Get Your Birth Certificate Delivered to You

National Statistics Office (NSO) brings to us the NSO Helpline Birth Certificate Delivery. Just Dial (02) 737 1111 and get your Birth Certificate in 3 days delivered to your doorstep. No more long lines at NSO.



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  • jinki

    how much nman po will it cost?sang lugar lang ang scope ng delivery?tnx

  • aiza

    saan ko po ba makukuha tsaka po magkano naman ang babayaran ko pag nagpa deliver ako

  • ramelyn castanares

    i have already paid in union bank for the copy of my birth certificate last october 17, 2007 but until now i havent received my copy yet. Heres the Transaction Seq. No.: UB36348. Batch Req.: 0284400357000108. i hope to hear from you soon.

  • rams

    what will i do if i havent received my copy of the birth certificate after i have made my payment?

  • Nicole

    How much naman po it will cost? kung mag pa deliver po ako,, where do i pay? I live in Cebu^_^ Tnxs

  • forsuelo,annalou laurente

    mapapa deliver po ako nng birth certificate..magkano po ang bayad pag na deliver na.
    etopo Addr.ko J-C,Zamora Skylark Dormitory Pari-an Cebu City

  • John

    Can i give the information via internet?

  • Kevin Arnelle B. Torres

    kelangan ko po ng NSO certificate,libre lng po bah padala sa tinitirhan ko ngayun?

  • jc

    i’ve tried it last year., around 600 something. kahit saang lugar sa pinas.

    for birthcertificate that wasn’t received after payment, call for a follow-up for your application or transaction binibigay naman yan eh. let’s not always assume.. we filipinos should learn to ask bout insurance policy okey?

  • shaddaf

    they said only 3 days after u made the payment! but until now i havent received my BC… its been week since i paid the amount required! i think ill be waiting for eternity for my BC..! wattheheck!

  • jc

    yes, only three days. by the way you have your receipt right? why not call back and ask what had happened? if they said that it was already delivered then tell them you haven’t receive any yet.,

  • jc

    waiting will do you no good unless you stand for what you think is right. that’s the problem of us filipino.. we keep on waiting on somethings and let things just pass by hoping that it will just be resolved. and if it wouldn’t, we curse those who trespassed against us let God judge them we say. seek and you shall find, so if you’ll just wait they wouldn’t know your problem.

  • chystel D. Gequillo

    how to get authenticated birth certificate

  • kitkat

    how much will it cost if my birth certificate will be delivered?

  • kyna giselle

    plz deliver the birth certificate of my aunties here in 1957 19th st. Lakandula Dau,mabalacat,pampanga..Tel. # (045) 892-8006
    here some information:

    Name: Roselyn Cabural Bendoy
    Date of Birth: April 28 ,1984
    Province: Lanao Del Norte, Iligan city
    Father: Isabelo Lantaca Bendoy
    Mother: Rodella Nazareno Cabural

    Name: Flordelinda Caboral Testa
    Date of birth: October 05, 1980
    Province: Dalamas, Iligan city
    Father: Floro Lubacad Testa
    Mother: Linda Y. Caboral

    Thank you!

  • macky

    ilan days poh b bgo q mkuha ung pna dlver q poh?>

  • rey

    paano poh magpapadliver dito sa gensan? anong number poh ang edadial ko?

  • marilou

    magkano po ba ang bayad if ever sa quezon city ang place ng pagdadalhan! tnx

  • borraiza n. verzosa

    my name in my baptismal certificate is NINA BORRAIZA N. VERZOSA but in my birth certificate BORRAIZA N. VERZOSA only ,,my mother told me that they take away the NINA in my name now in enrolling at st.mark the principal told us that my baptismal & birth certificate should be the parents agreed in my opinion to have NINA in my name,. so pls.delivered my birth certificate having NINA in my name.

  • borraiza n. verzosa

    how much it will cost if you delivered it in our house at 241 agustin ave.andrea village 2 bacoor.cavite,,

  • borraiza n. verzosa

    pls.delivered it in our house immediately at 241 agustin ave.andrea village 2 bacoor,cavite tel #(046)5719717..

    here some information:
    date of birth:JANUARY 1,1994
    father:RONALD B. VERZOSA


  • reynaldo a. dela cuesta jr/

    can you please deliver my birth certificate…….
    date of birth:DECEMBER 27 2992

  • reynaldo a. dela cuesta jr.


  • reynaldo a. dela cuesta jr.

    can you please deliver my birth certificate…….
    date of birth:DECEMBER 27 1991

    plsss txt me 09284419819 for the verification or e-mail me immediately….plsss…..

  • joemar jallores

    Pano ba ako makakakuha ulit ng bagong kopya ng authenticated bc? nkakakuha na po ako dati kaso kinuha ng DFA ng kumuha ako ng passport. Di raw ako pwede mg padeliver dahil suplmental ang bc ko. Pro bakit dati pinadala lang nila through registered mail. bakit ngaun kelangan ko pa pumunta sa DFA legal department?

    salamat po!

  • Jocelyn Libiano

    please deliver the birth certificate of my son here in phase 1 Block 21 Lot 3&5 San Gabriel Subdivision., Brgy. Balingasag Bago City,
    Negros Occidental Name: John Ayzyia M. Libiano
    Date of birth: November 27 1987
    Place of Birth: Bangkal, Makati City
    Father: Salvador L. Libiano
    Mother: Jocelyn M. Libiano

    And pls. txt me 09065133704 for the information..or email me..
    THNK YOU..

  • Liquid Fantasy

    email me for the info of my birth certificate

    btw how much is the payment for this..

    just email me thx!

  • anne pauline cambaliza marasigan


  • e-Census Operations

    Should you have inquiries regarding your document requests submitted via the e-Census website (, please e-mail us at Thank you.

  • Allan S. Aliñabon

    its almost 2 weeks from the requested date, my birth certificate is sill undelivered until now..please deliver now my birth its necessary!please process my birth! batch request:0304800409000108

  • Allan S. Aliñabon

    please work for my request….because i made this transaction and expected for the immediate process on my birth certificate..

  • Chash

    My sister’s name is Lanie.She’s been using it since then but, after checking it to her birth certificate she found out that the name is written as Sanie.Relatively, she couldn’t take any type of exams. because of her problimatic registered name. What will be the the best action to clear the cloud? I am hoping for your response.Thank you.

  • owdyey

    for those with name problems

  • rachel mapa aying

    i had a problem of my birth ceritificate kasi po instead na female it was male if ever na kkukuha ako tapos pa deliver magakano po ang mabayaran at saan mag bayad?how long does it take po ba?

  • noone

    how come there is a delay when it comes to delivery?

  • Josephine B. Santos

    can i get a copy of a payment form reagrding my application in NSO Helpline Delivery foy my sister in law birth certificate?

  • Josephine B. Santos

    please give me a copy of payment form for my BC delivery, i want to pay it in metrobank

  • Rachel Aying

    hello magpapadeliver sana ako ng authenticated birth certificate magkano ba ang mabayaran ko?ito address ko
    Km.7 peace avenue,beside central convenience mc.arthur hi way bangkal,davao city….email niyo muna ako about the charge so i can make budget thanks looking forward for your reply

  • may

    magkano po ba pa-deliver if sa candelaria

  • marie ann

    i need a birth certificate a 3 copies original,plss need your reply,i will pay…

  • marie ann

    plss.deliver my birth certificate..
    address: block 13 lot18 ph.2 DECA HOMES brgy. Tungkil minglanilla cebu
    date of birth: july 26,1990
    mother’s name:BEnita Abadiez
    father’s name: ROMAN BARLISO

    i already have a record in there…

  • maria angela l. gabriel


    i really need an original copy of my birth certificate with a receipt fastened with it. can you help me? my real name is maria angela l. gabriel. i really need it badly.

    i will wait for you response, thank you!!!

  • Hazel Banares Rivera

    can yu send me an authenticated birth certificate coz i neeed it in my nursing school po..pls
    heres my address 94 santan st.napico manggahan pasig city.
    bday-march 2o,1985
    place of birth- ilo ilo city
    father’s name-leonardo rivera
    mother’s name-teresita rivera
    yur reply would be gladly appreciated
    and please attach all the instructions
    regarding the payment,,,tnx Godbless!

  • Hazel Banares Rivera

    can yu send me an authenticated birth certificate coz i neeed it in my nursing school po..pls
    heres my address 94 santan st.napico manggahan pasig city.
    bday-march 2o,1985
    place of birth- ilo ilo city
    father’s name-leonardo rivera
    mother’s name-teresita rivera
    yur reply would be gladly appreciated
    and please attach all the instructions
    regarding the payment,,,tnx Godbless!
    contact no,09217714473

  • robyn

    i would like to advise everyone to STOP POSTING YOUR PRIVATE INFORMATION on this site (and on other sites as well). it is confidential, so take precaution.
    for the request of Birth Certificate, THIS IS NOT THE PLACE to do it.
    call the given number (02) 737 1111 instead. they are the ones who will be requesting those information from you. sila rin ang sasagot sa iba pang mga katanung nyo tungkol dito (cost, delivery mode..etc).


  • ronaldo m. mame

    ronalyn m. mame october 13 2008 blk 20 l 6 p 1 s 9 pabahay 2000 muzon sjdm bulacan. b-place. jose fabella hospital father name ronaldo m. mame mother name erlinda o. david

  • Eva Espere Sabalo

    Can I request to have a copy of my birth certificate here? No need to call?

  • Eva Espere Sabalo

    Can I request to have a copy of my birth certificate here? No need to call? How will I pay?

  • Allen B. Atienza

    May problema po ko sa birth certificate ko, dalawa po yung gender ko. both male and female may mark n x. Female po ako naconfused po siguro ung registrar sa name ko kc pangalang panlalaki. Panu po ba ang gagawin ko? Sa surigao del norte p po ko pinanganak at ngayon po ay nakatira n ko sa Laguna. Pwede ko po ba maayos yun dito ng di n po ko pupunta pa sa surigao?

  • Mylin

    hi, my husband request for a copy of his birth certificate last week of November and the result was negative. he advice to go to his province where he was born and asked at MCR balilihan bohol for an endorsement of his birth to NSO manila and it was delivered lat november 30 2008 through LBC. How long it will take for us to request again for his birth certificate?

    hope to hear from you soon

  • Mylin

    we really need your answer as soon as possible. that will be for his application of passport ..

    thank you very much!!!

  • syntaxtimawa

    hi people this is not the NSO site, geez… If I were you instead of commenting about needing some help.. MAGBASA PO KAYO!!!!

    National Statistics Office (NSO) brings to us the NSO Helpline Birth Certificate Delivery. Just Dial (02) 737 1111 and get your Birth Certificate in 3 days delivered to your doorstep. No more long lines at NSO.

    ayan po ang sabi ng article.. TUMAWAG KAYO JAN!!! there they can advice what you need to do.

  • jomel taruc

    pls…. help… may problem kasi ung friend ko sa b. certificate nya… kasi ang nakalagay na surname nya eh surname ng mon nya…. ang sabi nya sa akin hindi pa daw kasi kasal mama at papa nya nung pinanganak cya… pero ang ginagamit nya ngayon (school documents, etc. ) na surname eh sa dad nya…. pano po ba dapat gagawin nya ??? salamat po….

  • Cirila

    ask lang me,, if kailan ko ba matatanggap ang ni request ko na birth certificate at marriage contract na ni request ko through eCensus,,tapos binayaran ko na ang ni request ko na certificate sa Union Bank sa pamamagitan ng BACTH REQUEST NUMBER,
    ni request ko noong Dec. 8, 2008 at binayaran ko Dec. 10, 2008.
    sa Union Bank dito sa Cebu.

    Thank you.. response pls..

  • http://yahoo estrada vic michael

    good day!

    how much will be the charge for delivery at cebu?

  • may

    where should i pay?

  • may

    hai ewan,,bsta pa deliver,,walang fon dito,,pa deliver nalng aako,,,,ewan


    how much will it cost for delivey in leyte? how about delivery for marikina city?
    i’ll be needing it before the end of this month? how long will it take and how do i apply for one?

  • dailyn

    hi..good day..i just want to ask if how long will it take before i receive the birth certificate if in case i will ask for it in your main office?and how much will it cost?
    and lastly is it only metro bank who accepts payment for that..?
    thank you so much..
    hoping for your eager responce..

  • joshua

    hi. ask ko lng f wat ang requirements pra makakuha ako authenticated birth certificate ko.

  • jaslenchris

    HELLO, good day!
    If I personally go to NSO, I just wud lyk to ask how is the process of getting authenticated birth cert.?
    how many working days???
    how much will it cost???
    I’ve already inquired to one of the agencies who also process authentication of BC but it is too expensive, 7h per copy, it is too much for me.
    Hope to hear from you soon
    Thank you very much

  • elmer lagarto

    please released of birth N SO authenticated Mr. Elmer Lagarto Brgy Telegrafo
    tolosa, tacloban leyte

  • joce rey mondelo

    pls allow me to see my birth certificate for me to confirm if my gender is male of female in the authenticated birth certificate..

  • roderick prisno

    good day…

    how can i know that my life birth is corrected na? i bear my documents to my auntie and pass it to the main office for updating, then when i try to get a copy of my life birth here in NSO Tacloban still the no remarks on it, how can i get my corrected one..cause i try to get a pass port and clear all my records here in Tacloban for personal purpose..

  • roderick prisno

    good day….

    how can i get my updated life birth which i corrected for clerical error… cause wem i try to get a copy of my life birth here in Tacloban NSO still there is no remarks on it. Will u try to send to me a copy for it, and how much that i will pay for it..tank you and more power

  • roderick prisno

    gud day…

    will u allow me to see my updated live birth…tanks..

  • ivy

    can i have my birth certificate copy?? I’m Ivyrose Nopia Tiongson 23 yrs old live in repar homes 1 blk 2 lot 27 camarin caloocan city

    pls deliver it at #32 miller st. san francisco del monte qc. sa uratex po yan

    bayaran ko nalang po if magkano po ung charge nyo salamat po sana po madeliver po

  • lala

    ang we-weird nyo… the instruction is simple. CALL THE HOTLINE, give them info and then pay via whatever payment method they accept! That’s when they’ll deliver the birth cert. Walang mag dedeliver sa inyo kahit ilang milyong beses nio itype ung mga personal details nyo sa page na to. My god.

  • jonald castillo

    Bkit d q mtagpuan ang rcords n purification caysido ng tacloban city! pls. lng po send nyo po ung recod nya c d q alam qng san q makukuha! she’s my mother! kailangan po kc!Ang b-date nya ay Feb. 06, 1962! more powers! thank u po!

  • Arlyn

    gud day! magkano ba ang bayad if ever sa cebu city ang place na padadalhan? and how many days? thank u pls. reply me

  • jackie

    magkano po ba ang bayad mag pa delivr kung sa pampanga/thanks po

  • geraldine

    can i have a copy of my authenticated birth certificate? I’m Geraldine Cadugla Manocan 16 years old. please deliver me a copy of my birth certificate here at #67 Jasmin st. Camarin Caloocan City. I will just pay for the delivery charge and the other charges. but how much will i pay for?

  • cris sandy

    just to ask a countless help from you….i would like to get my AUTHENTICATED BIRTH CERTIFICATE via delivery. how much it will cost? and what are the specific processes in paying that order? if you have time to read this, please notify me via e-mail…


  • paul

    magkano naman po kung dito sa bulacan magpapadeliver???

  • romeo

    pwdi ba ako makakua ng birth certificate kung sa pampang ako kukua,,pero sa bicol naman ako napanganak???

  • aine

    Hi, what if there’s really no record of birth certificate in the NSO? What will be the next step especially to those who were born in the province during the 1940′s? How are we gonna get a birth certificate without going back to the province? Please help! Thanks a lot!

  • raph

    hi guys,,, yung paraan ng pag bayad is sa bangko meron silang ibibgay na transaction number ganito ata yan

    1. call them to order for you Birth certificate

    2. Someone will inform you bu text or call (tinawagan kasi ako sa landline) they will give your transaction number

    3. Pay it sa bangko

    4.Once they recieve your payments thats the time na magbibilang kayo ng 3days bago ideliver sa inyo yung Birth certificate nyo

    i think kung hindi pa sila nag tataas ng presyo is Php 350

    kasi ako 350 binayaran ko…
    anyways mas madali ang delivery walang hussle….. my name is raph from las pinas city… YM ko raphmanuel88

  • liza

    ung birth certificate ng mama ko, gusto ko malaman kung my copy kau..THANK YOU!
    BORN: NOVEMBER 30, 1960


  • fernan

    gud day….can you deliver my authentic nso birth certificate
    here’s my info
    Born: FEBRUARY 1, 1987
    Mother’s Name: TERESITA REDULLA
    Father’s Name: LUCITO REDULLA
    Place of Birth: TAGBILARAN CITY
    Address: 829 DELAPAZ, CORTES, BOHOL
    Birthplace: GCGMH
    Pls… notify me through e-mail…
    Thank You….

  • julian

    hi/…can you deliver my authenticated NSO BC
    as soon as pocble …tnx..

    name: Julie Ann M. Reyes
    born: December 11,1989
    mothers name: Josephine M. Reyes
    Fathers name: Nictor S. Reyes
    Place of Birth: San juan city
    address: 2496 Tolentino St., Pasay City

    eian pue…thank you so much…and azk lng din how much it will cost?
    dpat xe within dis week mkuha qu na….:D

  • pinas

    people… wag po makulit ito ay hindi website ng NSO..

    kahit ilagay nyo ang mga personal info, address, at kung ano ano pa man dito

    tatanda kayo sa pag hihintay ng bc nyo na ma ideliver sa inyo….


    CALL 737 1111 at sa kanila kayo mag pa deliver….

    just trying to help here…

    nakakatawa na kase kayo…

  • aine

    Hi! I agree… this isn’t the right site to give your personal info (if so, it should have been confidential). Just ask questions that you think peeps could help you with, but never give your personal info. I’ve actually tried to call the number that “pinas” mentioned here and they’ll surely help you with the delivery of your birth certificate. :)

  • benjamin gomez

    please , don’t serve no marriage certificate to ruby camilon,she is getting no marriage certificate , for passport to go abroad, when infact she is married to mr. benjamin gomez
    at tanauan, leyte municipal office.thank you

  • anjali

    sir/madam my name is anjali….i was born on 23rd march 1995….and i dont have my birth certificate……..i need it for my 10th boards…….plzz plzzz plzzz help me ….i need it vry urgently………………………..plzz sir / madam plz help me……… mother name is mrs bimlesh singh,fathers name is mr omveer singh…& i was born in gurgaon garyana………….plzz my carrier is in ur hands plzzz help me i really need it………thank u

  • diana

    guys! word of caution for all of you!!!! STOP PUBLISHING YOUR PERSONAL INFORMATIONS!!!! you are inviting trouble! this is the world wide web, anyone & everyone can read all your posts. EVER HEARD OF IDENTITY THEFT????? Goodness, people! Before you know it someone is already using your identity.

    The answer to all your questions & queries is simple…..CALL THE NSO HOTLINE 737 1111!!!!!!!!!!
    Thats all.


  • caution

    hahaha… we’ve already told them about that dear.. but it seemed to me that they don’t read between the lines… kakatawa nga eh., just wondering how they even went here na hindi sila marunong magbasa..

    plus they don’t even read the comments.. basta basta na lang sila nagsusulat ng kung ano-ano… might be ang iba nagtritrip lang.. :)

    if you’ve noticed… ang mga nagbibigay ng mga personal infos are usually the younger generations.. sad part sa kanilang lumalaking bobo.. maybe it’s about time to create movement against deteriorating quality education and info awareness :(

    sayang ang tax natin.. napupunta lang sa billboards, at kung ano ano pang ka-ekekang di naman nakakatulong sa pag-unlad ng bansa natin…

  • marcelina

    magkano naman po pag magpapa deliver ako?

  • marcelina

    nag aaply po aq ng pasport, pano ko po maaayos yung birth certificate ko kc ang nkalagay dun sa certificate ay may 7 1969 ang b-day ko samantalang ang totoo at ginagamit kung b-day ay march 1 sa lahat ng files ko ang nkalagay ay march 1.. ano po ang dapat kung dalahin jan para maayos??

  • anroibangquiao

    how to have authenticated with my local birth cetificate since my nso certifcate of birth has rejected with dfa since its not authenticated,pls feed back, thanks, my no. 09166845946

  • astrid

    how much it will cost if u will deliver my nso birth certificate copy? pls mail me or contact me on this no. 09155153099 or 09155153441

  • astrid val talip alegre

    ano ang # ninyo na pwede tawagan?

  • astrid val talip alegre

    magkano naman pag magpadeliver? taga cebu opon lapu lapu ako

  • mutchik

    go this link if you want to have your nso certificate delivered to you…. this is just and info blogsite…….

  • leylit

    how much will it cost if I want my nso birth certificate delivered??tnx!

  • leylit

    I’m from cebu, just inform be how much wil it cost on my e-mail add or this # 09196511621

  • marcelino d romero

    im from brgy san isidro zone 6 tarlac city pano ko po mkkuha birth certificate?


    how much is the price?when i get an nso birth certificate directly on your office.
    thanks in advance


    in addition,if ever i choose to deliver it by the nso how much n when can i get it the specific date ma’am?thanks

  • jake castro

    jake castro inaanap ko nawawala kung long time b.f hhhhhaaaa

  • jhen

    hi! jhen poh. maybe u could help me with my husband’s birth certificate. i go to dfa manila to get a copy of his birthcert but all i get is a form without his name. only his mothers name and his birthdate which is mali pa ang nag appear. pano poh kea un. late registration na poh ba ang kailangan? if yes, meron poh bang makaka2long saken d2 sa manila para d na ako pumunta sa tacloban? urgently needed na kc. need ko kc para makakuha ng marriage contract. un nlng poh ang kulang. and papagawan ko rin sha ng passport. thanks.

  • Mimi

    magkano naman po ang bayad pag birth certificate authentication?at ilang araw po bago makuha.

  • Mimi

    kelangan ko po kcing makuha birth certificate ng brother ko s end ng august heres my number po 09203777161 i eager to know kung kelan at magkano ang bayad

  • bun

    ano baaaaa?! Ang kukulit naman ng mga nagpopost dito! Read:
    NSO WILL N0T PROCESS YOUR REQUESTS EVEN IF YOU POST THEM HERE A MILLION TIMES! “Call the hotline 7371111!” that is the key!
    A lot of funny people in here!

  • jeffrey p. almalel

    how much it will cost me if i want to have a birth certificate and delivered it to me? how much it will cost me? please responce so ill know..?

  • elala

    kulit nga nila…may HOTLINE # po mga tsong…

  • Josel May L Bulan

    Nag-pa late registration ang Father ko noong 25 Aug’92
    Local Registry Nos—–92-03163
    Province of Bulacan — Bock 102, Brgy Sta Cruz, San Jose Del Monte
    Name —-Rodito Niegas Bulan
    Date of Birth —-24 december 1954
    Father Name —-Froctouso Repollo Bulan
    Mother Name—Rosalia Mesagal Niegas
    I want to have a copy of my birth certificate pls i’m requesting for delivery , how much it will cost for one copy only.
    My Present Address—- 68-A Pacible St, Sangley Pt. Cavite City
    how many days —pls kindly feed back thanx…….

  • catherine aguilar

    hi,can u delivered my authenticated birth certificate?

  • http://yahoomail alice

    i heard that it will take 600 pesos payment for the delivery. isn’t expensive for me because i just live in mexico, then the nso office is in san fernando?

  • http://yahoomail alice

    not too far right? but i want to request na lang here bec. im bz

  • annaliza

    magkano po ba ang babayaran ko pagkadeliver sa pampanga? 5 po n birth certificate at 1marriage certificate?

  • annaliza

    magkano po b at saan babayaran?saan po ako tatawag kc ayaw ko n po pumunta saNSO?

  • tart

    pa2 deliver po aq san ko po ba ba2yaran? taga novaliches qc po aq.. and ilang days po b4 ma receive?

  • Rafael Carlo Medrano Mallari

    do nso have long lines, what is nearest in quiapo, can u giv it 2 me directly and how much is the cost does it double my paymnet than the regular??

  • lastik

    Bawal po kumuha ng Birth Certificate ang mga ULYANIN. Sabi nang tumawag sa HOTLINE : )

  • citizen services

    have NSO certificates delivered via NSO birth certificate delivery by calling (02) 737-1111. delivery in just 3-4 working days. available 24/7. Nationwide coverage.

  • jayson

    how can i find candido boaquiña???

  • Raquel G. Villasenor

    naisko po sna naipaayus yung birth certificate ko
    name:raquel g. villasenor
    birthplace:balut,tondo manila
    birthdate:september 15,1994
    mother:ofelia r. gara
    father:melchor e. villasenor
    pwede pong pkideliver sa
    20f palawan alley cor macaneneng st.
    bagong barrio caloocan city
    o kaya po tmawag sanumber na

  • Rengkie

    Guys pls huwag masyadong mahirap paliwanagan. Huwag kayong magbigay ng personal information dito at maaring gamitin ng iba sa maling paraan. Kaya nga may hotline para don kayo tumawag at makakuha ng tamang impormasyon at kasagutan sa mga tanong ninyo.

  • megumiaimi

    Pano po pg process pg mali ung name sa birth certificate? kc ung sa birth certificate ko po emilio nadonga and nakalagay pro ang ginagamit ko po ay rogelio nadonga. sa lahat po ng papeles ko rogelio na nakalagay.
    ano po pwede ko gawin at ano mga requirements?

  • megumiaimi

    Pano po pg process pg mali ung name sa birth certificate? kc ung sa birth certificate ko po emilio nadonga and nakalagay pro ang ginagamit ko po ay rogelio nadonga. sa lahat po ng papeles ko rogelio na nakalagay.
    ano po pwede ko gawin at ano mga requirements?

  • Rengkie

    Unang una, saan mo kinuha ang name na ROGELIO NADONGA? May existing ka bang birth certificate niyan?? at yung Emilio Nadonga mo na birth certificate, mayroon bang ibang nakagamit sa inyo gaya ng kapatid mo o kung sinoman sa family nyo?

  • http://yahoomail marah espinosa

    panu po ang pagkuha ng authenticated birth certificate by internet

  • Rengkie

    Hi Marah, walang application online when it comes to birth certificate sa, so kaylangan mo talagang tawagan ang hotline nila para maiwasan ang misinformation especially ang mga maling spelling at iba pa. DFA passport delivery lang ang may application online ayon sa pagkakaalam ko. I’ve tried their service and its good.

    But you may also check this website, – ang alam ko may online application diyan but I’ve never tried it before. So paki bisita na lang kung sakaling may oras ka.

  • Jayson


    Magkano po ngayon pag ng request ng Birth Certificate?

  • RHOI


  • RHOI

    paano po ba mag pa late register?ano poh mga dpat kong gwin?

  • Victoria

    how much nman po will it cost?saan ko babayaran at saan ko ipadala..

  • Honey Grace Mercano

    i wouldlike torequest foracopy of my daughters birth certificate.
    birthdate:APRIL 11, 2004
    birthplace: BACOLOD CITY
    father: ACE K. BAYONA

    hoping for a positive and quick response!
    thank you!

  • Mohammad Al Baqir A. Said

    How can i get my authenticated birth certificate because of numerical error my spelling of my name was mistake and i change my name through city civil registrar in Marawi City in 2006 and i pay 1500php but until now there is no authenticated birth certificate and hope that who could give me a proper advice and help… thanx…

  • Rosalio S. Layese

    pls.delivered it in our house immediately at Door5 Gabuyas apartment A.S Furtuna st Mandaue City..Tel No.(032)505-21-37)

    here some information:
    name:Rosalio S. Layese
    date of birth:August 26, 1987
    mother:Emeteria S. Layese
    father:Mabini A. Tinapay


  • Madonna G. Buenaventura

    ask q lang po kung magkano ang pagpapadeliver ng bc at marriage certificate nakakuha na po aq dati kaya lang nung kumuha ako ng passport kinuha nila
    tnx.. pls pki email sa email add q….

  • Elda Cabasag cataquiz

    mgkno po byad mgpa-deliver?
    paano po ba mkakuha ng kopya sa birth certificate online?

  • aileen mortel

    hi there!!late registered po ako ask ko lang ilang months ko pwede mkuha yung bc ko sa sa ibang nso branch?kasi hndi na ako nkablik para mkuha sa calapan or.mindoro…..kasi ngwoworry po ako kung kukuha ako sa ibang branch tpos ala p sa knila,kasi sa clpan branc po ako pinanabalik last jan.15,eh july n po ngayon,eh dto po kasi ako nka base sa isabela kaya po ask ko po kung meron npo kya yun?tnx!

  • claudine

    hi my bro. wants to get copy he’s nso birthcertifate but he stay in mindanao…what he need to do get a copy not to travel in manila or what the best he need to do to get in easy…please…

  • Ma. Austina Lynne S. Munar

    Hi! I have a problem with regards to the spelling of my name. Is there any payment for this? How much? and How much will it cause for a copy of birth certificate?

  • Perlita Galvez

    Pls.delivere in our house immediately birth certificate of my son Nathanael P. Galvez at Blk 38 lot 2 Isaac St. Francisco Homes III, Brgy. Muzon, San Jose Del Monte Bulacan, Philippines.Tel No.(044)815-0926)

    Here some information:

    Name : Nathanael Pascual. Galvez

    Date of birth : July 4, 1994

    Mother : Perlita Pascual Galvez

    Father : Antonio Elep Galvez


  • Bernadette Calimlim de Vera

    I would like to obtain a copy of birth certificate for my daughter born June 13,2005,in Madrid,Spain…. What shall i do to have it?my daughters name is …….AMIA CALIMLIM DE VERA.pleas notify for more information and how much it will cost.thank you.BERNADETTE

  • Bernadette Calimlim de Vera


  • Leean Tan

    Guys, if your not fluent in the English Language better speak tagalog… Para masabi niyo tanong niyo ng matino. hindi kayo maintindihan. nakakahiya din ang dami pa namang nakakakita dito. Ok…

  • Bernard Masong Pelayo

    Good Day!
    Ma’am / Sir… i want to seek and advice from you. Ask ko lng po kung ano ang dapat kong gawin sa birth certificate ko, last week kumuha po kc ako ng birth certificate ko sa NSO kso hindi po lumabas ang pangalan ko. ang lumabas na pangalan ko ay iba hindi magkatulad sa nakasaad sa Late registration ko. ang name na lumabas ay name ng kapatid kong 25 years ng patay. Bab Masong Pelayo ang limabas sa NSO makakakuha ba ako ng kopya ng NSO birth certificate ko na ang pangalan ko ang lalabas. Bernard Masong Pelayo po ang real name ko. ngunit wlang kopya sa NSO. pls. reply to my message on my email. kung ano po ang dapay kong gawinb

  • rowena tobias

    hello ,, pohh good day..
    itatanung ko lng po sana kung pwd ba ako mg pachange name kahit d2 po ko ako sa manila ngyon,, and nkaregister ak sa tacloban. thanks more power

  • rowena tobias

    san ko poh bah makita ung reply >>>

  • dona supan

    can i hav 2 or 3 copy on my nso birth certificate’ i hav one before but i used it already for my passport. and how much the cost and if the delivery is free of charge…

  • Mary Rose Francisco

    kng magpadeliver po aq ng 1 copy of birth certificate magkano po ang babayaran? At gano po un katagal matapos?

  • Mary Rose Francisco

    magkakaproblema po b kng aq po ay late register?

  • hilmena c. morales

    I need to have my authenticated birth certificate will i pay online to have this?thanks!

    i need to have my parents marriage contract authenticated.. they married october , 1949… and how much will i pay for this ..

  • hilmena c. morales

    kung maka obtain po ako ng kailangan ko pwede ba ma deliver to my address? at saan ko makikita ung reply ?

  • http://facebook marc daniel basilio

    lyk ko sanang magpadeliver ng birth certificate .. magkano naman po ang bayad? i read dn kc na within 2days ay makukuha na?

  • Je


    Ask ko lang po sana may mag bigay ng LandLine ng SURIGAO DEL NORTE LOCAL CIVIL REGISTRAR.

    in my case, ung mother ko kelangan ko kuhaan ng birth nso para ma correct ung mali sa birth nso ko ang problema nag avail ako ng copies ng birth nso ng mother ko ang result no record.

    pwede ko ba lakarin ang birth ng mother ko sa local civil reg. sa surigao del norte through phone call? or nid ko ipalakad sa kamag anak namin na nasa surigao del norte?

    my mga possible way ba para mapablis ang process need ko na talaga ang passport ko. :)

  • rosalie rillo

    magkno po pa deliver ng birth certificate dito sa bataan?

  • Aimee Gwendolyn

    how much will be the cost for a delivery ? what telephone number should i contact? because i’m from cebu.. reply A.S.A.P

  • Maria Lena Reina V. Sales

    I need authenticated birth certificate and marriage certificate, but I don’t have a credit card to pay it online. Is there any payment center here in Bacoor, Cavite? How much would it cost?Thanks!

  • Sarif Nassif

    ser/mam cn i ask?

  • roxannelacson


  • Lacayangajian

    magkano po pa deliver ng nso birth certificate dito sa tarlac??

  • Charniesigua

     magkano po delivery nso birth certificate? dito sa angeles city pampanga? i need your respond , tnx.


    ask q lang po kung magkano ang pagpapadeliver ng bc at marriage
    certificate nakakuha na po aq dati kaya lang nung kumuha ako ng passport
    kinuha nila tnx.. pls pki email sa email add q….dapat po my qoatation na yon..bayad na po ako ng 1000 noon mgpacorrect clerical error po..eto ang birth record ko.
    name:Lea Asanza Lara
    date of birth:August 19, 1970
    mother:Glloria Bien Asanza
    father:Pedro Fernandez Asanza
    place of birth: Bothoan, Caramoran CATANDUANES


    I,LEA B. ASANZA of legal age,filipino,married to Vivencio Lara and a resident of Brgy, Bothoan Caramoran Catanduanes,That in my certificate of live birth issued by the NSO,lgaspi city,my family name was recorded as AZANSA and that of my Father was likewise recorded as AZANSA.that the true and correct spelling of my surname and that of my father is ASANZA not AZANSA.That in fact used the surnameAsanza in all my school records and important personal documents.In show that LEA B. AZANSA, the name appearing in my certificate of live Birth and LEA B. ASANZA is one and the same person.

    LCR registry no. 364
    birth page 84
    book no. IV

    name:Lea Asanza Lara
    date of birth:August 19, 1970
    mother:Gloria Bien Asanza
    father:Pedro Fernandez Asanza
    place of birth: Bothoan, Caramoran CATANDUANES
    cp no.09994297032