Derek Ramsay undergoes surgery due to frisbee accident

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Actor Derek Ramsay underwent an operation at 9AM today to have metal plates put in his forearm for an injury he sustained during the Manila Spirits Ultimate Frisbee Tournament held at the Ayala Alabang Country Club.

The said injury may mean the end of the actor’s frisbee career as his forearm is broken in three places. “Everything happens for a reason. I think this a sign for me to say goodbye to the sport I love so much,” he tweeted.

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7 comments on “Derek Ramsay undergoes surgery due to frisbee accident
  1. pito says:

    nandyan k na naman reyna ng mga bak-lang halimaw…!!! heto sau…!!!

    dragoooon blaze…!!! wasak ang bungo agad…!!!

  2. baldo says:

    battle hammer daw kuno, E Lipstick ng nanay mo yang hawak mo pito

  3. pito says:

    heto pa isang bak-lang maligno…!!!! heto sau…!!!!

    battle hammerrrr…!!! yupi ang mukha agad…!!!!

  4. good vibes says:

    כדגע pito מצלחשד בככערם! hahaha…

  5. pito says:

    naligaw ka na naman dito pinuno ng mga bak lang maligno…!!! heto sau…!!!

    razoooorr hummerrr..!!! wasak ang mukha agad…!!!

  6. baldo says:

    may bitterness? hukbo ng mga ampalaya

  7. Hukbo says:

    buti nga. bagay lang sa isang negritong panot!

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