Dylan Vizcarra – UNO Magazine Philippines January-February 2009

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NU107 DJ and host of Jack TV’s The Peep Show, Dylan Vizcarra is on the cover of UNO Magazine Philippines’ January-February 2009 issue.

Dylan Vizcarra - UNO Magazine Philippines

She started her career in hosting in 2003 as a DJ (disc jockey) for rock/alternative radio station NU 107 after stints in the hotel and advertising industry.

Her biggest break, however, was the hosting stint on the Peep Show on cable channel Jack TV where she brings her upbeat personality.

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17 comments on “Dylan Vizcarra – UNO Magazine Philippines January-February 2009
  1. rurouni_x says:

    kawawa ang di nka kilala ky dylan, mga love songs lng kasi ang alam….. woooo rock n roll nu107 rules

  2. lolz123lolz says:

    nice shot

  3. YDK says:

    WOW. HOT.

  4. Pepita says:

    whew! dylan really rocks!!… Rock on!

  5. Muklo says:

    my x really achieve sumthing… congrats to her im so proud of her success….

  6. chAaDd says:

    smokin hot pictures of her inside… Karen’s really hooot.

  7. heya says:

    she’s hot! sizzling sisig

  8. heya says:

    she’s hot! damn…

  9. TV guest says:

    Lick it up talaga!!! Yum!!!

  10. guz_gusin says:

    she’s hot!!!

  11. makoy says:

    Cool. Dylan rocks!

  12. Sa Totoo lang says:

    pati ba naman ang rankings ng magazines pinapakealaman ninyo?

  13. hey says:

    kawawa naman ang uno numbero kuwatro na sila ngaun. 1. fhm 2. maxim 3. playboy 4. uno

  14. wow says:

    she doesnt have to be popular

    i havent seen her for a while now in jack tv

    no time for tV..
    exams exams exams

  15. hoy says:

    wow cover na sya astiggggg

  16. Brockenbubbles@vision says:

    Yup dont know her. But rocking cover

  17. lyndon says:

    shes not popular….

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