Diana Zubiri – FHM Philippines July 2008

23-year-old Diana Zubiri graced the cover of FHM Philippines for the third time dubbing her as a natural born FHM icon.

diana zubiri

This time she’s on the cover of the July 2008 issue. She first graced the cover on the December 2002 issue and then on the March 2005 issue. Diana’s claim to fame was when she posed atop the Ortigas flyover donning a red bikini back in 2002.

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  • digz

    ang ganda tlaga ni diana, sexy talaga.

  • jedwin510

    what now suckaa?
    can’t say nothin now.

  • michelle

    excuse moi jed510, beauty, as we all know, is subjective, and if everybody here thinks that ANGEL LOCSIN IS THE SEXIEST AND PRETTIEST while YOU’RE the only one who says otherwise, then, how can you prove YOUR point that YOU’RE merely telling the truth? hmmm… another thing, will you stop arguing in english, you are murdering the language, plus, your arguments and conclusion don’t make sense to me.

  • tintin

    angel is prettier and sexier…

    and i’m not blind…okay??

    the way she poses…it seems she
    wants to show all of it…just an opinion…

    i don’t hate her okay??