E! Entertainment TV’s Top 25 Sexiest Men of the World, Dingdong Dantes ranks 3rd

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Here are E! Entertainment Television’s Top 25 Sexiest Men of the World:

1. David Beckham (Soccer Player, United Kingdom)
2. Michael Gurfi (Actor, Argentina)
3. Dingdong Dantes (Actor, Philippines )
4. Jonathan Rhys Meyers (Actor, Ireland)
5. Djimon Honsou (Actor, Benin)
6. Tyson Beckford (Model, Usa)
7. Freddie Ljunberg (Football Player, Sweden)
8. Johnny Depp (Actor, Usa)
9. Ryan Reynolds (Actor, Canada)
10. John Abraham (Actor, India)
11. Dan Carter (Rugby Player, New Zealand)
12. Raoul Bova (Swimmer, Italy)
13. Enrique Iglesias (Singer, Spain)
14. David Zepeda (Actor, Mexico)
15. Edison Chen (Actor-Singer, China)
16. Rodrigo Santoro (Actor, Brazil)
17. Gilles Marini (Model-Actor, France)
18. Marcus Shekenberg (Model Sweden)
19. Kostas Martakhs (Singer, Greece)
20. Takeshi Kaneshiro (Actor, Taiwan)
21. Danny K (Singer-Actor, South Africa)
22. Eric Bana (Actor, Australia)
23. Mark Vanderloo (Model, Netherlands)
24. Reynaldo Gianecchini (Actor-Model, Brazil)
25. Michael Lewis (Model-Actor, Israel)

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