F2020 Fuel Saver featured on TV Patrol World

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F2020 Fuel Saver is a fuel additive that comes from 80% palm oil plus 20% creative and original formula that helps to improve the fuel in the combustion area.

f2020 fuel saver

It was invented by a Filipino, Bernie Pacheco. His invention allegedly helps your engine run smoothly thus reducing its high operating temperature, wear & tear, fuel consumption, reduces maintenance cost, and pollutant emissions, which could save you 10% up to 35% on your fuel consumption. According to the product’s website, www.f2020intl.com, it is safe to use with catalytic converters, oxygen sensors, oxygenated gas and ethanol blended gasoline. Unlike, ethanol, which normally decreases engine power the F2020 fuel Saver supposedly increases engine power and performance, improve drivability and further assist in emission reduction in fuels with ethanol.

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36 comments on “F2020 Fuel Saver featured on TV Patrol World
  1. Brian378 says:

    by next month available na sa davao city ang f2020…

  2. concernedcitizenako says:

    i actually personally know Bernie Pacheco and he is really smart. its not true that it came from malaysia. Mr. Bernie Pacheco is a Chemist and he worked hard to achieve this invention. i know him from the very start & he really invented the product. well at first f2020 is not known around the country but then time after time, people are beginning to be aware of this invention. theres this big company who actually wants to buy it to him (id rather not drop company names) for a very big amount of money but then he realized that he can make it grow sooner or later by himself……

    P.S. ive already tried f2020 to my car and it actually works!!! im not kidding. not a very big difference tho. but it can help alot.

  3. jofel namalata says:

    good day,
    i’m interested to be part of your company or a salesman maybe here mindanao, particularlly in Cagayan de Oro City, is their any requirements needed to be part of it.
    thank you very much.

  4. gigs says:

    good day sa lahat! gusto kung malaman kung available na ba dito sa Mindanao? thanks…

  5. erwin says:

    yAp! nation wide na ang f2020 in fact andito na sa visayas ang dstribution, mura at very effctive angproduct. TRY IT!,.

  6. juan dela cruz says:

    may pinoy invented fuel saver tayo na catalytic type. 150,000 kms ang life ng chemical nya.

    syempre, pinoy invented kaya hanggang ngayon di pa sumisikat pero binibili na ng foreigners.

    PowerDrive FO2 yung gadget name, sa air intake manifold sya inilalagay.

  7. Godspeed says:

    I think it’s not important anymore kung who invented it or introduced it… mas makaktulong tayo sa econmy if we support without aot of questions which are almost irelivant to the usefulness of the product.. Please post kung ito bay ay available nationally like in Bicol region… so that we can help each other lessen the pain of gasoline..thnks sana meron na out of Manila Area.

  8. greendev says:

    We have a new product which I believe is better than this F2020. It called INFERNO FUEL. It burns fuel completely and only at a cost of P1.72/Liter of diesel or P2.86/Liter of gasoline and because of its fuel saving feature you will have a positive net savings of at least P3.88/Liter of diesel and P4.74/Liter of Gasoline. this means kumita ka pa dahil sa savings and the most important thing you will help reduce emission which is contributory to climate change. If you are interested to try please contact Francis at 09189670709. This is also palm-oil based from Malaysia. Based on test you can save at least 10 to 30% fuel but this will depend of course on the condition of your car engine. This could also be used by Ships, Plane, Plants using boilers or bunker fuel.

    Thank you.

  9. jose rizal says:

    effective kaya ito? baka masira makina ko lalagyan ng palm oil sa loob ng makina.

  10. geobon says:

    call me 09228282588 0r 09183368163, i can deal f2020 directly. Any amount

    correction 09228284588/09183368163, antipolo to pasig area, if your interested to buy f2020

  11. geobon says:

    call me 09228282588 0r 09183368163, i can deal f2020 directly. Any amount

  12. ben says:

    gusto ko malaman kung saan makakabili nito?


  13. michael says:

    price range nya from P70 to P120 yung 100ml
    good for 1 full tank of fuel sa mga sedan (40 ~ 50 liter capacity)

  14. froias16 says:

    How much is the product being sold? Kung affordable naman, it will be worth the try…

  15. ronald says:

    for those looking for dealer f2020 here is the info i got:

    F2020 INTL CORP
    A. Rodriguez Avenue, Manggahan Pasig City
    tel 916 3940 / 9163941

    I just got 1ltr of F2020 today and will try to my XUV.. let’s see if my XUV well runs well or get konk…

  16. mayk says:

    lets give it a try..we have here lots of stocks just call us..

  17. makabayan says:

    Maraming produkto na kinikilala sa buong mundo katulad ng flourescent lamp, armalite rifle, electric savers, etc. Iba talaga ang galing ng Pinoy. Ang lahat ng yan ay di dito sa Pilipinas ginawa dahil na rin sa kakulangan ng suporta.

    Yan din malamang ang nagyari kay Mr. Pacheco. Pasalamat na lang tayo at may tumulong sa kanya para unang pakinabangan dito sa Pilipinas. SUPORTAHAN NATIN ANG GAWA AT TALINONG PINOY!!!!!!!!!

  18. Tried It says:

    We were able to try this product way back in ’94 sa service vehicle namin na Toyota Prado DX. I’m not sure sa fuel consumption but the engine performance really improved considering that bihirang ma-change oil yung Prado. I never thought na pinoy pala ang inventor nito kasi the one we used then was from Malaysia.

  19. Maui Palax says:

    ang nakakalungkot s mga inventors natin mga taga ibang bansa pa ang nakakakita ng mga galing ng mga kabababayan natin, kulang sa suporta ng government natin, kung tutuusin madaming magaling na mga Pilipino.. isa siguro sa dahilan kung bakit di bigyan ng pagkakataon ng gobyerno ang ating kababayang inbentor kasi alam nilang hinde nila mahahawakan ang kikitain ng mga to, kasi sa ngayon kontrolado nila ang pasok at labas ng kita ng bansa.. tsk tsk tsk

  20. jr. says:

    TV Patrols said that the inventor of F2020 fuel saver wrote a letter to president Arroyo and she responsed thru Department of Energy. It means the government knows this product long time ago, why did not endorsed it and use to biofuel since it it suited for gasoline and diesel?

  21. miles says:

    I checked f2020 fuel saver on United States Environment Protection Agency registration. Mr. Pacheco is the formulator and August Villegas is the authorized distributor in U.S.

    Let us try, perhaps the product claim is true.

  22. ryan says:

    ERB Global Trading, Fil Malay Union Trading Corporation and Palmtec International Corporation are all Mr. Pacheco`s companies created for his security reason. His tie up with his former Malaysian partners is to have a supply of palm oil kasi kulang sya sa financial at that time. Di natulungan ng gobyerno at nagamit lang ng former partner nya ang kanyang talino.

    But he enhanced the formula from 13 components to 20 at hindi sya nawawalan ng pag-asa na balang araw ay may tumulong sa kanya. Finally Mr. Rudy Tan invested on his invention and now producing it in commercial volume. Mr. Pacheco is the author of a book “HOW TO MAKE YOUR OWN FUEL” kung saan natatakot syang ilabas for his own security reason kasi kahit tricycle driver ay makakyang gawin ang simpleng method nya ng paggawa ng fuel.

    We need to support him thru prayers. Lastly, he is now developing a perpetual engine wherein di na kailangan ng any fuel. I saw his electric fan motor size perpetual engine last year.

  23. wiy dennis says:

    We were together with the formulator of f2020 in Amsterdam Holland since 1997. Mr. Pacheco, congratulations. YOU MADE IT!!!!!!!!

  24. SPAM says:


  25. olin reb says:

    i’m his friend.. u can contact his office at 916-3940 to 41… please try it to prove, it really helps a lot… GOD BLESS ALL!!!

  26. jusep says:

    uu nga san nakakabili nito try ko sa diesel tamaraw namin at motor ko sabi sa tv patrol sa pasig daw factory san kaya heheh…. dun naman sa nag invent ng water powered car bakit d sya mag convert ng ilang kotse masking taxi to prove na working yung gawa nya….. hirap din kasi paniwalaan kse isa lang ang demo car niya d ba?? pag ok yung iba nya converted na water powered car cgurado dami papagawa sa kanya…….

  27. Serenata says:

    .oo nga nman, ung
    inventor din ng water-powered
    car eh desidido nang ipagbili
    sa foreign investors ang gawa
    nya, ang mganda lng dun eh mai
    kondixon xa na pinoy ang kunin
    nlang workers, syang tlga pero
    khit cguro aq, kung panahon pa
    ni cory hanggang ngaun kung ala
    paring nangyayari, ibebenta q ndin,
    hahai =)

  28. mickey says:

    oo nga naman where can we possibly buy this one!!!

  29. Dyoso says:

    hay… hindi nga siya gawang pinoy..

    at least nag broadcast ang tv patrol pRa makilala ito..

    ang 24 oras…

    puro codename asira ulo…

  30. edison says:

    mga pre saan ba pwedi bumili niyan f2020 i want it to test it on my lancer. okey ba yan either by gas or disel engine?

  31. mickey says:

    oo nga naman… our filipino inventors should be recognized by the government… they should be supported so that they’ll be encourage to create some more things that would possibly help the nation… specially nowadays that the inflation rate is relatively very high! with their inventions who knows it could contribute something that would perhaps abate the insufficiency of nation.

  32. bamcanales says:

    oo nga saan na yun? mas ok yung water-powered car para mura na pamasahe at baka rollback na rin lahat ng mga gastusin.

    di talaga suportahan nga gobyerno kasi paano na yung malaking buhis na ma income ng gobyerno? malaki ang mawawala sa kanila. poprotesta din yung mga oil company. magulo parin! hay nako.. ganito nalang ba talaga?

  33. @nagtataka says:

    I agree
    nasan na kasi ung Pilipinong nag imbento ng water-powered car?
    ibebenta na yata sa abroad
    bakit di nalang i-manufacture sa Pilipinas?
    oh well..

  34. gab says:

    tama siya..

  35. nagtataka says:

    this product was not invented by a filipino.. this product came from Malaysia.. this was introduce in the Philippines in 2004.

    Here’s an article dated 2004:

  36. elirhp says:

    Ang mga Filipino inventor natin kulang talaga sa suporta ng gobyerno kaya imbes na Filipino din ang makinabang sa mga naimbento nila ayun binibili na lang ng taga ibang bansa at sila ang mas nakikinabang… (sigh)

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