Filipina vies for Miss England 2008 crown

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Filipino-British Zena Thirlwall, 17, is eyeing the Miss England 2008 crown after she passed the heat 6 qualifying round of the beauty pageant and has topped the ongoing text voting in England.

17-year-old Zena Thirlwall

She was chosen to be one of the contenders for Miss England after she sent her photographs to Miss Photographic contest of the pageant. From the seven women who will get the highest votes, two will be selected to enter the Miss England beauty pageant.

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18 comments on “Filipina vies for Miss England 2008 crown
  1. woopiedoodle says:

    sabi na nga ba may future yan eh. gradeschool pa lang yan highschool na ko. >:)

  2. krice says:

    she’s my m8 way back in HS at saudi! haha! so proud of her! she’s so pretty as well! lalo n in person… nkasama ko xa one time sa pageant… she really deserves to win! hehe!

  3. kc says:

    omg! zena maria thirlwall! she’s a former classmate of mine way back from saudi! omg i never thought she’d reach that stage! she deserves to win since she’s really pretty and really nice.. :)

  4. she says:

    nanay po niya ung filipina…her father’s the bristish one pero a rizal knight..okor…naging skulmate ku xa way back…and she’s pretty in person.. i saw her last december in an okor competition! she’s a nice person too…

  5. dewdew says:

    @ccm: so zena pangalan niya? tamang tama para sa new show na ZENA THE WARRIOR PRINCESS:THE RAIDER OF THE MOUNTAINS!pang bundok lang!

  6. ccm says:

    holy crap! i’ve met her back when we were still in saudi.. she was studying in a different school and i was in a different school too but kahit magkaiba kami ng school noon, usap-usapan na talaga sia… she is beautiful alright (the picture doesn’t give her any justice), but i never thought she would go this far..

    good luck zena!

  7. Joe says:


  8. mikel says:

    you can’t answer my question? maybe you’re not the real chibambi…

  9. mikel says:

    chibambi ano username mo dun? hindi mo naman ako pinapansin

  10. chibambi says:


  11. sydney says:

    she doesnt represent the pure bred filipina. of course NOT! she’s bloody beautiful, ma puti, and probably alot taller than the ordinary, dark, short and pango filipina! hahaha ingit kalang kyo.

  12. mickey says:

    she’s pretty, another world class beauty na half pinay…inggit na naman ung iba! grabe!

  13. Serenata says:

    ..pati ako may doubLe na=D

    ..weLL, iba tLga ang Filipina,
    lalo na pag text votes

  14. Joe says:

    she doesnt look filipina at all..

  15. Serenata says:

    ..waLang taste.. U. G. L. Y.^^,

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