Gaby dela Merced on The Buzz

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Gaby talked about the origin of her love for racing and her life inside the house.

Gaby will fly to Arizona in 3 days to attend a Driver Development Seminar for International Racing.

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9 comments on “Gaby dela Merced on The Buzz
  1. basti says:

    will u marry me?

  2. basti says:

    sana ikaw na lang ang nanalo as 2nd big winner or big winner!!!!!

  3. basti says:

    gaby! ang ganda talga..
    mahal kita!!!! hope to see u and meet you in person

  4. pintchikles says:

    gabby, the greatest! the toughest! the mightiest! the prettiest! win or not, ur still a winner in our hearts! let’s shout for gabby! gaaaaaaaaaaabbbbbbbbbyyyyyyy!

  5. louzenith says:

    oh. i love her so much! :[ how i wish she knew that

  6. cown says:

    gaby is really talented!!!love watching her @ pbb house sayang!made the most of what you have gab!god bless

  7. teen says:

    we really like gaby…We hope to see her back @ pbb house..

  8. czarina says:

    i lke gaby…. sayang pwede pa cyang masama sa big four…… very talented!! at mabait…

  9. Jessica says:

    Yup, she’s truly very beautiful! God bless Gaby! Continue racing! You rock don’t ever change!

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