Globe 3G Mobile Broadband

In the eve of Smart 3G’s launching, Globe releases it’s 3G advertisement on TV. The one where Luis Manzano is talking to this chick via Video Calling and there’s also this chick at the backseat surfing the internet via Mobile Broadband which is 25 times faster than Dial-Up. Introducing Globe 3G Mobile Broadband with HSDPA. Visit the Globe 3G website to know more.

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  • Freddie Cook

    broadband internet these days are dirt cheap, there are more and more broadband companies offering cheap service too”,’

  • sevilla, sharon

    i want to clarify why my bill reach to 1,700 since i apply the promo of 775 plus installation of 500. how it reach that amount?

  • vishal

    the need for distribution

  • Jayne

    Dell Laptops To Offer Qualcomm Gobi Mobile Broadband

    Dell (NSDQ:Dell) and Qualcomm paired up Tuesday to offer next-generation laptops that enable users to access multiple 3G cellular networks globally, the two companies announced Tuesday.

    According to Dell, the company’s next-generation laptops will be imbedded with Qualcomm’s new Gobi mobile broadband technology, which lets notebook manufacturers ship Gobi-equipped notebooks in all global distribution channels to deliver roaming and connectivity capabilities across worldwide networks.


    i would like to apply for globe mobile broadband help me please how to apply and where and when to get application form. thank you so much