Diether Ocampo suffers seizure

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Actor Diether Ocampo was rushed to a hospital in the United States after suffering a seizure while rehearsing for the Star Magic world concert tour.

Ocampo is in California, along with 40 other Kapamilya stars, for the 17th anniversary concerts of Star Magic in Ontario and San Francisco.

Here is the official statement of Star Magic regarding the said incident:

“Diether suffered a seizure during morning rehearsals and was rushed by emergency services to hospital where extensive tests were made to determine cause. Unconscious for a while but he is now conscious and in a stable condition. More tests are required and he is under observation.”

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34 comments on “Diether Ocampo suffers seizure
  1. sushi says:

    kaloka ang comment ni fatty acid, kinabog ang balita tungkol kay diether, kakahiya ka :)

  2. sushi says:

    kaloka ang comment ni fatty acid, talbog ang headline na nag-seizure si diether!!! haha

  3. I'm Apology says:


  4. yehnzs says:

    2 fattyacid,
    i’m apology este my apology.. our apology, too ;)

  5. Network says:

    Hambog paren Feeling kase masyado lol!

  6. fattyacid says:

    ok fine. nagkmali lang ako..I’m such a loser. it happens because I’m shocked.. ok? Im apology…

  7. Network says:

    Did he dead na si lolo? lol!

  8. Network says:

    magpapalit na ng ibang username si fattyacid until Did he dead the natural way lol!

  9. Luckynotm3 says:

    kaloka! :DD

  10. ~thitho~ says:

    aMF.. dID HE dead?

  11. skittles says:

    naks may mga taga pag tanggol kuno..okay lang naman magkamali ika nga ni Francis M. tayo’y mga pinoy, tayo’y hindi kano, wag kang mahihiya kung ang version mo ng “did he die” is did he dead”

  12. fattyacid says:

    did he dead? wahaha wowoweee!!!

  13. Network says:

    Did he dead Bwahaahahahahahahahahaha

    Did he dead or Dead he did???? lol

    Tamang Palusot si Fattyacid lol!

  14. skycom says:

    DID HE DEAD? malamang hindi ako yun….malamang ikaw din un!
    gitika ko uy…..whheheheh



  16. jsusies says:

    grabe…. the most funniest post comments in mukamo….

    to all thank you for THE LIVING COMMENTS..AND DIET we will wait for your comebacking….hahahahha

    in fairness to real fattyacid i believe that he was not the one who commented about the dead issue… i’ve been posting a comment here for long time so i know that he dont put such thing … :)

  17. Jery Yan says:


    papalusot ka pa eh…pero thanks napatawa mo in super tawa…

    manghiram ka iho o iha ng dictionary or better go back to school kahit sa English course lang..


  18. bonggacious says:

    good that he did not dead. it’s not bad because its good to hear that he do alive. wahahahaha!

  19. bentong says:

    yup he not dead, he is a living, and he comebacking to only yo….hehehehe…

  20. yuff says:

    @fattyacid(kung cno ka man):

    no he did not dead, he alives!

  21. promdi says:

    hahahahahahahahahahahahahhaahhahahahahhahahahahhahahehehheheheheheh! nakakakakakakatawa,hahahhahahhahaha

  22. jsusies says:

    hahahhaha nakakatawa naman ….natutuwa ako sa mga naka na post comments….

  23. did he dead? says:

    “so malamang hindi ako yang nag post as fattyacid.” bwahahaha parang di rin sya sigurado kung siya ba ang nag-post. did he dead? waaaaaahhh….

  24. Luckynotm3 says:

    nyahahaha! “DiD HE DEAD??..

    i belong :DD

  25. Obesity Jessica Sago says:

    feeling ko lang dahil yan sa steroids … did he dead?

  26. Unregistered says:

    “Is he dead?” or “Did he die?”, right?

  27. says:

    did he dead? ahahahahha kaloka! nakupooooooooooooo

  28. says:


  29. jsusies says:

    hahahahaha funny… i can’t help but laugh with all of the above comments…..

  30. fattyacid says:

    excuse me but i am the real fattyacid. may work po afternoon until night on weekdays at morning lang po ako nakakapag internet to check my emails…so malamang hindi ako yang nag post as fattyacid.

  31. skittles says:

    @doomsday —hahaha onga, natawa din ako dun. no offense pero laugh trip talaga
    PEACE :)

  32. doomsday says:

    to fattyacid:
    kindly check your grammar. maybe you should say “is he dead?” pede ka rin magtagalog, wla nman masam dun. hehehe

  33. fattyacid says:

    OMG! did he dead?

  34. orange county says:

    okay na sya. nakalabas na hospital.

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