRe bOth gR8!

  21. Joy says:

    when archuleta performs on stage he was full of joy and you can really see how he loves what he does..and what he performs..
    so many sung with archuleta every song..
    there were 40,000 people who came by to watch the concert…

  22. Joy says:

    yeah ed your right..
    archuleta is the best because we are his fans..
    if your both you’ll admire them both too…
    yeah ed your right again archuleta is just 18 but look at his singing career it grow just in a minute and now it’s getting bigger and bigger..
    Archuleta’s Voice is from the NATURE..
    and you know many admire Archuleta because of his Charming Face and Amazing voice..
    while cook has also a cute face but his voice was for rock..
    i mean archuleta’s singles were very joyful because his voice was for pop and to cook was sad because he was for rock..
    so maybe that’s the reason why thousands of people just love David Archuleta..
    but cook is also a better one..
    it’s just i really love david archuleta’s voice..
    they said cook rock the concert but for me archuleta raise the concert..
    and no offense but this is the truth when david cook performs there are some fans who already go home..
    but others really sacrifice for cook’s time…
    i just really ask my self why archuleta didn’t won while his voice was really amazing..
    but cook’s too..
    i kinda love DAVID ARCHULETA..
    and he’s so cute..

  23. Ed says:

    Pat, didn’t you think Cook is the only the best and awesome? Right? Archuleta is the bestest and the awesomest, right! Archuleta is just 18 years old and Cook is 26 years old, big age difference and time will come that Archuleta will learn how to talk longer in between songs and shot some humor. Archuleta for all you know has a comedic side with him, he has a sense of humor, but he is so young so, he cannot make jokes yet while on stage. But as far as singing goes and the quality of voice, that goes to Archuleta. I’ve seen some interviews by some Filipino artists, actresses themselves and they were all amazed how good the quality of Archuleta’s voice is. His voice is pure and when he sings you understand all the words. To me Archuleta is still the BEST! But I still admire Cook!

  24. luthgarda says:





    thank you thank you thank you…………………………

  25. pat says:

    WHEEE!!! ang saya saya talaga nung concert!! GRABE! NWALA LAHAT NG GUTOM AT PAGOD NUNG NAG PERFORM NA C DAVID COOK!! ang baet nea at ang kulit!! hahahaha!!! ambaet nea kc.. he still managed to stoop down just to take a pic of the crowd!! eventually, his eyes appear BIG. hahahah!!! makulit!! kc ung tagalog nea!! hahahahahha!!!! plage nea nkklimutan ung “po” pero hinahabol nea.. and sbi nga nea… ” i tried” haha,, patawa pa xa ng patawa. i think he was the one who carried the concert on humorous thing and make it more enjoyable. It was really unexpected that he is that kind of person. Though, archu, for all we know.. is really a friendly one. Nothing’s surprising with his performance.. but he is very GOOD!!!! COOK is the best and awesome! everybody love his style! HOPE YOU’LL COME BACK TO US!!! ZERO GRAVITY!!!!!! whohoooohooo!!!!!

  26. Joy says:

    ah ok..
    tnx ah..
    i also read it sa site.
    sayang xna man lng nag ride xa ng jeep o kya nktikim ng dirty ice cream..
    pro bka sumakit ang tiyan…
    im so sad nsa us na ulit cla at wla n cla d2..
    xna bumalik clang dlwa.
    and so hectic sched kc kagabi n pla cla nag board sa us..
    nakakapagod ang sched na ganun..
    and hopefully ay bumalik cla d2..
    and i want to catch up a fresh news from them..
    nkkpagod dn ang concert nla..
    but it’s really amazing at xna ipa opera na ni archie ang vocal paralysis nia..
    kc bka mag cause p un ng cancer..
    mas mabuti ung ipa opera na nia at voice lesson nlng ulit..
    at least safe..
    and i think archie’s so sad kc umuwi n cla kgbi he had a last video…
    i watched it and i was about to cry kc i’ll miss them so much..
    and last..
    dba available nmn ang album nla sa sm??
    i ddn’t bought kc yesterday…
    and xna mkta ko ulit kau..

  27. KiM says:

    Hi Ed!
    tNx kUnG skN Mo xNxbE iAn!
    kUnG hinDi nAmAn aGrEe Aq sAu!

  28. KiM says:

    Hi Ed!
    tNx kUnG skN Mo xNbE iAn!
    kUnG hinDi nAmAn aGrEe Aq sAu!

  29. KiM says:

    Hi jOy! nAkAuwE nA cLa kAgAbE uNg fLyt nLa!
    sAnA nGa bLik cLa!ASTG uNg cOnCeRt!

  30. Joy says:

    just wanna ask if naka uwi n b cla david?
    kc ang alam ko e mag papahinga lng cla tpos go straight to us na agad..
    correct bah??
    hope xna pnta ulit cla d2..
    o kya for fun lng visit..
    and good luck..

  31. cherry says:

    saysng sana ang abs-cbn ang nag handle nang 2 david chaka


  32. dcaddict says:

    the concert was really a success… napakaraming tao! I was on the VIP section last night. Can’t say nothing but praises for david cook! He’s really awesome!

  33. jr says:

    didnt have the chance to watch the concert

  34. jr says:

    hayz the archiecook week is over lets just hope and pray they come back again they went straight to the hotel after the concert… they just goin to pack up and they will go to the airport to catch their flight for US…. think they will have a rest in flight … who have an extra souvenir item wanna sell it to me hahahahaha

  35. Ed says:

    Good for you Kin. That’s what I have been saying. Buy ticket, see the show, no matter who the promoter is, no matter which tv station they appear on, because concert of the 2 Davids will be so worth the money. And you did not make a mistake Kim. And the 2 Davids are so good looking, but Archuleta is not only good looking, he is also cute and adorable.

  36. KiM says:

    hElLo eVeRyOnE!
    kAkAuwE q lNg gLnG sA cOncErt!
    aNg GWAPO (hUndsAme) Ni dAviD cOok!wUuUuUu!
    c dAviD ArChuLetA aNg cUtE!
    gLiNg nLa mAg-cOnCeRt!
    sAnA bLik cLa d2!!

  37. Joy says:

    i saw them
    and i just bought the ticker awhile ago.
    archie’s skin was so fair..
    and when archie live the stage there are also some fans who live the concert groud..
    hope they’ll stay here even just for 1 day.
    to enjoy touring around..

  38. macky says:

    alam nyu b kulang s ANNOUNCEMENT and GMA 7; I just heard the news to my friends qng hnd p cla kapuso hnd q malalaman; but good job to GMA sna peace n kau pare-parehas taung noypi_but still qng aq masusunod sna ABS and nghandle ng-concert n ‘to da best!!! sna pumunta lhat ng finalist ng AMERICAN IDOL D2 from season 1-8 khit ung mga nanalo lng da best yun!!! teka cnu b nanalo s PHILIPPINE IDOL??? ampt GMA ibgay nyu n xe s ABS yung rights, inyu nlng ung pin oy dream academy hahaha…:))

  39. marvin says:

    david cook and davis archuleta pls kindly greet the pierce family in USA.

  40. blanc says:

    we already have our ticket..just bought it yesterday…haha..haba ng pila sa bilihan…goodluck nalang sa mga mamaya palang bibili…

  41. paul says:

    I AGREE!!!! nkkhiya GMA! walang sense of professionalism ung interview sa SIS!! kung ABS CBN yan… no doubt! tzka ung singers! hahaayyy!!! e kung c charice yan at c SARAH GERONIMO.. anu nlang mgging reaction nea dun. kung na-“amaze” kuno xa sa mga singers ng GMA>

    anyway.. back to reality.. GMA is the media partner. “period” but… ewww!

    aryt. kita kitz you all tomorrow!

    wat time kayu punta?

  42. recca says:

    if di magaling mag promote ang GMA sana di nyo alam na mag coconcert cla.. but see.. all of you are still updated on the said matter.. haiz… kung ang abs fans ay ala respeto sa ibang channel.. wag na ipakita pa sa mga site ang kawalan ng discipline.. nkkhya.. lalo na sa station nu.. un lang :D:D:D GO ARCHULETA :D

  43. kasuMi says:

    ugh!!! ang reason ng gma kya cla ang ngging media partner at promoter ng concert ay para tumaas ang ratings nila!!!! tiyak na marming mga abs fans ang manonood sa gma dhil lng ky david archuleta and cook. i doubt na pangit ang kalalabsn n2!!!!!

  44. KiM says:

    e2 uNg pRiCeS Oh..

    Call TicketWorld
    PhP 6,215.00
    PhP 3,625.00
    PhP 2,075.00
    PhP 625.00
    Php 315.00

  45. marvin says:

    yeah your right gabo im on titanium ticket its almost 14k ang ticket he,he,he,he,he,he. but nasa unahan ka naman right after ng sponsor kao na kasunod after titanium kasi is VIP the ticket is 6K more or less.

  46. KiM says:

    iM 100% aGrEe tO giBo!i wiLl bE stNg At gOld onLy cOus nUng bBli nA kMe ubOs nA daW UnG VIP.hAizz!!bUt stL i’Ll bE dEr.i rLy lOvE dEm boTh!!

  47. jr says:

    bakit ganun si pia sa interview niya kay archie nakakahiya nu ba yan wahahahahaha

  48. jr says:

    hay guyz gudluck sa mga manonood post kau picz ah sold out na mga tix eh kahit bronze… dapat man lang sinasabi ng GMA sked ng mall shows para yung mga hindi pupunta sa concert eh sa mall nalang pumunta nililihim pa kasi nila yung sked bakit di nalang nila bilhin si archuleta at cook para sa gma nalang sila tumira at puro taga gma nalang yung makakita sa knila nu ba yan tapos sa edsa shang pa yung hotel ang layo nun sa moa dapat sa sofitel nalang at least di mapapagod sina archie at cook hayz sana lang bumalik pa sila next year kasi manood na talag ako dun at yung pinaka-mahal na tiketyung bibilhin ko wahahahahahahaha peace guyz naglalabas lang ng sama ng loob…

  49. gibo says:

    actually i jst read in one article

    na ung ticket price for the titanium would be
    something about php 12,ooo plus,,

    i just share it lang for those who dont have any idea about the titanium price,,


    hehe,,now u know,,,,

  50. gibo says:

    yah ur absolutely ryt kapamilya..

    indi porket nsa hand ng gma ang ryts ng idol franchise
    e s knila n rin ung ryts ng concert nila
    e kung tu2usin da best ang kapamilya network
    pgdating xa maga gnyang events,,d bah

    i do hope so na nxt year abs-cbn naman ang
    mging media partner ng concert nila..

    indi kc cla marunong mgpasikat ng artist..
    just like abs hindi lan cla tumutingin sa isang artist
    they are also giving opportunities sa iba nilang talents,,,

    kapamilya olweiz da best,,no matter what???

  51. marvin says:

    david cook and davis archuleta pls kindly greet the espadero family in USA.

  52. marvin says:


    wow my two idols finaly im going to him them on the concert. im on seat no 9.

  53. Joy says:

    you know guys..
    gma is the media partner because jomari yllana belongs to gma station..
    and for david cook and david archuleta..
    will you sign a poster or album?
    is the comment above me is really david cook?
    good luck for the concert
    and kindly say to david archuleta that he’s a great singer and hope to see him..
    take care..

  54. David Cook says:

    Hello fans,

    I’m david cook, tnx for all of ur appreciations . . .

    I and David Archuleta will be trying our best to

    meet your expecttions . . . rock on!!!

    pls buy my album and archuleta’s album . . .

    we’ll also be signing those who bought our albums.

    see yah all there!


  55. poypoypalaboy says:

    oo nga..ang baduy kaya maginterview nung sa sis…hay nako..d talaga cla magaling..unlike sa ABS.. and i think na mas mageenjoy cla kung magvivisit cla sa asap db?

  56. nicole says:

    anyway.. kakahiya yung mga boy singers na kumanta sa sis, hindi magaling.

    pero magaling din ang gma ah,, first time ko manood ng sis dahil

    kay david archuleta..haha..

  57. David Dizon says:

    i have a favor 4 you,
    if you back to STATES, an u pls say to
    Ms. JORDIN SPARKS dat we FILIPINO love her vey much!!!
    im DAVID DIZON from PHILIPPINES 17yrs. old!!!
    i love AMERICAN IDOL!!!IM
    UR NO.1 FAN!!!!!!!!!!
    god bless you!!!!!!!!!!

  58. David Dizon says:

    hi 2 ol!
    specially 2 our visitors
    hope u enjoy ur staying in da philippines!!!
    i want to watch ur concert but im to far and i dont have enough
    money to buy tikets!!!
    but its ok, coz i know dat ur oncert here in philippines will be successful!!!
    the two of u are very talented i know dat u can make it!!!!
    i love you very muh DAVID ARCHULETA & DAVID COOK!!!!

  59. maiko says:

    ano ba naman ang mga response dito… network wars na naman, sus kaya di umuunlad ang pilipinas yan eh… let’s leave it to gma since they bought the rights of american idol… we can’t do anything about it… we’re just simple citizens… kung abs cbn nakabili nun, so it be… diba? masyadong naman kasi kayong nahoohook sa gma at abs eh… bat di pagbigyan ang tv5? mas favorite ko pa yun eh… kaya di na ako nanonood ng abs at gma e, masyadong nag-aaway ang tao, e the truth is inuuto lang naman nila tayo… haaaai… GO DAVIDS!!! (No offense people of abs and gma ok? nat geo and the likes ang fave ko eh) LUV U ol! =D

  60. artjay says:

    magkano b ang ticket?

  61. artjay says:

    dapat tlga abs-cbn n lng..wlanga kwenta mga tga gma..ang cheap nila nkakahiya cla

  62. bedet says:

    di q malaman kung mani2wala aq oh ndi kxe nman d ba kahapon may 13 c archuleta sa MOA? kxo mejo mraming ngsa2bi ngaun c cook sa NOrtH eDsa tsk tsk

  63. KIM says:

    im going in platinum!!!!!……ymn ko sobra were 14 going my mom nag libre sa mga frends ko

  64. jr says:

    wahahaha ang alam ko lang nga yung first announcment eh may 13 yung meet and greet ni archie sa moa.. yung kay cook promo ng sketchers ila-launch siya na endorser. watch nalangkayo ng sis sa tv

  65. pat says:

    is that 4 real? there’s no ann.

  66. jhan says:

    sure baun? un sa SM north edsa ska MOA?

    i really want to see them!

  67. KiM says:

    mLpEt Aq sA nOrTh EdsA!bAkA mAkApNtA Aq sA mEet aNd gRt n dAviD C. kSo mAs gUx2 q pNtA uNg kAi dAvId A. Eh!wAt wiLl i dO!!wAaAahHh!!

  68. Calyx07 says:

    Wow!!! Im so excited na!!!! Pinaka front ako… Yehey!!!
    Alam nyo mga friends, lahat ng Foreign Songs, sinisira ng Pilipino, Bakit kailangang tagalugin ang isang Foreign song kung alam nilang hindi nman magki click… Imbes na umangat ang Pilipinas dahil sa mga Great Singers natin, lalo lang bumababa… Hayzzzz… So Baduy kapag pinakinggan, hindi lang baduy… Nakakainis pa!!! Kaya wag silang magkamaling itagalog ang mga kanta ni IDOL David Archie, kundi magugunaw ang mundo!!!!! Gumawa nlng sila ng original nilang kanta, mas maganda pa, kesa yung itranslate nila yung English songs to Tagalog…. hayzzzz…. Lalo na yung kumanta nung mga kantang Umbrella, Bleeding Love Tagalog Version, Sino ba yun, si MissGanda ba pangalan nun?? Sobrang AZAR ako dun…. Bwisit!!!!! Hayzzz, anyways, Excited na talagah akong makita ang idol ko………….. Sana wag na nilang isama sa Concert sila Sarah G, nakakasayang lang na oras…. Sana si Charice nlng!!!!! Hayzzzzz……

  69. ediSon says:





  70. ediSon says:

    magdala na din kayo ng pera, kasi ang alam ko may mga binebenta sila dung mga merchandise, mga album etc.!

    Yung mga pupunta, try to bring umbrella ba hindi pointed, hindi kasi pwede pag pointed!! baka umulan kaya magdala na kayo…

  71. jr says:

    hi marvin kuhaan mo cla ng vids at pics ha tapos post mo dito please please thank yo

  72. jr says:

    hope archuleta will return here to promote his next album… by that time i will definitely watch him and im gonna buy the most expensive ticket of all wahahahahah,,,,,,,,, mas mura kasi yung ticket pag promo tour kaysa kapag may nag invite sa kanila for concert kasi binabawi ng promoter yung bayad sa talent fee kaya mahal talaga yung ticket…. sa mga manonod post naman kayo ng link ng vids nyo or pics nung concert para sa mga ndi makakapanood please please thank you….

  73. jr says:

    wahahahahahaha buti pa kayo makakapanood ng concert ako hindi eh wahahaha kaya wag na kayo mag away gma7 yung media partner wahahahahahahaha naalala nyo pa ba ang A1 at blue diba gma din kumuha sa kanila after nun nalaos yung mga boy band na yun. sana lang wala na yung curse ng gma7 sa mga international stars….. ang bait at cute ni archuleta si cook mukhang masungit hahaha cguro nagluluksa pa rin namatay kasi yung brother niya.

  74. marvin says:

    dumating na ang dalawang american idol. see you there guys….. hhhhm do you think may mga poster na mabibili dun for singing of the two david right after the concert.

  75. pat says:

    ow..my! what’s happening here?! I agree the most of Rob. The 3 guys are having the hell of fight here. SIMPLY! WATCH THE CONCERT. It’s THE DAVIDS? it doesn’t matter if some local artists will join. (The netwok may need them for credits) You know how business here in Philippines goes. So, whatever it is. It’s ok. Just condition yourselves that you’ll go for the DAVIDS if you don’t want the local artists to perform. And for my side.. it’s not that peculiar of they perform too. So what?!

    And for ABSCBN vs GMA thing there… we can;t do antyhing, GMA holds it. And that’s the final. AS a “kapamilya” we have to understand.


    go for david cook!!!!!!!

  76. KiM says:

    mGa pArE!
    wAg kAu MaG-awAy!CHELAX!
    bstA iM 100% aGrEe witH jAy..uN lNg.
    cOuS iM kApAmiLyA!

  77. ReaLista not Magic says:

    i understand Paolo.. cguro gusto nya lang kse SULITIN yung ginastos nya meaning,(sample lang ha) if 3 or 4 hrs yung concert, mas sulit talaga pag 2 hrs si Archie, 2 hrs din kay Cook.. eh kse baka mangyare tig 1 hr and 30 mins lang sila diba? tas may local artist pa..

    anyweiz, majority naman saten diba mas gusto naten makita na yung MAIN EVENT? sample na lang ung laban ni pacquiao, most of us would want to watch Pacquiao’s fight na at i-fast forward na ung mga unang boxing fight..

  78. Luckynotm3 says:






  79. Paolo says:

    For Jay and Paul:

    ay ganun po ba? hahah sorry po kung ganun PERO.

    Jay sorry po kung ganun.
    “Watch your mouth first” ay ibang usapan na po yun?
    tanong ko lang? bago ka po magsalita? ginagawa nyo po ba yan?

    Pero totoo naman ehh. di ka nalang manuod ng ASAP para dun makikita mo na yung mga IDOL mo. geh gusto mo.
    GO! lahat na ng artista pumunta na sa concert na yun at makipag duet sa mga DAvid.


    to Paul:

    ganun ba share.
    ok pala kung ganun.

    Share mo na po lahat.
    lalakihan pa letters ng pangalan ko ehh “PAOLO”

    hahahahha geh po nasainyo nalang po yun kung gusto nyo magpapunta ng artista dun.
    Alam ko kasi mga ibang artista ay manunuod din dun ehh HINDI MAKIKI JOIN. yun ang alam ko..

    geh po SHARE yo nalang po mga THOUGHTS nyo. heheheh

  80. Paul says:

    yah… wish it was ABS CBN. For those who are so uncontrolled with their words. Don’t act as if you know all. We’re free to share our thoughts. =) PAOLO!

  81. Jay says:

    paolo, it’s obvious that majority here wants abs cbn. and this is a open-comment-site. so there’s no way to keep our words.

  82. Jay says:

    paolo, it’s obvious that majority here wants abs cbn. and this is a open-comment-site. so there’s no way to keep our words. ABS CBN prin ang the best in media production. and we still understand that it’s just GMA who’ll gonna produce it. So, please! Watch your mouth first.

  83. pat says:

    Everyone is excited! 5 days to go! Go david cook!

  84. Joy says:

    abs nlng mag interview sknla pgdtng d2 sa manila..
    gud luck..

  85. Rob says:

    I can’t seem to grasp the shallowness and narrow mindedness of some comments here with regards to some local artists performing in the show. First of all, if you really want to see the Davids, no matter who the local artists are, you will go and see. In the first place, the local artists will just be opening acts and after their sets, they’re gone. For me I cannot care less who the local artists are and whether or not there will be one. I will still go and see the Davids because I want to see them LIVE, that is the most important thing. So please stop this nonsense, local artists or not, ABS/CBN or GMA, who cares!!!! Just go and see the concert, this might just be a once in a lifetime. It may not happen again. The Davids are big stars now and when they become a lot bigger, I doubt that they will do concert together again in the future. They will go solo for sure.

    BTW, I am a Archie fan, but still I long to see his friend, Cook. This will be an epic. Mabuhay David Archuleta!!!!! The chosen one.

  86. ediSon says:


    NakAkaSura Nga Eh!!!
    magiging boring Lang!!! Haha!!!

    Kapamilya naman me!!!haha!!!
    Pero Ayoko Ding magperform ang mga local singers na yan!!!

  87. I want to watch the show, but the ticket is too much for me. Hai

  88. Sarah says:

    go david cook

  89. Sarah says:

    just undertand nlang guys. may mga nkkintindi dto eh. hehehe!


  90. Sarah says:

    Nah i don’t agree

  91. Jay says:

    To Paolo:

    IT’S AN OPEN SITE. And everyone is free to share one’s thoughts. There’s no way to keep our words…

  92. Jay says:

    To Paolo: just learn how to control “first” what you are saying before spotting others. It was obvious that majority here wants ABS-CBN to be the media partner. And we undertand that it’s just GMa who’ll produce the concert.

  93. sarah says:

    100% AGREE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    go david cook!!!

  94. Paul says:

    Yeah! I agree!!!

  95. Paolo says:

    wait.. For all –

    wag na pong haluan ng mga ibang stars sa ABS CBN

    ang cheap nyo..

    parang paepal lang pag may nakisama pang mga artista d2 sa ph..

    kahit kapuso ako. ayoko din na may hahalo na GMA stars d2 sa concert na toh..

    kasi parang pag sinali mo yung mga ibang artista parang magiging corni naman yung concert na yan.. baka di ako pumunta sa concert na yan. bumili pa naman ako ng TITANIUM ticket na na ang halaga ay mahigit 12,000+ tapos makikita ko lang mga artista ng ph.. yuck…

    Kung Concert lang ng dalawang David yun lang wag nang haluan…

    tapos wag kayo pong mag sasalita ng tapos.
    Lalo na pag di sigurago..

    GMA ang partner ng Concert na yun…

    OK nga ehhh.

    wala sa partner ang batayan para dun sa mga manunuod..

    geh po kita kits nalang sa concert..

    no more Artista..

    Para sa David Lang ang Concert na to..

    David Cook and David Archuleta.!!!!

  96. pat says:

    Call TicketWorld
    PhP 6,215.00
    PhP 3,625.00
    PhP 2,075.00
    PhP 625.00
    Php 315.00

    that’s the ticket prices. MY God. P315 is the lowest price. :D

  97. pat says:

    unfortunately…. it’s not ABS SBN who’s gonna produce as media partner of the concert. huhuhu.. since gma, expect lots of commercials. ABS CBN – ASAP would definitely be the best media partners. anyway, the ticket prices are posted here. just scroll up. ^^

  98. barbie says:

    OMG!!!the 2 david will have a concert here in manila,,,,now and now i will buy a ticket
    in ticketnet…..kitakits there………

  99. icay_ uno says:

    how much tickets?…and please send more infos bout d events..tnx

  100. desperate says:

    gma or abs ba ang sponsor?

  101. ediSon says:


    Dadating sina DC and DA sa philippines sa MAY 12! Magkahiwalay ang flight nila, si DC from US and si DA is from LONDON. Hindi daw po sila magduduet!!! In other words, hindi sila magsasama sa stage!!!
    1 hour po each performance, then 20 minutes break para sa next david na magpeperform! No idea kung sino una magpeperform!!!

    Ang kakantahin ni DC for sure is PERMANENT, kasi tribute nya for his brother who passed away last may 2!

    Ang lahat ng info na ito ay sinabi mismo ng producer na si JOMARI YLLANA!!!!

  102. ediSon says:

    haha! excited na me!!!
    Cant wait to see them talaga!!!

    please inform us about the tv guestings of the davids!!!

    ndi kasi ako masyadong nanunuod sa GMA7 eh!!!
    kapamilya kasi mE!!

  103. Aya says:

    Sinong nagsasabi dyan na hindi dapat magperform si Sarah Geronimo sa Davids concert? Di mo kasi alam kung gano kagaling na performer si Sarah G.! may talent ka ba ha? Magvoice lesson ka muna. Wag kayong manghusga kung wala ka namang maipapakita. Tumahimik ka na lang. Chenez ka. epal. Peace:) Love you Sarah g. love David Archuleta.

  104. KiM says:

    kta kts!sana ABS nlng!

  105. KiM says:

    bong agree aq sau!VOTE FOR ABS-CBN to be there media partner

  106. KiM says:

    ediSon,agree aq sau!
    nga pla eko sa mga SM malls nabbli sa departmen stor!

  107. KiM says:

    sana ABS-CBN!kc pag GMA la nanaman mgyyre!

  108. Yahns says:

    Go David Archuleta!!! I’ve waited long enough, so finally, yay!!!

  109. Joshelle says:

    guys..7 nga ata ang maghahandle nung concert..cla kc ung nagpapacontest ng free tickets eh..

  110. Joshelle says:

    guys sa palagay nio magkano pinakamahal tsaka pinakamurang ticket d2?

  111. anne says:

    hi, how much is the ticket????
    can you please post more information about the concert,
    for those who are interested…

  112. john says:

    hahaha! David cook is still the best. that’s why he won. He reached the top6 of the most best-selling american idol peroduct’s album. and archuleta is just in top13 slot. shockingly, taylor hicks is in the top10. Hahahah! Go for david cook!

    hmm, condolence to his family. His borher, adam, died. Cook, be strong. ^^

  113. noreen says:

    Hi, david Archuleta, since you are in the American idol i always wanted to see you singing…. thank God you gladly sing here in the philippines….. We love YOU!!!!!

  114. nestle dejillo says:

    HI…………. mr. david archuleta alam mo ang gwapo mo tlaga crush na crush

  115. pious says:

    sana makita ko cla kahit bronze lang nakakabaliw kasi eh biglaan di ako nako nakaipon kaasar

  116. Robert says:

    David Archuleta is the most adorable, cutest, good looking human being. He has the natural charisma, impeccable character, humble, has tons of humility and most of all has the pure golden voice. I’ll go for Archuleta anytime. And this show is back to back concert of the Davids, neither one is a headliner nor front act. They’re both the starring roles. And they are both friends with each other, it can’t get no better than that. So go and see the concert.

  117. christian says:

    im so excited]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]

  118. kathrina says:

    im so very happy and excited..but unfortunately my father will not allowed me to go..his so strict..i cant sleep well because i cant accept the fact that i cannot come and witness the most awaited concert of all the teenagers here in the country…i just don’t get it…why i cannot come? but i guess its not the right time to meet them I believe God has his own plan for me..maybe someday I will meet them PERSONALLY (hahaha)…i believe that there is a right time for everything..but of course im still hoping…catch me at kath_2295(y.m huh)

  119. patrizia says:


    I’LL GO FOR DAVID COOK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    so excited!!

  120. ediSon says:





    CANT WAIT!!!!!!!!

  121. mako says:

    excited for this one. forget about the abscbn or gma media partnership. The more important thing is that this is our chance to see them perform live! And.. I’ll be definitely among the audience on the 16th!

  122. winston says:

    woohhoohh!! pupunta pa ako ng manila (im frm bacolod) para lang makita dalawang idol ko! ^_^
    magkano mga tickets? sana makakuha pako..

  123. tge says:

    professional cameras and video equipment ang hindi allowed. meaning yung mga SLR cameras with big falsh.. digital point and shoot cameras are allowed. yehey!!

  124. ruffa says:

    yes mkkta ko n si david cook!


    lab yu cook..

  125. kevin says:

    nabasa ko nga sa ticket na bawal ang camera at videos. Paano na nyan. Pero pwede ba ang cellphone?

  126. kevin says:

    ako gusto ko lang makita si David Archuleta. Siya ang inspirasyon ko. kahit mahawakan ko lang ang kamay niya parang nanalo na ako sa lotto. heheh

  127. ehmjhei05 says:

    hahaah! magaway dw ba!? wait nyo na lang! manuod na lang kayo noh! dami nyo sinasabi! kahit sino pa magorganize nyn basta mapanuod! hhaha!.. yun ang mahalaga! ngaaway away pa kyo..

  128. ediSon says:


    “,Oh aNO?????

  129. marvin says:

    see you there guys reserved seat na ako, kaya no worries na ako im on seat no 9. how i wish nalang is to used my cam it’s on the ticket that camera or any videos are not allowed during concert ;-( .

  130. elaine says:

    Nope! It’s ABS-CBN en ASAP. It was confirmed.

  131. elaine says:

    NAH!!!! It’ll be more worth for the reason that DAVID COOK whose actually the main artist to have concert here. I heard that Archuleta is just a something like “supporting” artist. DAVID COOK is the best!!!!!

  132. ediSon says:


    SURE NA YUN!!!!



  133. Eddie says:

    To anyone who thinks the tickets are expensive. It is actually not, considering that you are gonna see the 2 Davids. I would pay for that price even if it’s just 1 David as long as it is David Archuleta. It’s like you’re paying for 2 concerts. After their AI tour with the top 10, the Manila concert will the very first time that the 2 Davids will be together in 1 concert. And take it from me who had been to 2 concerts, first the AI tour in Toronto Canada and 2nd, David Archuleta’s concert in Buffalo, New York, whatever you pay will be worth it. Especially with David Archuleta, once you see him, you will be wanting for more, he has the rare charisma and talent that will mesmerize you and bring you up in euphoria. I guarantee you, so buy the tickets now before it’s too late.

  134. UHOPIHOP says:

    Why r the tickets so expensive?

  135. pat says:

    GO DAVID COOOOOOOK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

    “worn nerd fanatic”

  136. pat says:

    eko, paki basa nlang po ung mga msgs sa taas. andun po ung mga answers.

    media partners are ABS CBN en ASAP. en i heard that Jomari Yllana is one.

  137. pat says:

    eko, paki basa nlang po ung mga msgs sa taas. andun po ung mga answers.

    media partners are ABS CBN en ASAP. en i heard that Jomari Yllana are one.

  138. Eko says:

    excuse me po pwedeng magtanong, saan po nabibili yung concert ticket nina david c and david a., what are the prices? yung pinakamahal, ano po yung presyo. Im here pa po from Tacloban City. Sino po yung media partners? Pls po, thank you in advance…. pls po….

  139. pat says:

    baka nga concert of all times na. ahaha! steng mga avid fan tlaga. whee!!

  140. ediSon says:



  141. pat says:

    Hmm.. I know that Platinum is higher than VIP.

  142. pat says:

    Aryt. Thanks again^^ Me either. So excited to the MAX. See you there too! (haha!) as if we’ve seen each other na. =)..

  143. marvin says:

    higher than platinum ang ticket ko.

  144. marvin says:

    SM MOA. see you there guys i’m kindda excited na on this concert. anyway im on VIP.

  145. patrizia says:

    Marvin, thanks so much for the info. SM Main. What do you mean? In MOA or other branch na? Aryt. I’ll ask for further infos. (so excited) haha!

  146. marvin says:

    PATRIZIA: go to SM main then asked where the customer service is, then buy and asked for addtional info. about the concert thanks see you on concert.

  147. patrizia says:

    Aryt. Thanks for the info. I plan to buy in MOA. Hmm, if u won’t mind. what particular place there? =)

  148. marvin says:

    haha,ha ako sa MOA bumili ng ticket pag sa SM kayo bumili sa customer service kayo pumunta then asked narin some details.

  149. kevin says:

    bumili kami ng ticket sa SM Pampanga Department Store basta magtanong kayo sa customer service section.

  150. patrizia says:

    hi there! just wanna ask regarding the tickets. What specific place did you buy your tickets. thanks!!! (excited too)

  151. patrizia says:

    hi there! just wanna ask regarding the tickets. What specific place did you your tickets. thanks!!! (excited too)

  152. kevin says:

    hey!!!! bkit wala nang nagcocoment dito?mali pala yung mga bronze at silver ay nakatayo lang.sana pwedeng magpa autograph.dahil sa concert na toh magkakaroon ng kabuluhan ang bakasyon ko.ingatz keo pa lagi…

  153. marvin says:

    yung ticket ko nasa 12 thou

  154. marvin says:

    he,he,he,he 09292769070 ok see yah nalang dun bro

  155. marvin says:

    WHAT? really hhhmmm last thursday lang ako galing ng MOA to buy the VIP ticket.

  156. kevin says:

    kahapon pumunta kami sa SM at sabi sa Customer service section yung mga bibili ng bronze at gold ay nakatayo lang.yun yung sabi ehh.kuya marvin kailan pa po kayo bumili ng ticket?

  157. kevin says:

    ok tnx po sa info. bibilhin na lang namin ay ung gold ang bilis niyo naman pong mag reply.

  158. marvin says:

    mahal ang VIP kaya yun ang binili namin but enjoy naman kasi sa unahan ka talaga hhhmmmm not really unahang unahan kasi that is reserve for the sponsor.

  159. marvin says:

    kevin its better na bumili na kayo ng ticket kasi daming nabili baka sa bonze ka pa maka upo sige ka he,he,he,he

  160. marvin says:

    oo superb ang daming nabili ng ticket
    kaya as early as now bumili na kami ng ticket

  161. marvin says:

    yup yung pinakamahal ang binili namin ng tita ko… and weve expect a lot for this concert. YES sa unahan ako ha,ha,ha,ha seat no 9. nakita ko na ang map kung paano ang set up ng stage ha,ha,ha,ha. see you there guys. We bought the ticket at MOA customer service.

  162. kevin says:

    kuya marvin saan po kayo nakabili ng ticket?marami na po ba ang bumibili?

  163. marvin says:

    yes! i already have the ticket. I’m very sure na makakapanuod ako… seat no 9 yata ako he,he,he,e yeah you there guys.

  164. patrizia says:

    Ganun tlaga. eHehe.. Hope u can make it. God Bless. Thanks! :)

  165. kevin says:

    ang mahal nga ng mga ticket bibili p lang kmi mamaya bka na sold out na lahat sana wag naman.mag comment ka na lng ulit.

  166. patrizia says:

    Hi kevin! 15yrs old?! e pnu ba yan? 16 plang aqu. ayy.. 17 na pla.. hahahah!! I didin’t know ur age when i said that so i used “opo” for respect. Anyways… isa lang mssbi qu… MAHAL TLAGA XA. hahahah!! i don’t even have a job to afford the price i wanted to have. Maybe i’ll try the bronze. (pulube) hahaha! what important is , we support them especially,COOK. =) Sana tlaga. Pero for sure. dudumugin un ng mga tao. Sana we have the chance to take some pics with them. Kung pwede lang, sa stage na tlaga qu ppwesto. hahah! Ãœ

  167. kevin says:

    sana pag natapos ung concert pweding magpa autograph at kumuha ng pictures.hindi b pwedeng gumapang para makapunta ka sa harapan?exited na me.

  168. kevin says:

    eow patrizia!tnx pla sa info.nagpapa po kapa 15 years old pa lng aq.pupunta kb kc namomoblema ako kc apat kaming pupunta edi ma si six thousand kami.sa may summer job para mapag ipunan ko to.

  169. patrizia says:

    Maybe try to contact Ticket World. Search neu nlang po sa net ung number. hehe! lam qu mraming 5 un e. haayy.. buti pa kayu.. mkkabot tlaga sa VIP. aqu baka, sa labas nlang. open ground nman e. hahaha! o kaya sa stage nlang ako. hahaha!(adik)

  170. kevin says:

    ang mahal naman ng mga tickets paano na yan! saan pala makakabili ng mga tickets?alam ko tayong lahat ay exited na kaya dapat ibigay ang buong suporta natin sa kanila. Ok na sa akin ung VIP price o kaya ung GOLD price……

  171. patrizia says:

    Call TicketWorld
    PhP 6,215.00
    PhP 3,625.00
    PhP 2,075.00
    PhP 625.00
    Php 315.00

    that’s the ticket prices. MY God. P315 is the lowest price. :D

  172. patrizia says:

    i heard that tickets are about 12T.. whuhuhu. i’d be just watching out-of-bounds. Hahahaha!

  173. kevin says:

    naku cgurado ako mapupuno ang open ground sa Pasay. saan kaya makakabili ng ticket sana mura lang at sa hwag mag stampede 1st time ko lang kcng manood ng concert.natupad na rin ang wish ko na sana pumunta cla dito.

  174. patrizia says:

    Ow GOD!!!!! Excited na kame!! May 16!! Mark your calendars!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Do for David Cook aku!!

    Yes!!! ABS CBN tlaga dpat en ASAP ang mag-manage at wala ng iba! hahaha!!

    don’t GMA. Idol Franchise lang cla.. hahahhahaha!!

    GO DAVID COOOK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  175. tge says:

    tickets available na sa Ticketnet at Ticketworld. Bilisan nyo marami ng bumibili ng tickets.. lalo na sa VIP. banda likod na lang natitira. good thing got mine na yesterday. ok na rin seats.

  176. pinyata says:

    hahah daming galit kasi inggit sa mga kapuso network na world class… mahirap talaga kapag ABS cBN…. di kasi world class ang station nila pang poor lang kasi…hahha

  177. c says:

    of course gma will air that because they hold the idol franchise..hindi nmn ibig sbihin na magging flop ung concert pag gma ang magaair kc d nmn cla ung mismong mag hhndle nung concert dba….

  178. ediSon says:

    “,pwede ba, yung mga nagsasabe nga dyan na MAGALING na media partner ang GMA, tumigiltigil na nga kayo, kasi puro kasinu ngalingan lang yang maga sinasabi nyo. Pag sila ang nag media partner ng concert na to, siguradong NAPAKADAMI na naman ng commercials nito and pag ABS CBN, worldwide ang dating!

    And, lahat ng mga BIGATENG SUPERSTARS, ABS CBN lang ang KAPARTNER!
    wala nang ibA!

  179. suswot says:

    I don’t agree with GMA.. Sihuradong mahaba-habang commercial na nanaman ang ihahatid saten nyan, para lang makalikom ng maraming pera from commercials and viewers..malaking dayaan na naman yan like manny’s fights..

    kapag sa ABS-CBN, sure buong Pilipinas makakasagap dahil nationwide talaga ang ABS..at maraming sumusuporta sa ABS mapa-MegaManila or Probinsya man..

    Get my point?

  180. kofi.karma.me says:

    it’s a good thing to hear that the two davids will be in manila. this is what a lot have been waiting for.

  181. cutstar 04 says:

    where do we get the ticket?? i’m really a big fan of david archuleta! gosh! good thing he’s having a concert here in the phillipines!

  182. Medyo sekreto eh says:

    I’m so excited. :D
    But, do local artists really have to perform at the concert? :|
    Sorry, I’m a Filipino myself but I.. don’t really like our local singers. :|
    But I do love the Philippines. :)
    I still do hope that even with our local singers there, the Davids will
    still make the concert worth it. (I know they will)
    IF their concert here isn’t that good, I’ll go to the states and watch
    David A.’s solo concert. :P Hahahaha.

  183. anjanette says:

    ^^sobrang nakaka-excite amanz to!!!!
    ^^i can’t wait to see my idols on stage!!!

  184. pinyata says:

    ^^^haha inggit…. di huwag kang manoud if di mo gusto… ogag….

  185. aishte29 says:

    hala! mgaway dw ba qng cno b tlaga ang dapat mg handle ng show??? pati ba naman ung cheap n issue about pacman ipinasok pa? cheap nung ngsingit nun huh???!!! ok FYI, dpt my commomnsense and don’t be so stupid!! lagi namang halata or kitang kita na pag ang abscbn esp. ASAP 09 ang ng hahandle ng mga gn2ng conderts for sure kumikita ito ng millions of millions of peso smtys dollar pa nga eh!! cguro sa kbla plwanag nla D NAMN DAW NG FOFLOP d lng BUMABALIK PERA NG PRODUCER qlang kc sa advertisements eh!!! oh 22o un no? eh qng ang abscbn nga naman 2-3 months bfore nung concert bonga n ang commercials for that!! am i rayt? oh mgcomment n ang mag ccomment! ok?

  186. ice chai says:

    magaling basta GMA the best… all the best shows na wlang palpak galing ng GMA…

  187. cookie-archie says:

    gma na ang media partner ng concert na to! In fact, pinromote na nga yung concert nila last night sa “Cool Center” :)

  188. Jana says:

    Baka katulad to ng concert ni Craig David. Sila mismo ang magorganize at hindi pinagkatiwala sa isang TV station ang promotion.

  189. pinyata says:

    basta ABS CBN ang mag handle magka stampede nanaman tulad ng F4 concert and Ultra the ultimate stampede in history since the day of the dinosaurs….hehehe

  190. fatima says:


  191. Blue Satin ASHes says:

    ahmmm…ewan ko kung eto talaga yung prices pero ito yung nahanap ko from a random comment sa youtube dun sa video ni
    David Cook

    Call TicketWorld
    PhP 6,215.00
    PhP 3,625.00
    PhP 2,075.00
    PhP 625.00
    Php 315.00

  192. jojo says:

    abs cbn ilang beses ng NAPAPAHIYA! buwakaw kac! still GMA pa rin ang magpapalabas ng hatton-paquiao sa MAY 3

  193. keeno says:

    sana gma ang maghandle ng show para okay n okay. manood ako ng concert sna malabas n kung magkano yung ticket. :))

  194. bong says:

    if ABS-CBN will be the media partner and promoter of the said cook’s concert, it will top gross because moxt filipino watch the chanel..saka they can be watch worlwide for the sake of the filipinos abroad…pag gma naman kase eh mga taga maynila lang naka2alam..so mga kapuso wag na kayong feeling jan…flop na nga yung pinoy version nyo eh……ASAP 09 will make it the best as like as their show…vote kame for abs here in tuguegarao city cagayan

  195. Blue Satin ASHes says:

    ! “Michael Johns is a Nobody” ..?! Well, its good that you appreciate Local talent but who are you to say na Michael Johns is a nob0dy?…Maraming nadisappoint sa AI nung natanggal siya… It was highly UNLIKELY and UNEXPECTED! If given a chance to save him he would stay! Tingnan mo si Daughtry natanggal din pero ano siya ngayon? He sells more albums than most AI contestants…yan magkakaalbum na si Michael (meaning may kumuha sakanya for recording) tapos siya LOSER? Marami din napabilib si Michael! Media won’t waste money on him for tours if he wasn’t… At si David Cook isa sa mga bILIB sakanya! (watch videos on youtube) …

  196. fattyacid says:

    Michael Johns is a nobody? lolz may nagmarunong na naman.

  197. Jano says:

    Michale Johns is a loser from American Idol. For every bodies info lang naman. Every body knows din naman na maraming napabilib si Sarah, kaya nga sya nanalo sa singing competition na hosted ni Regine sa channel ng viva date eh. Ganun din si Rachelle, marami rin syang napabelieve sa GMA date kaya sya nanalo. Michael Johns is a nobody. Pero sana matuloy ang concert na ito kasama sila Sarah at Rachelle or even Mark kahit as guest lang.

  198. fattyidol says:

    sisig wag mong idamay sina sarah at ibang kapamilya performers dyan sa ka-cheapan mo dahil sa kapapanood mo ng mga cheap na palabas at starlet ng gma shet-e!

    fyi, napabilib lang naman ni sarah si Michale Johns when she, Rachelle Ann and Yeng performed with him sa ASAP’08 no!

  199. ..yankee!:D says:

    david archuleta?!üüü

    ♥♥♥ it so much!:D


  200. sisig says:

    # organizer Says:
    March 30th, 2009 at 9:08 pm

    those who won in the previuos Talent search of ABS CBN;including Sarah Geronimo (Star for a Night winner IBC 13), will be part of the said concert.
    paepal nga… ito ang magiging dahilan papalpak ang concert nila…. di sana ma frustrate ang fans ng dalawang david kasi im sure mas mataas ang exposure sa mga local talentless singers than the original performers..masayang lang binabayad ng tao….

  201. organizer says:

    so kailangan english lage pag ngbibigay ng 2 cents na seryoso? colonial mentality.

  202. Ed says:

    typo: should be probably.

  203. Ed says:

    I agree with Monica, it’s not about the promoter when it comes to the success of the event, it’s about the artists and the Davids are huge and they have thousands of followers / fans, so I am confident that this concert will be a very big success. Many fans from neighboring countries, like Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, Vietnam, China, Hongkong, Taipei, Japan and Korea are planning to go to the Philippines just to watch the concert. It’s great attraction too for the tourism business. It’s a win win situation for the Philippines. Never in the history of music that some fans from other countries will descend to the Philippines just to watch a concert. This is a history in the making, an epic at that. That’s how the charisma of both Davids is.

    I just wonder who will be the opening act / front act. Local talents, probabaly.

  204. guz gusin says:

    WAG na lang lagyan ng front act, derecho concert na hehehehe

  205. organizer says:

    those who won in the previuos Talent search of ABS CBN;including Sarah Geronimo (Star for a Night winner IBC 13), will be part of the said concert.

  206. Jano says:

    Excited na ko. Manonood me!
    Sources say that there will be some guest singers from abs-cbn too.
    Kaya parang grand concert ito,
    puro nanalo sa mga singing competition ang kakanta.
    I wishl Rachel, Sarah and Mark will be there to sing tig iisang kanta lang or duet.

  207. monica says:

    kahit sino pa ang maging media partner ng concert na toh, siguradong hindi magiging flop toh. hindi media partner/s ang batayan ng pagiging matagumpay ng success ng concert na toh – ung performers mismo. maraming na-earn na fans ang dalawang david (at nagsama pa silang dalawa!) kaya sobrang laki ng possibility na mapupuno ung venue.

  208. nyahaha says:

    sisig Says:
    March 30th, 2009 at 1:14 pm
    Dapat David² Live ang title mas nice ang dating…


    inulit mo pa, squared na nga yung david eh………haha



  209. true friend says:

    OMG! i love both of them!!!

  210. sisig says:

    kung kapamilya naman ang kapartner nila dito.. mag paepal nanaman ang mga starless kapamilya singers laike sarah na puro pa epal wla talagang talent….

  211. sisig says:

    Dapat David² Live ang title mas nice ang dating…

  212. beatriz says:

    waaa.. summer na naman.. :) i’m back.. haha.. la lang..

    woooh! naman! wish i could go there and witness the thing… :D

  213. DA says:

    naku naman excited na ako dito! sana mag duet cna charice at david a. dito…kc dba gusto rin ni david a. watch dis watch?v=JpKGejSvr7w

  214. nyahaha says:

    go david archuleta!!!

  215. janice says:

    guyz ask ko lng meron na bang DVD copy ang E-head reunion concert: the final set? tnx!

  216. janice says:

    guys abs-cbn and asap po ang media partner ng 2 david un ang sabi ni jomari…tamang tama lng ang venue nila sa MOA open field kc over 100,000 ang mga mkakapanood..excited na ako!!!

  217. Kapamilya says:

    i hope abs-cbn or asap ang mag handle ng show na to kc cla ang the best media partner xa bawat famous star galing xa ibang bansa!!!

    xana wag isumbat ng gma na cla ang may rights xa concert dahil nxa knila ang rights ng IDOL FRANCHISE!! kaya tingnan mo ang pinoy idol flop!! tingnan mo c gretchen espina flop!! xana hnd mging flop ang DAVID AND DAVID LIVE IN MANILA

  218. macallister says:

    this is a good combination,one rocker and one mellow singer!

  219. Hayzzz. says:

    You’ll always be a part of me
    I’m a part of you indefinitely
    Girl don’t you know you can’t escape me
    Ooh darling cause you’ll always be my baby
    And we’ll linger on
    Time can’t erase a feeling this strong
    No way you’re never gonna shake me
    Ooh darling cause you’ll always be my baby

  220. FLOP means GMA Films says:

    dapat asap/abs cbn ang kinuha nilang media partner. pag gme kasi tyak na flop na naman ito.

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