Future FHM Beauties? Pops Fernandez, Iwa Moto and Jennylyn Mercado

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Concert queen Pops Fernandez has confirmed that she will grace the pages of FHM magazine. At her age and with two kids, she still is one of the sexiest women in local showbiz. There are also talks that Jennylyn Mercado and Iwa Moto plan to go sexy. Iwa Moto, at 17 welcomes the idea of going sexy. Why not when she definitely has the body. Jennylyn Mercado on the other hand will star in the movie “Magic Kamison”. But the former starstruck ultimate survivor said that she can’t go too daring.

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13 comments on “Future FHM Beauties? Pops Fernandez, Iwa Moto and Jennylyn Mercado
  1. tank says:

    lahat ng may gusto kay iwa mga walang taste. panget panget ng katawan di mo mapinta kung alanganin seksi o taba.

  2. jessica14 says:

    hi jen im jessica tama lng na pasok ka 100 sexiest women dahil di ka lng maganda ang sexy sexy mo pa im ur loyal fan niyo ni mark h may request lng ako sana magkabalikan kayo ni mark in true life kc kau talaga ang bagay good luck pala sa bagong teleserye aabangan ko ulit iyan lahat ng pelikula at palabas sa tv inabangan ko jen sana makita kiota sa personal i2 ang num 09182649177

  3. kelly says:

    hi jen! super pretty and very sexy mo sa maxim! wow ur so cool! perfect ang body mo and ofcourse especially your face too! love yah!

  4. jean says:

    jennylyn mercado is really beautiful and sexy. im here to support you ,hope na mag-pose ka rin sa fhm. im really excited na makita na ang picture mo sa maxim. always take care. god bless

  5. ferventguy says:

    Magaganda at sexy sila lahat.. pero sabi nga beauty is in the eye of the beholder.. of course Pops is Sexy in her own way.. kahit may kaidaran na sya.. at mga mga bata naman.. hmm well.. Jenn & Iwa… fresh ang mga yan.. syempre at tama lang na ilabas nila ang kaseksihan nila.. makikita na mas confident sila as an entertainer..

  6. G says:

    This is for Fermin & Dotz. Don’t judge people coz ur not perfect!
    Age is just a number. Everyone is going to reach that stage. Ur jealous coz
    pops is still look gorgeous regardless of her age. I wonder how u both look
    like when u get older. or maybe ur already over 40’s and have a lot of
    wrinkles in ur face. Look at urself first or take a million times in the
    mirror. Don’t judge a book by its cover. Maganda ba kayo? Baka wala kayo
    sa kalingkingan ni pops.I think ur just jealous coz maganda si pops and
    very sexy. yong lang po mga folks. Have a nice day!

  7. dotz says:

    her lips are like swolen! DAH

  8. dotz says:

    pops too old for this stuff!

  9. Fermin says:

    Ang pangit Kay Pops Fernandez ang magpose ng ganun kc matanda n cya…
    tsaka nag ppyat lang nmn sya e hindi cya sexy…

  10. Orlyn dela cruz says:

    Hi! Ang sexy ni Jennylyn Mercado tama lang n nsama sya sa top 10 sexiest women in
    the world kc nung nkita q cya ang sexy2* nya talaga…I’m a loyal fun of Jennylyn

  11. jaemie says:

    iwa dang pangit mo!

  12. jeff of taal says:

    iwa moto,ur so beautiful and sexy imsure ull be the next most promissing new commer

  13. jan kaye says:

    jen tma lng n mkpsok k s fhm sexiest women kc ur not
    only pretty ur sexy 2.kya nga ngus2hn k ni mark dba????

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