Fashion designer Puey Quiñones on alleged “fashion scam”

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Fashion designer Puey Quiñones aired his side on the alleged fashion scam that is currently the talk of the town.

But let us first give you a brief background of what happened. A certain Jhon Maala ordered a custom-made suit from Puey Quiñones that he will used for his wedding. The suit was later on delivered and he was charged 30,000 pesos for it. This is where the alleged “fashion scam” started because Jhon discovered that the said suit has two labels, Bobon by Puey Quiñones and a Dansen care label in the hidden pocket. Puey Quiñones has reportedly issued a statement and public apology. He is doing the best that he can to fix the situation and make sure that it does not happen again.

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2 comments on “Fashion designer Puey Quiñones on alleged “fashion scam”
  1. Beelzebub says:

    “Alleged?” no way!! He is trully a scamster!! Simply go to Divisoria and mentioned the name Puey Quinones and see how violently fabric shop owners react!! He is a nastly little piece of work and i have proof.

  2. Natz says:

    YUP, I am sure he will do everything he can to “make sure it does not happen again”!

    He will surely check all pockets and hidden pockets for labels and will surely take them out before attaching his label!

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