“Filippina” referred as “cleaning woman” in Italy

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An article in the October 1 issue of Time magazine titled “What Berlusconi’s Obama ‘Jokes’ Say About Italy” says that Italians often generically refer to a cleaning woman as a “Filippina.”

“In many ways, mainstream Italian society is several generations behind the rest of the West when it comes to race.” the article said. Domestic work is not exclusive to Filipinos in Italy. Ukrainian and Moldavian migrants also make up the said industry. Their tasks include house cleaning, baby sitting and caring for Italy’s sick and elderly. Filipinos have also boosted the dwindling population of Catholic church-goers in Rome.

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23 comments on ““Filippina” referred as “cleaning woman” in Italy
  1. Jace says:

    Well its just manifestation that Filipinos are really doing well in any industry. Wag na lng mapikon, napapansin lng talaga mga pinoy kasi nga Hardworking.

  2. cris says:

    thanks james!!

  3. pinoyblood says:

    The truth hurts. Instead of covering up the pain with all the alibi’s and sh*t, we need to suck it all up. Suck the pain. Because denying the pain won’t wake us up.

    Letseng gobyerno kasi tinotolerate ang mga pinoy sa ganitong sistema. bakit? Kasi nakikinabang sila. Imbis na turuan ang pinoy na magkaron ng pride at dignidad sa sarili nila sila pa ang nagtutulak sa mga tao manilbihan sa ibat ibang lahi sa bawat sulok ng mindo.

    I believe that 95% of people in our government doesn’t care much about the future of filipinos and the mother land. They only care about themselves. A$$holes!

  4. Toty Bolante says:

    Walang masama sa marangal na trabaho.

  5. James says:

    Bakit ba laging pikon ang mga pilipino when most of them are guilty of some form of discrimination to other ethnic groups as well.

    Gaya ng sinabi ni Cris (2nd commenter) tayong mga pinoy did ganun sa iba, gaya nga ng sinabi nya tungkol sa mga Indiano, people call them mabaho or automatically stereotype them as bumbays. Our countrymen of igrorot roots are often always made fun of and lampooned for their appearance, they get called nog nog or negro and it’s sad that it’s become so accepted that it’s just became a norm.

    Ang mga katulong, kahit sa Pilipinas eh let’s face it are stereotypes are bisayas and the term “mukhang katulong” or “katulong LANG” is also common, na parang wala lang.

    I can list a dozen more examples of DISKRIMINASYONG SARILING ATIN here, most of which has become a part of our everyday lives that we don’t even realize how wrong they are or just don’t want to acknowledge that fact.

    With that said, bakit nampuputok ang butsi nyo over this? when you yourselves are guilty with something similar, hindi mo lang alam?

  6. cris says:

    Balat sibuyas tayong mga filipino, pag pinatulan ntn yan aasenso b tau??? s tingin nio??

  7. kevkev says:

    i think we can’t do something about it, it’s the truth.. we are over populated and has less available jobs where which the GOVERNMENT can’t do something about it. (they say we have lots of available jobs BUT the majority are just not qualified). We can’t blame those who are in the overseas, they need to live, they have families to support..

  8. joy more says:

    come on, in every topic of filipino lowliness or misfortune the government has to be dragged in. 3rd world country government with a huge population as the philippines can’t put every pilipino to a better state of life. i wonder if putting a right person in the government can reverse the fate of the common filipinos. the Filipinos themselves should make the difference!

  9. huwag na po tayong magtaka kung ganoon na lang ang tingin ng mga dayuhan sa atin, totoo naman po lahat ng iyon, kahit nga collage grad, professional namamasukan sa italy o saan mang parte ng europe may pinay o pinoy na chimoy at chimay…

  10. nikita says:

    Karamihan sa mga banyaga, gustung-gusto nilang mag-hire ng pinoy workers dahil masipag, malinis, maaasahan, may sariling kusa. Pero sa kabila naman nun, nilalapastangan nila dignidad natin. What do they think of us? We’re only good as low servants? It’s not about how dirty or cheap your job is, its about respecting people’s job no matter how low it is.

  11. indie.sikat says:

    yun naman pala eh, at least malinis tayong mga Pinoy! hindi tulad ng iba…

  12. i’m hoping for all pilipinos who work abroad with a very low position to please…. go forward charge your work now as your steping stone, don’t let tommorow same for today its your chance to grow grab the oppotunity everything is possible…… like what i have now!…. i’am only associate course but i’m working now in marketing dept. how…. jsut make plan everyday….

    good luck..

  13. ognib of al khobar says:

    o’ come on, don’t mind them because those filipina “cleaners” they are referring are most them professionals not like other nationalities there in Italy. Only that they cannot find a good job and good pay in our own country,jsut like me. kung meron man kulang pa rin dahil sa mga kung ano anong deductions, di tulad dito sa ibang bansa malaki ang kikitain mo para sa pamilya natin kaya tiis lang,
    ilabas na lang sa kabilang tenga at wag isadibdib. WE WILL MOVE ON!

  14. fattyacid says:

    there’s nothing wrong. trabaho nila yan at it only proves na Pinoys are generally clean people.

    at marangal na trabaho yan…hindi sila nagnanakaw!

  15. JOhn P says:

    reality bites. wag masyadong maging sensitive tayo, what best we can do is to elect a credible leader who can help transform the Philippines into a better country that can provide decent jobs to Filipinos para wala nang umalis ng bansa.

  16. scribbler says:

    Well maybe it is just right for us to react on this kinds of stuff but please, know if you are on the right space. This issue is so LITTLE that many would have just shrug this off. Don’t say the government would ask a public apology for this! Reacting so wild on this one makes the person a shallow one. I agree with the comment of cris that we likewise tell other nationalities insults (is that a right term?) and some Filipino writers also do. It’s just simply a form of telling the world the culture and the society of the Filipinos, and maybe even work as an EYE-OPENER for everyone. And the fact that it is true, and we are never ashamed of our OFW’s, what’s the point of being so hostile to this?!

  17. endemic says:

    at least filipina is hygienic unlike them

  18. Kerib Ian says:

    Hayan na nman tayo. kelan kaya mawawala ang impresyon ng mga ibang bansa sa atin na hanggang maids or for them is the lowest level of job? Minsan gusto kong maniwala dun sa comment sa Forbes on line na ang mga Filipino ay kuntento na lang na maging servant at walang kakayanan na humawak ng malaking negosyo na kinikilala sa buong mundo. Check nyo sa Forbes – asia, marahil nai-especialize nga tayo sa pagiging maids although wala namang masama sa pagiging maids at isa itong marangal na trabaho kaya lang kelangan nating mag-grow in a competitive ways – hindi dapat na nakakahon lang ang mga Filipino sa pagiging “MAIDS”. San ba ang deprensya, sa atin bang Fipino o sa gobyerno mismo?

  19. Beppe T. says:

    I’m sorry for the comments referring to cleaning women as “Filippina”. As an Italian living in Italy, I must state unequivocally that the PM does not speak for us all and that anyone wise enough to watch the news should realize thta he frequently places his hoof in his mouth. The Italians in my Southern town respect each other, tourists and even transients – as long as they treat everyone else with the respect that they would wish upon themselves.

  20. Stardust says:

    Talaga lang na pang world class tayong mga PINOY kahit na Domestic Helper ka lang or Caregiver and as long as tapat ka sa work mo BIG winner ka! Kaya Go!

    Bakit kahit ba rich country sila eh mga lazy naman di marunong sa gawaing bahay. Wala naman sila panama talaga sa atin mga PINOY, wala sila kagaya ni Lea Salonga, Charice, Jed Madela na World Champion among champions wow! Arnel Pineda lead singer ng Journey, 3 Pinay na nakaakyat na sa Mt. Everest, wala din sila gaya ni Manny Pacquiao, Nonito Donaire, I forgot his name basta alam ko siya si Hawaiian Punch, Paeng Nepomuceno, Bata Reyes etc… Sobrang magaling lang talaga tayo!

  21. cris says:

    bkt ang mga bumbay, tinutukso ntn silang “dvd”, “payong”, “mabaho”etc… pero d sila nagrereklamo or wala tayong naririnig sa kanilang na “discrimination”. wag na ntin patulan yan. kapwa ntn pilipino ang may gawa din yan. dhl wala oppurtunity d2 n work, pumapatol tau s agency s ibang bansa kung saan kapwa pilipino din ang mga humahawak ng agency.

  22. regine v. says:

    cguro kung walang filipino sa italy……ano ba sila ngayun..marumi pa sa daga…..

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