Ethel Booba Lie Detector Test

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Ethel was on the hotseat in Showbiz Central’s “Don’t Lie to Me” segment.

Among the things that she confirmed was that she was really the girl on the cell phone video with Alex Crisano.

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6 comments on “Ethel Booba Lie Detector Test
  1. jing says:

    napansin ko lang, bago pumili yung inspector ng result if truth or lie, tumitiningin muna sya sa right side. saka parang di sya sure sa itataas nya. observation ko yan from yasmien, ethel & angelica episode.

  2. Madonna says:

    oo nga! GMA talaga 2nd rate! even 3rd… hmp!

  3. Ann says:

    I think its funny — lie detector test — muy bueno!

  4. andrea says:

    ano ba yan, gumaya na nman ng “lie detector” test ang showbiz central sa Boy n Kris…wala na ba talagang maisip na original concept ang GMA 7????

  5. Madonna says:

    Tong si Ethel! Kala mo kagandahan!!!

    Me nag proproposedaw ng 2million pesos…??? Nu vah???

    Luray luray na sya noh… Baka sya pa ang singilin kung sakali…


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