Gaby dela Merced: FHM February 2007 Cover Girl

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Gaby is an Asian Formula Three (AF3) racing driver since the early 80’s.

She was named Formula BMW Asia Scholarship Driver in 2004. Talk about a career most of us could only dream about. She is joined on this issue by CJ Miles, MJ Illecas, PBA Astig Dolls, and Yunalesca.

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24 comments on “Gaby dela Merced: FHM February 2007 Cover Girl
  1. mailyn says:


  2. cj says:

    Hi Gaby! I’m Cj, 24/F, Cavite.

    Hope we can be friends. Palagi nga kita pinapanuod sa pbb. Ikaw ang gusto kong maging big winner. Sayang. But still for me, ikaw pa rin ang BIG winner. Sana makita kita in person.

    God Bless po sa iyo.

  3. adrianne says:

    mas mganda kpa kay riza nuh!!!!!!!!!,….hehehe,..god bless you poh!!!!,..

  4. dj says:

    whoooooo!!!!!!!!,…grabeh ang gling muh tlga!!!!,…syang dpat kaw big winner,..hmmmmmmn,….

  5. Dean says:

    Hi!!! Gabby ur so cute i wish you have won the pbb but i didn’t vote heh sry. I like you ur pretty and witty, Ur so beautiful, i wish you were my gf.

  6. louzenith says:

    actually, i literally LOVE gaby. i’ll do anything for her to love me toooooo

  7. louzenith says:

    i love her ^^

  8. xion says:

    grabe wala ka talagang katulad

    susuportahan ka talaga namin promise, marami kami kaya rito?….

  9. cristine says:

    GABY u r the BEST for me!!!…

  10. pin says:

    Tnx gabby is back! I swear even if I got broke and run out of money on my last salary i’ll txt for her to stay,I’ll back up my savings. astig ka talaga!

  11. josephine says:


    idol tlga kta!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    sna mkblik kah sa bhay ni kuya!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  12. shane says:

    yup i agree astig nya sobra pretty pa..hay sayang sad nga lang at lumabas na sya sa bahay ni KUYA siya pa naman BET namin big 4..huuhuhu..sana may second chance pa yung mga lumabas na pumasok ulit sa house ni kuya at kasama ni Gaby..hehehe…GO GO GO GABY….!!! ASTIG!!!

  13. honey says:

    i like gaby, sobra! she is so cool and preety too! i lover her na!

  14. honey says:

    i really admire gaby! she is so cool! i love her na!!!

  15. rhia says:

    the gud thing about her is shes totally flexible and fighter. 09172766374

  16. rhia says:

    shes totally outragous racer.

  17. summer says:

    early 80s? haha baka late 90s? labo

  18. PGR says:

    Mr. Vanderbill, Now you who is Gaby dela Merced!!!

  19. mastermind says:

    She’s 24 years old. So has she been racing as a toddler?

    From what I know there was no way that Ms. dela Merced drove underage. First-hand information from the lady herself.

  20. rex says:

    i dont know if she’s the prettiest, its a toss up for me between gaby and michele baumgarner

  21. Diane says:

    80s? But she’s only 23!

  22. Carl McFly says:

    She’s the prettiest (for me, at least) female Asian Formula 3 driver. Although she won’t be in this season’s race…you should see more info about her at Go Gabby!!!

  23. Michael Vanderbill says:

    Who the heck is Gabby dela Merced???

  24. MIKE says:

    i thought its gonna be roxanne guinoo …

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