FHM Ladies’ Confession 2009: Celebrity Diaries

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FHM Philippines will be releasing the third outing of one of their collectors’ items, “FHM Ladies’ Confessions.”

Volume 3 is titled “Celebrity Diaries” and it features confessions from celebrities and models plus new set of photos. Celebrities and models include Paloma, Jaymee Joaquin, Sheree, Gwen Garci, Jamilla Obispo, Michaela Espinosa, Wella Williams, Arra Castro, Sofie Garucho, Istara Bon Gundry, Anna Jebb, and many more. It is available at newsstands for 195 pesos.

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7 comments on “FHM Ladies’ Confession 2009: Celebrity Diaries
  1. panget says:

    san po b mababasa ang lahat ng ladies confession ng FHM?

  2. yumie says:

    hi there guys can you give me a text mate hirs my no. 09395059305. thanks im an avid fan of your mug. maganda talaga sya i like it. lalo na yung mga confession. grrrrrrrrrrrr….. super hot kahit girl ako nag iinit ako everytime that i read your column

  3. missyou says:

    aist sana makbili aq nyan at malaman na sini ang TUNAY na HOT

  4. pinyata says:

    sayang la yung idol ko na c marian rivera…..

  5. Pulla says:


  6. manyakis says:

    teka bakit wala yata si katrina halili?

  7. Marvin says:

    nde ba ksama si cristine jan?hehe..ayuko na bumili nyan pag wala si cristine

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