Eliseo dela Paz’s 6.9 million cash advance came from PNP intelligence fund

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PNP Director General Jesus Verzosa said in a letter to the Senate foreign relations committee, that the 6.9-million-peso cash advance given to retired police comptroller Eliseo dela Paz came from the PNP’s intelligence fund allocated for the purchase of intelligence equipment.

retired police comptroller Eliseo dela Paz

“The cash advance was secured by him from P/Supt. Samuel Rodriguez, the Disbursing Officer for the Directorate for Intelligence through P/SSupt. Tomas Rentoy, Chief, Budget Division, Directorate for Comptrollership. The funds are intended for possible purchase of intelligence equipment and similar products,” said Verzosa in a letter addressed to Sen. Manuel Roxas.

Roxas, however, thinks that Verzosa’s explanation is part of a script for a cover-up.

“Ganito ba mamili ng equipment ang PNP, at sa ibang bansa, cash? At bitbit-bitbit pa? Pangalawa, walang bidding. Anong bibilhin na security equipment? At ang pinakamahalaga, ang mamimili ng equipment isang retirado na. Anong katayuan niya mag-negotiate ng isang kontrata?” Roxas said in an interview.

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12 comments on “Eliseo dela Paz’s 6.9 million cash advance came from PNP intelligence fund
  1. FAMILY MAN says:

    WHen money talks….the TRUTH is SILINCE

  2. blow blow says:


  3. Original Siga ng Tondo says:

    tutang ina! lagot itong mamang ito pag pumunta siya sa balwarte ko, tutang ina talaga!

  4. kopary says:

    oo..katayin ng pinong-pino..dpat pati c puno gawing sabaw!haha..

  5. WOLVARINE says:

    katayin na yan

  6. oye says:


  7. tinker says:

    wow!!!!! I didn’t know na pwede palang mag cash advance ang isang retired police officer. Guy’s their robbing us in broad daylight. HELP!!!! But whose gonna help us! Bantay salakay! wala na ba talagang mapagkakatiwalaan sa mga government officials! Crucify them ALL of them THEY’RE MAKING ME SICK!

  8. Mga KaTuso vs KaPatilya says:

    @ Asus!
    why don’t we try her? you mean ‘do’ her? why don’t you do her first!

  9. Pablo Neruda says:

    stone him to death!! hihihihi

  10. Asus! says:

    I like mirriam to be president….. why don’t we try her?

  11. CIA says:

    what a lame excuse, dapat tutkan ito nang mga tao…wla na kasing credibility ang main stream meadia puro nayan nabayaran….

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