FHM Philippines November 2008 – 100th Issue

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Precious Adona, Joyce So, Jacq Yu, Gail Nicolas, and Cherry Ann Kubota are on the cover of FHM Philippines November 2008 Special 100th Issue Blowout.

Precious Adona, Joyce So, Jacq Yu, Gail Nicolas, Cherry Ann Kubota

Here are some infos on the girls:

Precious AdonaBe Bench model search finalist, FHM Philippines May 2008 Cover Girl, Starred in the movie Torotot

Joyce So – 2006 Mossimo Bikini grand winner, starred in the defunct show Bora, December 2007 FHM Online Babe

Jacq YuAmazing Race Asia Season 1 contestant (together with bestfriend Aubrey Miles), February 2008 FHM Online Babe

Gail NicolasMossimo Bikini Summit 2007 Winner, Fear Factor Participante

Cherry Ann Kubota – 1st runner-up Mossimo Bikini Summit 2007, Featured in FHM’s August 2007 issue

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19 comments on “FHM Philippines November 2008 – 100th Issue
  1. FHM FAN says:

    Cherry Anne Kubota is my school mat before when we are in grade school..can’t belive that she grown up so beautiful..so lovely…fantastic..cheers!

  2. James Ty III says:

    KAPAMILYUCKS: I agree with you on what you said. FHM kasi has monthly autograph signings, which other men’s magazines don’t do. Kaya marami ang bumibili ng FHM. Pero FHM, pls. get more ABS-CBN stars to pose for your mag. Don’t let MAXIM and UNO get the jump on you.

  3. blow blow says:

    imal uyaak na alit….

  4. fattyacid says:

    lolz estimated readership? pusatahan tayo higit na mas kakaunti ang mga bumibili…most likely more than 90% dyan ay mga tumitingin o nakikibasa lang sa mga newsstand, magazine section at bookstore.

  5. kaPOOPso says:

    estimate?….ahh okei.

  6. franz says:

    They all look the same. :D


    Mga KAPAMILYUCKS, let’s get the facts straight, eto ang resulta ng estimated readership*:

    FHM PHILIPPINES – 1,103,246
    Maxim Philippines – 160,311
    Uno magazine – 61,092

    Juice ko ang Maxim at Uno, kahit pagsamahin, 4x na mas mdmi pa rin ang nagbabasa ng FHM!

    FHM Philippines, truly the number 1 magazine in the Philippines!

    *source: Synovate Market Intelligence Company

  8. boy007 says:

    ang OA nman… naka censored pa.. lol…

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  10. KA-PAUSO says:

    yan na naman yun mga suot nila, sinuot na yan nun dati pang nga pose sa fhm, nilabhan ba yan?

  11. kaPOOPso says:

    ang galing ng pagkaka-photoshop huh! hindi halatang photoshop.

  12. fattyacid says:

    photoshop galore!

  13. WOLVARINE says:

    happy 100th issue.

  14. sky says:

    halos iisa lang ang katawan nila…di n cguro kumakain ang mga yan!!??

  15. tarush says:

    ang seseksi!

  16. ricky says:

    truly the number one magazine in the philippines!!!!

  17. la guardia says:

    ang kj nmn! nicensor p.

  18. wow says:

    wow hanep

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