Filipino-American Michael Copon lands lead role in The Scorpion King prequel

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Michael Copon perhaps best known for his role of Felix Taggaro in the television series One Tree Hill will play the lead role of Mathayus in the The Scorpion King prequel, Rise of the Akkadian.

Michael Copon

Michael takes over the role of Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson where he is set to do a trilogy of the said movie.

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9 comments on “Filipino-American Michael Copon lands lead role in The Scorpion King prequel
  1. one is the name of that hunk in One Tree Hill ?“*

  2. rn_missy says:

    Precisely! and he’s gonna be in “New Moon”…soon… in place of Jacob..OMG!!

  3. ohbabygehleen says:

    OMGEESSHH!he’s so cute i watched power ranger, bring it on me and one three hill!he’s so awsome!i like him=)

  4. yo says:

    Yah he’s the one from one three hill, that’s so raven, bring it on 3, and power ranger.
    my little sister and her friends have a crush on him.

    well go him.
    I like the rock though.

  5. beachbod says:

    i love one tree hill!before pa when i saw him in OTH,i though he was a filipino..filipino indeed!way to go Michael!galing mo!u got the lead role that’s awesome!

  6. snikers says:

    siya din ay isang power ranger. nmmyagpag mga pinoy kahit saan ah. sana tuloy-tuloy na ito

  7. RedStarRising says:

    bakit pinalitan si the rock??

  8. dewdew says:

    sabi na nga ba!siya si felix!

  9. dewdew says:

    siya ba yung mayamang character sa one three hill?

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